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Cranberry juice and Hot pockets

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someones got a question

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**next day***

“OW! Don’t hit me there! Frank, stop it. Fuck,” Frank was hitting my ear.

“Why the fuck not?” He did it again. I showed him the piercing on the top of my ear, it was a bar going across the top.

“Ow. Any other piercings I should know about?” I lifted up my shirt and showed him the belly button ring. Then, I showed him the lip ring.

“You already know my tattoo on the inside of my lip so no more. Now, I am going to take a shower and I will be right back.” I ran upstairs and took my shower, and got dressed I put on my Voices of Insanity Tee and a pair of jeans with a light blue studded belt. I was hungry and thirsty so I went downstairs and grabbed a hot pocket and threw it in the microwave. Then I opened the fridge to get some cranberry juice my favorite drink ever you know the cocktail kind I love it.

Gerard’s POV

As I was walking downstairs it hit me it was May 21st me and Ali met exactly 12st years ago, five days before her birthday, and I had an idea.

She bent over to get something in the fridge I got behind her and pretended to hump her. Frank shook his head at me. Erin walked in and laughed. I mouthed please to Frank. He put up his left hand and pointed to the ring finger. I put the engagement ring on my middle finger and flipped him off. Just then Bob and Chelsea walked in Ali shot up and ran over and hugged her, “I can’t believe tour tomorrow.”

Frank grabbed my arm and drugged me into the living room, “Are you sure about this?”

“More sure then anything! Why?” He could tell I was serious.

“Because Bob is going to propose to Chelsea and I was going to propose to Erin.”

“Bob come here,” I yelled.

“Yeah,” he came running.

“Okay I have a plan. Bob you propose first. Then, right when Erin starts to talk you ask her. Then, I am going to take Ali to the meadow where we met okay?”

“Got it,” they both said.
Bob walked into the kitchen and got on one knee Chelsea gasped, “Chelsea Lee will you marry me?” All she did was shake her head yes.

What th……” Erin started then she noticed Frank on one knee.

“Erin Lynn…” She didn’t let him finish and she hugged him and said, “Yes.”

Ali was mad, “What no one slapping a ring on my finger?” She looked at me and I shook my head no. She attempted to run upstairs when I stopped her.

“Want to get some coffee,” I asked her. She buried her head in my chest and shook her head yes. When we got in the car I drove past the Starbucks and she looked at me funny I just drove straight to the meadow.

“What the fuck we doing here,” she was still mad from the house.

“It’s special.”

“What’s so special?”

She turned around and I was on one knee, “Alejandra Rae Iero, This is were I first met you and now where I decided to spend the rest of my life with you, Will you marry me?”

She pulled me up off my knee, “Gerard,” she stopped I was nervous.
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