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Something You Cannot Forget

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First performance of tour

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The guys of My Chemical Romance stood on the sides of the stage as Voices of Insanity played their hearts out. Frank was in awe at the way the guitarists threw themselves around the stage. Megan even joined a mosh pit or two. Callie jumped around something fierce, Chelsea beat the drums like her life depended on it, and Jackie was putting her heart and soul into the music.
“Well guys, we’re through. I bet you’re pissed,” Jackie said.
“But never fear,” Megan said into Jackie‘s mic.
“For the next band up is one you all should be very familiar with,” Callie said after her.
“And if not, you will be,” Emilee said after her,
“So give it up for the one,” Chelsea said.
“The only,” Jackie said.
“MY,” Megan said.
“CHEMICAL,” Emilee said.
“ROMANCE!” Callie said before Voices of Insanity left the stage and it was time for My Chemical Romance.


“Come on Chelsea! You have to look pretty!” Jackie said as she did Chelsea’s eye shadow.
“I told you that this is not a date. It’s just me and Bob hanging out. Jesus guys you’re acting like I’ve never been around a guy before,” Chelsea said before grabbing an Escape the Fate shirt, a pair of skinny jeans, and black flip-flops.
“We know Chelsea. But this is BOB FUCKING BRYAR! You have to look pretty,” Megan said.
“I agree,” Emilee and Callie said.
Chelsea rolled her eyes before saying, “Okay. I’m getting dressed and then I’m leaving to go hang out with Bob and away from you losers.”
She walked into the bathroom and got dressed before grabbing her phone. “I’m gone! I’ll see you losers tonight!”
“Bye,” they said before she left.
As she walked around, she talked to different people and signed different things for fans. She started texting her mom to let her know she was fine when she ran into someone. She got knocked on her butt as did the other. She looked up from her phone and saw that she ran into Ronnie Radke.
“Shit man. My bad. I never pay attention to where I go when I text people,” she said getting up.
“No problem Chelsea,” he said as she helped him up. “So, who were you texting?”
“My mom. Just letting her know that I was alive and kicking,” she told him.
“Ah, well, you want company on your walk?” he asked.
“Sure. I’m supposed to be meeting up with Bob from MCR later. But he’ll call me when he’s ready,” she said before the two of them started walking.


“Bob! When are you meeting up with Chelsea?” Frank asked after Bob got out of the shower.
“I don’t know. I’ll call her after I leave the bus. I still need to get dressed,” Bob replied before grabbing his clothes.
“Iight Bobert. Just don’t let us walk in on you getting dressed. I think I’d cry if I did,” Frank said before going to sit with the rest of the guys as Bob get dressed.


“So Chelsea, where exactly are you guys from?” Ronnie asked as they walked around.
“Southern Indiana. In a little piss-ant town you’ve probably never heard of,” she replied when she saw her manager walking around with Max Green.
“Ali!” she shouted in the direction of her manager/friend.
Ali looked over and saw Chelsea and Ronnie before saying, “Vanilla Bear!”
The two girls ran at each other and hugged when Ali said, “Chelsea, this is Max. Max, this is my friend Chelsea that I was telling you about.”
“Well, it’s a pleasure to meat you Max,” Chelsea said.
“Likewise,” Max said.
The four of them walked and talked with each other when Chelsea’s phone rang. She pulled her phone out of her pocket and asked, “’Ello? Chelsea here.”
“Hey. It’s Bob,” he said.
“Hey. Where you at?” he asked.
“Walking around with Ronnie and Max from Escape the Fate and our manager Ali. Where are you?” she asked.
“At our bus,” he replied.
“Well, I’ll meet you at your bus, okay?” she asked.
“Okay. I’ll see you soon. Bye,” she said before hanging up.
“You have to go?” Max asked pouting.
“Yeah. Sorry. I told a friend I’d hang out with them. But we can hang later tonight, okay?” she asked.
Max and Ronnie looked at each other before Ronnie said, “Okay. Bye Chelsea!”
Them two and Ali hugged her before she walked off to meet up with Bob at his bus.
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