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Oreo Cookies in my Milk

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lunch and friendships are started.

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Jackie was sitting in the breakfast area with a cup of coffee and Ty as they watched whatever was on the TV. She took a sip of her coffee before asking, “Where is everyone else at?”
“I don’t know, Emilee should be down soon. You know her with it comes to coffee,” Ty replied when they saw Emilee walked in, dragging a very tired Chelsea behind her. They were both wearing pajama pants and tank tops.
Emilee and Chelsea sat down with them when Emilee said, “I need coffee. And bad. I’ll be back.”
She got up when Jackie and Ty saw Chelsea asleep on the table. Jackie shook her head when she saw Megan and Callie walk in the room. They saw Jackie, Ty, and the sleeping Chelsea when they grabbed two chairs and sat with them. “Hey guys. So what’s the plan for today?” Megan asked as Emilee came back with coffee.
“Well, we’re supposed to be having lunch with the bands that are going on Warped Tour at noon so we can all get to know each other and what-not,” Jackie replied when Chelsea’s head shot up.
“Were you sleeping?” Callie asked scratching her head.
Chelsea nodded when Emilee said, “What I think we all need is Starbucks. I saw one a few blocks down from here.”
They all nodded in agreement before going back up to their rooms. After they all got dressed, they met in the lobby, headed out to the van, and drove to Starbucks.


“Yeah, I need three Venti Vanilla Lattes, a Venti Vanilla Bean Frappiccino, a Venti White Chocolate Mocha, and a Venti Double Chocolaty Chip Frappiccino,” Jackie said giving the barista the order.
After paying and receiving their drinks, they went over and sat down by the window, Megan and Chelsea in the plushy chairs while Jackie, Ty, Callie, and Emilee sat at the tables. “So, I was thinking last night and I have come to a decision. No more caffeinated mints than two,” Jackie said in all seriousness.
“Damn it. What am I supposed to use for energy?” Chelsea asked sipping her frap.
“Coffee!” Emilee said pointing to her drink.
“Okay,” Chelsea said.
Megan looked at her phone before asking Jackie, “Where’s the lunch at?”
“Olive Garden. Why?” she asked.
“Did you say that the lunch for you guys was at noon?” Ty asked.
“Yeah,” Jackie replied. “Why?”
“It’s eleven forty now,” Ty replied.
They got up and left Starbucks. They all piled into the van and drove to Olive Garden with time to spare to see Ali standing outside. They got out and walked up to her when she said, “Well, almost all the bands are here. You guys will be sitting with MCR. So don’t scare them too bad.”
They all looked at each other and Jackie said, “Okay. Come on guys.”
The five of them walked in as Ali and Ty got in the van. Jackie looked around to see a table that had a sign on it which read, “Voices of Insanity and My Chemical Romance.” They walked over and sat down, with a chair in between each of them.
“I wonder where they are?” Megan asked.
Jackie, Emilee, Chelsea, and Callie shrugged when a voice asked, “Are you guys Voices of Insanity?”
They looked to see the guys of Taking Back Sunday standing there. Jackie nodded and asked, “Are you guys Taking Back Sunday?”
They nodded and Adam said, “I’m Adam and these guys are Matt, Eddie, Mark, and Matthew. It’s nice to meet you guys. MCR will be here in a second. They just had to wait for Bob.”
The girls nodded and Jackie said, “I’m Jackie and these girls are Chelsea, Megan, Emilee, and Callie. It’s nice to meet you guys too.”
They nodded before walking off. “They’re nice. I can’t wait until the tour starts so we can hang out with them more,” Chelsea said.
“Agree,” the rest of the girls said when the waitress came by and asked what they wanted to drink.
“Water,” Emilee and Megan replied.
“Iced Tea,” Jackie replied.
“Lemonade,” Callie and Chelsea replied.
After taking their order, the waitress walked off and Jackie said, “I’ll be back. I have to pee.”
“Thank you Jackie. Like I really wanted to know that. Honestly,” Emilee said as Jackie got up.
Jackie stuck her tongue out at her before walking off to the bathroom. Emilee shook her head when she said, “Those MCR guys are so slow.”
Callie was about to say something when out of nowhere Mikey Way sat down by her and asked, “So, are you guys Voices of Insanity?”
Shocked, the girls nodded their head. Mikey nodded and said, “Nice.” He then looked behind him and said, “Guys! Come here! They're hott!”
Chelsea, Callie, Megan, and Emilee shook their heads when the rest of My Chemical Romance walked over and sat down, Frank between Chelsea and Emilee, Gerard between Emilee and Callie, Bob between Megan and where Jackie sat, and Ray between Chelsea and where Jackie sat.
“So, you guys are Voices of Insanity?” Gerard asked.
They nodded when Callie said, “Jackie should be back in a bit. She’s in the bathroom.”
The guys nodded when Gerard asked, “So, who’s who?”
“I’m Callie and I play bass,” Callie replied.
“I’m Megan and I play guitar,” Megan replied.
“I’m Emilee and I play guitar, too,” Emilee said.
“Chelsea. Drums,” Chelsea said bluntly.
The guys nodded when Jackie came back to the table and Emilee said, “That’s Jackie. She’s the keeper of the microphone.”
Frank chuckled and said, “Never heard that one before.”
“Well, you’ll be hearing a lot of things from us that you’ve never heard of before. We’re random like that silly,” Megan said.
“Yeah. What she said,” Chelsea said when the waitress came back with the girls’ drinks and took the order for the guys’ drinks.
“Random is good. How random are you guys?” Ray asked.
The girls were quiet for a minute when Emilee said, “Have you guys ever noticed that Chihuahuas have huge ears? I mean, honestly!”
“What?” the guys asked when their drinks came.
“Yeah. They have huge ears. And the one I have is ugly,” Emilee said.
“It is. Seriously,” Chelsea, Megan, and Jackie said agreeing.
They got to talking when Chelsea started looking at Ray’s hair. She had a weird fascination with his hair. She looked from Ray to Frank before whispering, “Frank?”
“What?” he whispered back.
“Do you think Ray would mind if I played with his hair?” she asked whispering still.
Frank shook his head before asking, “Why are we whispering?”
“It makes me feel dangerous and important,” she replied before looking at Ray and whispering, “Ray?”
“Yeah?” he asked whispering.
“Can I play with your hair?” she asked whispering.
He thought for a second before replying, “Sure. But why are we whispering?”
“Because it makes me feel dangerous and important,” she replied before she took her hand and started playing with Ray’s hair.
“Uh Ray?” Mikey asked.
“What?” Ray asked unfazed by the hand in his hair.
“What’s with the hand in your hair?” he asked.
“I’ve always wanted to play with his hair,” Chelsea replied.
Everyone shook their heads as the waitress came back for their food orders. After getting the orders and giving Chelsea and Ray weird looks, she walked off towards the kitchen. The table continued their conversations when Jackie noticed that Bob was silent. Actually, he was looking at Chelsea as she talked to Frank and Emilee while playing with Ray’s hair still.
“Bob?” Jackie asked.
“What?” he asked looking at her.
“Is there a reason you can’t seem to not look at my drummer over their?” Jackie asked in a low voice.
He looked down before saying, “What can I say? She’s pretty. No, more than pretty.”
“Maybe you should ask her to hang out. I think she’d like that,” Jackie suggested.
Bob thought for a second before saying, “Sure. After we get the tour started and all that good rot.”
Jackie smiled before their meal came by and they ate and talked, with Bob stealing glances at Chelsea, not knowing that Chelsea was doing the exact same thing as well.
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