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Coke Zero

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MCR talk about their new friends and a date (or hanging out) is set between drummers.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Humor,Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2008-07-11 - Updated: 2008-07-12 - 1130 words

After lunch, and getting everyone’s numbers (which was a lot of numbers) Voices of Insanity went back to their hotel. Meanwhile, My Chemical Romance was talking about their new-found friends in their hotel room.
“So,” Mikey started as they all sat in his and Ray’s room, “what did you guys think of them?”
“They were cool,” Gerard replied.
“I concur with Gerard,” Frank replied.
“They’re funny,” Mikey replied.
“And really nice,” Ray added.
They all looked at Bob to see him looking at his phone. Frank got up and looked behind him to see that he was looking at Chelsea’s name on him phone. “I say you should call her. Or text her at least.”
Bob jumped and asked, “Who said I liked her?”
“No one. It’s written all across your bad-ass face Robert,” Frank replied knowing full and well that Bob hated being called by his actual name.
Bob glared at him before tackling Frank to the ground and pinning him by his arms. “You know how I hate being called Robert Franklin,” Bob said irking Frank.
“Okay, I’m confused as hell. Who does Bob like?” Mikey asked.
“No one!” Bob replied.
“Chelsea! He wants to bang the drummer! Drummer sex all around! You know what they say: save the drums, bang the drummer!” Frank shouted when Bob covered his mouth with his hand.
“He’s lying. He has no idea--ew Frank! What the fuck?!” Bob suddenly said when Frank licked his hand.
The rest of the guys had their heads tilted to the side as they watched Frank, a short man, and Bob, a…not short man, wrestle on the hotel floor. Confused, Gerard asked, “What the fuck is this all about Bob-o-san?”
“Bob likes Chelsea, the drummer from Voices of Insanity, and he doesn’t want to admit it because he’s Bobby Bad-ass,” Frank replied after he had Bob pinned to the floor.
“Okay, one question,” Ray asked.
“What?” Bob and Frank asked.
“How the hell did you get Bob pinned down? He could totally kick you short hyperactive ass man,” Ray asked.
“Talent my good friend. Talent,” Frank replied when Bob flipped them over and Frank was on his back.
“Wow Bob. Didn’t know you liked being on top. I always pictured you as being the bitch in the relationship,” Frank said teasingly.
“I’m always on top Frank. Now shut up and take back what you said,” Bob said threateningly.
“What do you mean Bob?”
“About Chelsea.”
“What did I say?”
“About the whole banging thing. She’s more important than just a good fuck and you know it,” Bob said scaring the shit out of Frank.
“Okay Bob I take it back. Jesus I didn’t know you liked her that much,” Frank said when Bob got off of him.
“Why don’t you just call her dude? It’s won’t kill you,” Ray said making a good point.
Bob thought for a second then replied, “Fine.”


“I’m hungry!” Chelsea said for the hundredth time in the hotel room.
“We know!” the rest of the band replied.
She went silent for a minute when her phone rang. She opened it and asked, “’Ello? Chelsea here.”
“Hey, it’s me. Bob,” she heard Bob replied.
“Hey. What’s up?” Chelsea asked when she mouthed, “It’s Bob.” to the rest of the band. They nodded in excitement.
“Nothing. Listen, I was wondering when you guys perform tomorrow when we start Warped,” he said.
“Um, I’m not sure when we do. Why?” she asked curiously.
“Well, um…I was wondering-” he was going to say when he was interrupted by the voice of Frank.
“He wants to go out with you Chelsea! Say yes and I’ll give you a cookie!” he shouted.
“Frank! I’m going to kill your scrawny, hyperactive, short ass when I’m done on here!” Bob said to Frank in the background when he said to Chelsea, “Dumb ass ruined it. I was going to ask you if you wanted to hang out before or after you guys perform tomorrow.”
She was silent in shock when she said, “Yeah. I’d love-like that a lot. Um, let me figure out when we perform and I’ll get back to you, okay?”
“Okay. Talk to you later. Bye,” he said.
“Bye,” she said before hanging up.
“What did the Great Bobert want?” Emilee asked.
She was silent for a second when she replied, “He wants to hang out with me tomorrow after or before we perform.”
“Well, we perform after them, so it won’t be too long of a wait. We’ll perform, then we can watch them for a bit before we pretty you up for your date with Bob,” Jackie said.
“It’s not a date! He just wants to hang out. So we perform before them?” she asked.
“That is what Jackie said,” Callie replied.
“That could be taken so dirty,” Emilee said.
Megan and Callie slapped her upside her head and said, “Shut up.”
“Okay, well I’m calling him to let him know,” she said before dialing Bob’s number.
It rang a few times before she heard, “Hello? Bob’s phone. Mikey speaking.”
“Hey Mikey, it’s Chelsea. Is Bob there?” she asked,
“Um….BOB! CHELSEA’S ON YOUR PHONE DUDE!” Mikey shouted somewhere behind him probably.
It was quiet when she heard Bob ask, “Yeah?”
“We perform before you guys do,” she replied.
“Ah cool. You gonna watch us?” he asked.
“Of course you silly man you. Why wouldn’t we?” she asked.
“Because we gots to make you pretty for your date!” Jackie replied.
“It’s not a date Jackie!” she said to Jackie.
“What?” Bob asked.
“Nothing Bob. The girls are being weird. But yeah, we play before you guys and we’ll be watching what we can,” she said.
“Cool. Well, I’ll talk to you later. The guys are wanting to hang out and try to get the coolest bus. But I’ll tell them to save you guys the coolest one. See ya.”
She smiled and said, “See ya. Bye Bob.”
“So? Why did he have to go?” Emilee asked.
“The guys are going to hang out and look at the buses. Bob said that he‘d save us the coolest bus,” she replied.
“Cool. So, what should we do?” Megan asked.
“Sleep?” Emilee asked.
“Hang out?” Jackie asked.
“Look for a Starbucks in each town we perform in?” Megan asked.
“I like Megan’s idea,” Callie said.
“Me too. Let’s look,” Jackie said before they grabbed Megan’s lap top and started looking for a Starbucks in all the towns they were to perform in.
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