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We Will Have Our Night

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Chelsea and Bob hang out.

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“So, how long do you think it’ll be until Bob asks Chelsea out?” Frank asked the rest of the band as they sat around their tour bus.
“I give it a week,” Ray replied.
“Three days,” Mikey replied.
“Three weeks,” Gerard replied.
“Five minutes,” Frank replied.
“Okay, the closest gets fifty bucks. Deal?” Mikey asked.
“Deal,” the four other guys replied.


“So, what are the plans for tonight?” Jackie asked.
“Party on Taking Back Sunday’s bus,” Emilee replied.
“Nice. I’ve been wanting to hang out with them,” Megan said as she and Callie walked in.
“Okay. I’ll have to let Chelsea know when she gets back or leave her a note incase we leave before she gets back,” Jackie said.
“Iight,” they said before finding clothes for the night.


“So Chelsea, having fun?” Bob asked as the two of them walked around the place.
“Yeah. I mean, it is only the first day, but everyone we’ve talked to has been so nice. Nothing shitty or anything. I like. I’ve got…seven new friends on this tour and it’s only the first day!” Chelsea replied as fans came up to them and asked them to sign stuff.
“Cool. Who all have you gotten to know besides us?”
“Ronnie Radke and Max Green from Escape the Fate.”
“I met them once. They’re pretty cool.”
They walked around when a group of four girls went up to them and one of them asked, “Can we have a picture with you two?”
They looked at each other and Bob replied, “Sure girls. How do you want to do it?”
They shrugged and Chelsea suggested, “Hey, you girls get a picture with Bob and I’ll take the picture then Bob can do the same.”
They nodded and the girls gathered around Bob and Chelsea took the picture. “Pretty. My turn!” Chelsea said handing Bob the camera.
The girls gathered around Chelsea and Bob took the picture. “Now who’s the pretty girl in that picture? Oh wait! There’s five of them!” he said handing one of the girls their camera.
“Thanks guys. You both were amazing today. Most fun I’ve had in so long, “ one of them said. She had long brown hair with bright blue tips and green eyes.
“Thanks. So what’s your guys’ names?” Bob asked.
“I’m Samantha,” the brown-headed one replied.
“I’m Kayla,” the one next to her replied. She had short blonde hair with pink tips and brown eyes.
“I’m Michelle,” the third girl replied. She had short black hair and blue eyes.
“I’m Chelsea!” the last one said. She had medium length brown hair and green eyes.
“Hey! That’s my name too!” Chelsea (drummer) said smiling.
The fan Chelsea smiled and Bob said, “Well, we need to get a picture of the two Chelseas together,” Bob said.
Michelle handed him the camera and the two Chelseas posed together as he took the picture. After he did, he handed it back to Michelle and drummer Chelsea said, “You guys should send us the pictures on Myspace. Either my personal or the band’s page.”
“Will do. It was great meeting you guys,” Michelle said.
“Yeah,” they echoed.
“Well, we’ve got to go. It was great meeting you four. Hope to see you guys soon,” Bob said.
“Bye Bob! Bye Chelsea!” the four shouted as Bob and drummer Chelsea walked away.
“They were nice,” Chelsea said.
“Yes they were. Well, we should get back to our buses. It’s kind of getting dark out. I’ll walk you back to your bus,” Bob said.
Chelsea smiled and said, “Okay. Let’s go.”
The two of them walked back to the buses and Bob took her to her bus. “Well, I had fun.” he said.
“Me, too,” she said.
“Well, I need to get going. I’ll see you later,” he said.
“Bye,” she said before going into her bus.
When she got in she saw a note on the table.

Since you were being too slow, we decided to go without you.
There’s a party on TBS’s bus and we’re there. So meet up with us there.

Later. VoI”

She shook her head and put the note down before deciding, “I guess I’ll meet up with them. Note to self: no drinking. I can’t and won’t drink tonight.”
She grabbed a jacket from her bunk before leaving the bus and going to Taking Back Sunday’s bus.
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