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Chapter Four

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Xenoth makes some new friends, one being an energetic boy whom he's already met once. Ruri shows a trick or two she knows, and A new girl makes an appearance.

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Chapter Four

Xenoth and Ruri reached the bottom of the stairs, still laughing about the two they left behind. "Did you see what he was turned into? That was probably the funniest thing I've ever whitnessed" the silver-haired boy said, still laughing. Ruri giggled freely with him. "I know, and how they both dove into that box? One old man pervert, and a little bunny pervert. Can't get much more humerous than that" she agreed. Xenoth grinned widely. In one day, he was already having a better time than he could remember. Of course, he couldn't remember much before three years ago. The made their way out the door and across the courtyard. Xenoth blinked rapidly at the sudden brightness of the sun, and as his eyes adjusted he saw they were once more gaining stares and whispers. The boy sighed. "Why do they do that? It's not like I did anything to anyone...I was the one who nearly died," he asked Ruri. She was busy flipping everyone off nearby, pulling her left eyelid down while sticking her tongue out as well. She stopped and turned to him. "Don't worry about it. They're just a bunch of bitches. Probably just pissed you're more interesting than they are" she responded cooly. Xenoth just watched her for a moment, surprised both at how she went from sweet little girl to cursing annoyed person as well as her mention of him being more interesting than them. He smiled shortly after. "Thanks.." he said quietly as they entered the main building. As soon as the wooden door swung shut behind them, a worried but excited voice called out to them. "Xenoth!!" shouted a somewhat familiar boy. It was Marcus from before. He ran up to Xenoth, bending to hold his knees as he caught his breath once he reached the two. " I've been looking all over for you. Are you alright? We all thought you died!!" he started quickly. Xenoth merely paused, trying to think of how to answer and why this kid kept wanting to talk to him. "Er...yeah. I'm fine I guess. This is a special place after all. Marcus right?" he replied calmly. Marcus grinned at getting more of a response this time around. He slapped Xenoth excitedly on the shoulder. "Haha, you're one tough sonova bitch you know that? I know if that'd been me, I would've just plain died right there. I don't uh..I don't handle pain well haha" the energetic teen continued.

Xenoth couldn't help but smile slightly at him. 'Sure, he may end up having an aneurism before he's twenty if he doesn't calm down, but his energy does kinda liven the mood' he thought to himself. "Heh, I'm nothing special..I was just lucky. So um...hey do you wanna come eat lunch with me and Ruri?" Xenoth asked. He was almost surprised at himself for asking, never usually being the social type. Marcus paused as though he saw Ruri for the first time. His gaze fixated on her for a long while. She started shifting side to side after a moment, feeling almost uncomfortable. Marcus blinked rapidly as though he came from a trance. He grinned and leaned close to Xenoth. "Dood, is she your girlfriend? You lucky bastard" he whispered. Xenoth laughed nervously, glancing quickly between Ruri and Marcus. "Ahahahaha, no no no. I mean, we just met one another only an hour or two ago. Hehe, we're just going to grab some lunch" he clarified quickly. Marcus didn't believe him, or at least didn't believe that Xenoth wasn't wanting her to be his girlfriend at least. The boy shrugged, and grinned again. "Sure, I'll join you guys! I'm starving. Searching this huge campus definately works up an appetite!" he responded loudly. Xenoth and Ruri nodded in agreement and the three of them headed off towards the cafe. "So, where HAVE you been Xenoth?" Marcus asked as they walked. "Um...well I'm going to be learning from someone else. Raiku," he answered. Marcus gave a puzzled look. "Raiku? That perverted old bastard that stands around on the bottom floor of the library so he can look up girl's skirts who're above him?" he asked. Xenoth stopped, starting to chuckle a little. "Yeah, that sounds about right. Apparently he's something of a genius when it comes to this whole world of magick" he answered. Ruri was rolling her eyes, sighing at her grandfather's leacherous nature.

