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Hold Your Head up, Hold it up High

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Voices of Insanity is a hot new band on the music scene. Will the Vans Warped Tour give them friends, enemies, or lovers?

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The following story and its chapters aren't true. i just came up wtih them in my head.

“Jackie!” Chelsea said jumping up and down before the show.
“What? And did you get into my caffeinated mints again?” she asked.
Chelsea nodded her head before replying, “I need the energy for the show so I can show off my mad drumming skills girl!”
Callie walked in and shook her head before asking, “So, does ANYONE know who the other bands we’re touring with are?”
Chelsea and Jackie shook their heads before Emilee and Megan walked in with huge smiles on their faces. “What are you so happy about Emilee and Meganis Desemis?”
“We know who we’re touring with!” Emilee replied before grabbing her Gibson SG with the candy red finish.
“Who?” Callie asked.
Megan was about to reply when they heard Carson Dailey come out and say, “Well, we have a new up-coming band as our last band. They originate from the Hoosier state of Indiana. Please give it up for Voices of Insanity!”
Chelsea grabbed her drumsticks and ran out and behind her set and Jackie, Megan with her Fender Stratocaster, Emilee with her Gibson SG, and Callie with her bass walked out and got ready.
“Why hello there. We’re Voices of Insanity. I’m Jackie and I’m the one with the mic. Obviously. Our two awesome guitarists are Emilee and Megan standing there all cool and what-now. Our fiery red-headed bassist is Callie. And let’s not forget our crazy drummer Chelsea. Now, let’s get this started!” Jackie said before Chelsea started the song with a drum beat.
They played their set as Jackie got the crowd to mosh and even Megan put down her guitar to join in. Callie jumped around and shook her head like crazy as Emilee thrashed about in such a manner that would make Frank Iero proud. Chelsea banged on her drum set and even threw a stick out into the crowd before grabbing another one and continuing with the song.
“Now, this last one was one that was written not too long ago. It’s called DEAL or Go,” Jackie said. She looked back at Chelsea and said, “Give me a beat!”
Chelsea started beating away before Jackie sang. When the song was over, the crowd went wild and Jackie said, “Well, it was fripping awesome playing tonight. Hope we get to see you at Warped Tour! Thank you and good night!”
They started walking off when Chelsea started singing, “What’s the worst that I could say? Things are better if I stay. So long and good-night. So long and good-night.”
“SHUT UP!” Callie said laughing.
They walked off the stage when their manager Ali came up to them and said, “That was amazing guys. Now go get yourselves clean for Pete’s sake. Damn,.”
She walked off when they heard Carson Daily say, “Well, that was it for tonight. You can see them on Warped Tour along with Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance!”
Chelsea stopped dead in her tracked and asked, “Did he just day we’ll be on Warped Tour with My Chemical Romance?”
They nodded when Chelsea started dancing and chanted, “I get to meet Bob.” over and over again.
When they got back to their van, Chelsea was still chanting, “I get to meet Bob.” as well as Emilee chanting, “I get to meet Gerard.”, Megan chanting, “I get to meet Mikey.”, and Callie chanting, “I get to meet Frank.”
“Okay guys. That’s enough. We know. Now shut up and get in the van. We can’t leave for Warped Tour until we go by and get Ty,” Jackie said getting a little annoyed.
Chelsea stopped and said, “Sorry Jackie. I had about eight of your mints so who knows when I’ll be calmed down. Just don’t kill me.”
Jackie shook her head and said, “Just get in the van. We can get Ty and then we have to meet up with the other bands because I know we’re not only with Taking Back Sunday and My Chemical Romance.”
They all nodded as they piled into the van and started driving when Callie said, “Dude, that was a fun show. Can’t wait until Warped Tour starts.”
“Dude I can’t either. This will be so much fun. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to snag one Bobert Bryar,” Chelsea said smiling.
The rest of the girls shook their heads at Chelsea when the van got to the gas station that they were meeting up with Ty at. Chelsea got out of the van and started jumping up and down some more as to calm her down when she saw Ty walk out of the gas station with what looked like bags of candy and Vitamin Water.
“Mill Chocolate Buddha Chocolate Bear Sister!” she shouted as she ran towards Ty. She hugged her and said, “I missed my Tatiana Nashay so much!”
“Hey Chello. I can’t wait until Warped Tour starts and I can see all the bands that will be with you guys,” Ty said hugging Chelsea back. The rest of the band got out of the van and hugged Ty, giving her greetings and what-not.
“Okay, everyone back in the van. We’re staying at the hotel down the road and tomorrow we’ll be meeting the rest of the bands on Warped,” Jackie said.
They all walked back to the van, except Chelsea. She was skipping back to the van. “Chelsea, what did you have today?” Ty asked.
“Eight caffeinated mints,” Callie and Megan replied.
Chelsea shrugged and said, “Well sorry. I needed energy. I promise to buy you more of them Jackie.”
They all shook their head and Emilee said, “Come on and lets get to the hotel. I really want to jump on the hotel beds.”
“Let’s go!” the rest of the van said as Jackie drove them to the hotel that they would be staying at.


“Come on guys! You are so fucking slow!” Chelsea shouted as they walked into the lobby of the hotel.
“Note to self: don’t tell Chelsea that there are caffeinated mints around,” Jackie said to herself.
“Agree,” Callie, Megan, Ty, and Emilee said.
“Any day now!” Chelsea said at the front desk.
They walked over to the front desk when Jackie said, “Three rooms under Voices of Insanity.”
The guy at the front desk looked at his computer before handing us our room keys “There you go ladies. Have a nice night,” he said.
“Thank you!” Chelsea said before they headed to the elevator.
“Okay, who’s sharing?” Jackie asked.
“I’m not sharing with Chelsea!” Megan, Jackie, Callie, and Ty said.
Chelsea crossed her arms in front of her chest before saying, “Now I’m going to cry! You guys are so mean!”
“I will,” Emilee said.
Chelsea hugged Emilee and said, “Ha! At lease someone likes me!”
“Well, I’m sharing with Callie,” Megan said.
“That means I’ll share with Jackie,” Ty said.
After they got everything settled, they reached their floor and got to their rooms before going into them and getting ready for bed. Well, everyone except Chelsea, who didn’t fall asleep until three in the morning.
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