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As You're Falling

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The Tour begins! plus the meeting of a new friend.

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“Bob! This bus is so cool! Can we have it?” Frank asked as he, Ray, Mikey, and Gerard walked out of the black and white bus.
“Is it the coolest bus?” Bob asked.
All four of them nodded their heads when Bob replied, “Nope.”
“I see, you told Chelsea you’d save them the coolest bus for them and now you are actually doing just that. Wow Bob, I guess chivalry isn’t dead Sir Robert,” Frank said knowing full and well what happened last time he called Bob Robert.
Bon shook his head and said, “Shut up Franklin. It’s called doing what you said you’d do.”
“Okay guys. Stop with the bickering. Jesus you two act like you’re married. Frank, quit making fun of Bob. He deserves a girl and you know full and well he can kill you. And Bob, quit stirring the shit. Honestly,” Gerard said breaking up the little petty argument.
“Fine Gee,” Frank said.
“Deal,” Bob said.
“Okay, so can we have the second coolest bus?” Mikey asked hopefully.
“Yeah,” Bob replied.
“Yes!” Mikey shouted when he, Frank, and Ray started looking for the second coolest bus. Bob started to follow them when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked to see Gerard.
“Hey Gee,” Bob said.
“Hey,” Gerard said when he asked, “You really like this girl, don’t you?”
Bob shrugged and replied, “I don’t know. I guess I do. She makes me want to get to know her more than I do. Ya know what I mean?”
“I kind of see where you’re coming from. Just don’t hurt her. I’ll have to slap you dude. And if I don’t, then those Voices of Insanity girls will,” Gerard warned me.
“I don’t plan on hurting her. I’d hate to hurt her,” Bob said when they caught up with the rest of the guys.


“Hey guys, what ‘s the set list tomorrow?” Megan asked.
“‘DEAL or Go’, ‘Ducks and Duct Tape’, ‘Up Shut’, ‘Stamps’, and the new one we have,” Jackie replied looking at the set list as she, Emilee, Megan, Callie, Ty, and Chelsea sat around in Megan and Callie’s room.
“You mean the untitled one?” Callie asked putting down her horse book.
Jackie nodded when Emilee asked, “So, when do we get our bus? I really want to get on the damn bus.”
“I think tomorrow morning. Most bands have gone on ahead and snagged a bus. I just hope our bus doesn’t suck,” Jackie said.
Chelsea was about to say something when Jackie’s phone rang. “Ugh. One second.” she said grabbing her phone. She opened it and asked, “Hello?”
“Jackie? It’s Ali,” their manager Ali said.
“Hey. What’s the scoop?” Jackie asked.
“Well, I just talked to some of the other managers and I was talking to Brian, My Chemical Romance’s manager, and he said that the guys saved you a tour bus,” Ali replied.
“Nice. We’re just talking about the set list and different stuff,” Jackie said.
“Well, I’ll let you girls go and I shall see you tomorrow. Get some rest. Bye,” Ali said before hanging up.
“What did Ali want?” Ty asked.
“She talked to Brian, My Chemical Romance’s manager. He told her that MCR saved us a bus,” Jackie replied.
Chelsea smiled and said, “Told you he would.”
They rolled their eyes and Megan said, “Yeah yeah yeah. Shut up.”
They started laughing and hung out into the night until they went to their rooms and slept.


‘A Decade Under the Influence’ blared from the Voices of Insanity bus as they drove to their first venue. Jackie, Callie, and Ty were sitting on the couch as Megan, Emilee, and Chelsea danced around the living room part of the bus singing along as loud as possible.
After the song, they turned the stereo down as ‘This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know)’ started playing and sat in the couch together. “Wow, I’m hyper. Are we there yet John?” Chelsea asked the bus driver.
“No girls. We will be in a few minutes though. So just sit tight. And please don’t be so loud,” John replied.
“Okay,” all six of them replied. Jackie grabbed the remote for the TV and turned it on to ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ (the Las Vegas one) and asked, “Agree?”
“I concur,” Emilee, Chelsea, and Megan replied.
“Agree,” Callie and Ty replied.
“Good,” Jackie replied before they started watching it.
(A/N: the episode is the one where this attorney lady was found being drug behind the car that her newly married son and his wife were sitting in.)


“Fuck! Bryar! Where the fuck is Pansy?!” a pissed off Frank asked. (A/N: I know Frank doesn’t have Pansy anymore. tear but in here he does.)
“I don’t know Frank! God, change your tampon!” Bob replied practicing “Our Lady of Sorrows” against the table on the bus.
“Fuck! Where is Pansy?! Gerard!” Frank shouted.
Gerard walked into the room where Frank and Bob were and asked, “Shut up Frank. Pansy’s with all the other guitars. Listen to Bob and change your fucking tampon. Jesus.”
Frank sat on the floor and said, “I was scared there for a minute.”
Gerard and Bob sat next to Frank before Gerard said, “It’s okay Frankie. You didn’t know where your favorite guitar was and you panicked. It’s fine.”
“Yeah. What Gerard said,” Bob said when Mikey and Ray walked in.
“Guys? What the fuck are you guys doing?” Mikey asked.
“Talking,” Frank replied before getting up.
“Okay,” Ray said before he said, “Well, come on, we wanted to check out the venue and all that good rot.”
Frank, Gerard, and Bob nodded and got up before walking out of their parked bus and started walking around with Mikey and Ray.


“Okay Ty, all you have to do is sell out shit and make sure you know what you sold. Melanie and Shay should be here any minute. They’ll help you with anything if you need it,” Chelsea said before going to get a bite to eat. She walked around the venue a bit and said hi to different bands with a pair of drum sticks in her back pocket when she got really bored and found a fandom trash can. She pulled out her sticks before she started to softly do the drum part for “Friends and Alibis” by Escape the Fate. She finished it up when she heard clapping behind her.
“Well done. That was really good,” she heard. She turned around to see Ronnie Radke from Escape the Fate. (A/N: this Warped Tour is Warped 2005. So there will be Ronnie in it. He’s pretty too. :])
“Thanks. You guys on Warped?” she asked.
“Yeah. Have you heard of Escape the Fate?” he asked as Chelsea pocketed her drum sticks.
She nodded and asked, “Ever heard of Voices of Insanity?”
His eyes got big and he said, “I knew I recognized you. You’re Chelsea, right? The drummer?”
“Yeah,” she replied when her phone went off. She grabbed her phone and saw that she had a text message from Ali.
OMG I see Max Green!
Nice. I’m tlkn 2 Ronnie Radke rite now. I sent the reply and said, “That was our manager Ali. She’s talking to Max right now.”
“Cool. Listen, I’ve got to go because we’ve got to get to the stage. See you around?” he asked.
She nodded and said, “I’ll see you around. Bye.”
He waved before walking off. She started walking back to the bus when her phone rang.
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