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Dying is Your Latest Fashion

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Party time!!!

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The noise level at Taking Back Sunday’s bus was high by the time Chelsea got there. As soon as she got in, she saw people dancing around, drinking, kissing, and Adam only wearing a pair of boxers. He looked over and slurred, “Chelsea!”
He walked over to her and hugged her. “You look cool. The rest of the girls are in the back with Ronnie Radke, Max Green, and your manager! She’s here too! We were getting ready to play, ‘I’ve Never’”
“Okay Adam. Thanks,” she replied as she walked to the back of the bus. When she walked in the first thing she heard was Jackie slurring, “Adam! Is that you?”
The entire room looked to see her and the whole room shouted, “Chelsea!”
Megan got up and dragged her to sit between her and Max. She threw her arms around Chelsea and slurred, “I missed you so much! Did you fuck Bob yet?”
“No Megan. And I missed you too,” she said when Adam walked in with three bottles of Vodka and nine shot glasses.
“Yay! We have more people joining us! Let’s play,” Adam said.
“Okay, one of us will say something we’ve never done. If you’ve done it, you have to take a drink. Understood?” Max asked.
Everyone nodded and Ali said, “Okay. I’ll start. I have never had drunk sex.”
Ronnie, Max, and Adam all took a drink. “Okay,” Adam started, “my turn. I have never had a fantasy of any kind about anyone in here in the past week.”
Ali, Chelsea, Max, and Ronnie took a drink. “My turn,” Chelsea said, “Okay, I have never been to Seattle.”
Everyone looked at her weird before Emilee, Ronnie, Max, Megan, and Adam took a drink. “Okay, my turn!” Megan said, “I have never had sex.”
Max, Ronnie, and Adam took a drink. “Me!” Emilee said, “Okay, I have never gotten oral sex.”
Max, Ronnie, Adam, and Chelsea all took a drink. “Damn Chelsea! Who was he?” Jackie asked.
“I don’t remember. All I remember is his tongue. It was nice,” she replied.
“My turn!” Max said. “Okay. I have never given a guy head.”
Everyone looked around before Ali and Chelsea took a drink. “My turn!” Megan said. “I have never eaten a girl out.”
Max, Ronnie, and Adam took a drink. “Okay,” Ronnie said, “I have never looked at a guy and wanted to jump his bones right then and there.”
Chelsea, Megan, Ali, Emilee, Callie, and Jackie all took a drink. “Okay, starting now you have to explain it. Make this a getting to know each other game,” Adam said. “Megan, we’ll start with you.”
“Gerard Way,” she replied.
“Ronnie,” she muttered.
“She said Ronnie!” Megan shouted.
“Emilee?” Adam asked.
“Gerard Way,” she replied.
“Frank Iero,” she replied.
“This one guy I saw a picture of in this book that had “my virginity makes me frisky” in Italian,” she replied.
“Max,” she replied looking at him.
The game went on until a bottle and a half was gone.
“Okay okay I’ve got one,” Chelsea slurred, “I have never EVER kissed someone of the same sex that I have NO relation to!”
“Liar. What about Emilee?” Jackie asked.
“We’re sister. The paper says so. That counts as related!” Chelsea replied.
Max, Ronnie, and Adam took a drink. “Ooooh! Who was it?” Callie asked slurring.
“Max,” Ronnie slurred.
“Ronnie,” Max slurred.
“Gerard,” Adam slurred.
The party was starting to die down when Jackie said, “Well, we need to get back! Come on!”
The rest of the girls stood up when Max said, “I’ll walk with ya guys. And if someone tries to get ya, I’ll throw Lunchable cheese at them. I don’t eat the cheese.”
Everyone laughed and Callie slurred, “Okay.”
So the girls and Max walked out of the bus and started walking when Ronnie caught up with them and said, “Hey Max, where’s Chelsea?”
He shrugged and shouted, “Chelsea! Come here!”
Chelsea, who had her arms slung around Megan and Emilee, looked behind her and started skipping towards Max and Ronnie. “What?” she asked swaying and slurring.
“Ronnie wants to talk to yoooouuuuu,” Max replied before he ran up to catch up with Ali.
“What?” she asked looking at Ronnie.
The two of them started walking when he asked., “Were you serious earlier?”
“About what? You’ll have to remind me because I have no idea.”
He looked around to make sure no one was watching when he pulled her close to him and kissed her. Shocked at first, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back. She broke the kiss and said, “Where to?”
He thought for a minute when he started taking her away from the group and towards a bus. “Who’s is that?” she asked.
“Escape the Fate’s,” he replied as he opened the door and the two of us walked inside. Sitting in the living room were three guys, one with blonde hair, one with huge brown hair, and the other with short brown hair.
“Hey Ronnie,” they said.
“Hey guys,” he said taking her to the bunk area. They got to his bunk when he got in and she got in right after him.
She rolled him on his back and started kissing him when he said, “Wow.”
“Yeah,” she said before kissing him back.
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