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She's a rebel and i have a rock and roll life

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“Listen I understand,” I felt like crap. I dropped my head.

“No you don’t,” she punched me in the gut, “Why couldn’t ask earlier?”

“Because I wanted it to be special.”

“It was and let’s go home. I have to call Ty and you have to call Lalo. For the tour bus stuff and everything let’s go.”

“So was that a yes?”

“NO,” she yelled I got scared, “This is.” She kissed me.

I was speechless, “I’ll call now.”

She called Ty and I called Lalo.
“Hey Lalo, when’s the bus coming and where we going first.”

“About noon and Lynnville, Indiana requested by Frank that’s where his grandmother lives. At a football flied and with Voices of Insanity but don’t tell them.”

“Uhm problem they are here in town and I am getting married.”

“Congrats who?”

“Alejandra Iero lead guitarist from Voices of Insanity. Oh and the drummer and the bassist are here.”

“Oh well go ahead and tell. Got to go bye.”

I hung up, “Ali guess what?”

“What I don’t know?”

“Guess who we are touring with.”

“Who,” her voice got anxious.

“Voices of Insanity.”

“That’s cool you going to sleep with a bunch of girls while I am touring to, HUH?” She paused for a second, “OH you’re touring with me uhmmmmm HECK YES,” she yelled, “let’s go home please”

We got home and told everyone we were happy. I was so tired I went straight to bed so did everyone else.

I woke up to Ali singingl/istening to Green Day’s She’s a rebel,
“She's a rebel
She's a saint
She's salt of the earth
And she's dangerous

She's a rebel
Missing link on the brink
Of destruction

From Chicago to Toronto
She's the one that they
Call old whatsername

She's the symbol
of resistance
and she's holding on my
heart like a hand grenade

Is she dreaming
what I'm thinking
Is she the mother of all bombs
gonna detonate

Is she trouble
like I'm trouble
make it a double
twist of fate
or a melody that

She sings the revolution
the dawning of our lives
she brings this liberation
that I just can't define
nothing comes to mind” She was banging her head to the beat.

I came in singing, “I got a rock and roll band
I got a rock and roll life
I got a rock and roll girlfriend
And another ex-wife
I got a rock and roll house
I got a rock and roll car
I play the shit out the drums
And I can play the guitar
I got a kid in New York
I got a kid in the bay
I haven't drank or smoked nothin'
In over 22 days (Don't wanna be an American idiot)
So get off my case
Off of my case
Off of my case!”

It was beautiful, “hey fiancée,” it felt weird saying that.


“Heck yes,” she grabbed my arm and we ran out to the bus.

“We are officially on tour,” she said while kicking and waving her arms in the air. Erin and Chelsea just laughed at her
the songs in there are Green Day'd She's a Rebel and Homecomeing

later lots of love
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