They soon reached the cafe, their conversation becomming a bit more casual. Marcus had expressed his disappointment that he and Xenoth wouldn't get to hang out in class. But Xenoth assured him that there's plenty of time elsewhere and that seemed to be fine with the hyper-active boy. As they made their way to the lunch line, not as many stares followed Xenoth. Probably Ruri's doing. People seemed to be almost afraid of her. This caused a smile to form on the silver-haired boy's features. Standing in the line, he could see a multitude of foods laid out for him to choose from. There were foods from all over the world. At first, he didn't know what he would want to eat. It wasn't until he saw they had fresh sushi that he made up his mind. He couldn't remember when or why, but he knew sushi was his favorite food. "I haven't had sushi in...I really don't remember how long.." he said to himself as much as those around him. Ruri laughed and grabbed a number of pieces for both him, and herself. Then they left the line, waiting for Marcus to get his food. "Wait, don't we have to pay?" Xenoth asked. Ruri giggled. "No. You really have alot to learn don't you? Where have you been? Well..seeing how we have many more resources at our disposal, almost everything at the school is free. So don't worry about it" he told him. He laughed. "Well that's a relief" he said. Marcus headed towards them now, a heaping pile of various foods on his plate. "Hehe, now THIS is a meal!" he exclaimed. Xenoth laughed inwardly as he though how the boy probably needed that much food because his energy was so high, his metabolism must've been insane. Ruri led them through the crowd to a table where a solitary figure sat.

A girl it was, looking roughly seventeen years of age. She had dirty blonde hair that fell to her waist. She wore a black dress with a corset-like body to it. Her skin was quite fair, and her face was naturally pretty. She turned a set of astonishing blue eyes on those approaching. "Oh, hi Ruri. New friends?" she asked sweetly, her voice clear and beautiful like an opera singer. Ruri grinned widely and split her index and middle fingers to point at the two boys. "Hey Nina, this is Xenoth and Marcus. Guys, this is my good friend Nina" she responded cheerfully. Xenoth smiled softly, nodding his head to her. "Hi. Nice to meet you" he said. Marcus just stood there, his practically hanging open. Xenoth leaned close. "Try not to drool" he whispered to the boy. Marcus' mouth snapped closed and once again, he shook his head as though trying to come out of a sort of mesmerization. "Hiya! I'm Marcus!" he excitedly introduced himself, extending a hand to shake. He tripped on his way to her and went face first into her cleavage. After an awkward moment of silence and stillness, he jumped away quickly. He waved his hands back and forth in front of him. "I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry" he said so quickly it almost all sounded like gibberish. Nina merely giggled. "Aww, he's cute. It's no problem, just an accident right?" she said sweetly. Ruri was somewhat glaring at him, but calmed after hearing Nina say this. Xenoth was holding back a fit of laughter as he watched Marcus finally realize he wasn't about to die. "Well still, sorry about that. I get clumsy around pretty girls" Marcus said with a slight laugh. Ruri glared at him again. "You never tripped around ME!" she accused, her arms crossing over her chest. Marcus cowered behind Xenoth, who was just chuckling.

Ruri calmed down a moment later, leaving the others unsure as to whether or not she was even angry to begin with. Ruri sat next to Nina while the two guys sat across from them. Xenoth could tell Marcus was trying to decide the entire time who was better looking, Ruri or Nina. It seemed he settled on the blonde after a while because he flirted with her tirelessly. It seemed she didn't mind either, because she at least played along with his little sillyness, leaving Xenoth and Ruri practically talking alone. Xenoth watched for a moment longer as Marcus flirted shamelessly. He laughed a little. "Ok, so I guess they get along well" he said, turning back to Ruri. She rolled her eyes. "I suppose so as well. Nina seems to be enjoying the flattery. Haha, like she doesn't get enough from any guy she talks to" she agreed. Xenoth picked at his food, eating somewhat slowly and just enjoying himself with his new friends. Ruri suddenly sighed in annoyance, getting a curious expression from Xenoth. "What?" he asked, just as a hand clasped down on his shoulder. He turned to see a somewhat large guy standing over him, a pissed-off expression clearly stamped on his face. "Hey you little bitch! Who said you could talk to my girl?!" the large guy asked. Xenoth merely arched and eyebrow at the kid and laughed. "What, she's not allowed to have friends?" he asked, obviously a rhetorical question. "Not if I don't like them!" the other guy responded. Ruri stood up then, looking very pissed. "HEY! For one, I am NOT your girl! We went on one date, and you were an ass hole! And two, I can talk to whoever the hell I want you stupid ass!" she shouted at him, his right fist clenching at her side. The large boy turned to her and started stepping towards her. "You lying little who-" he started, but Ruri didn't give him time to finish. She threw her clenched fist forward and opened her palm. Ice shot forth and planted the guy's feet to the ground. Without slowing down, she darted forward and planted her palm against his chest. Xenoth couldn't tell what it was, but there was a bright flash as some sort of magical energy blasted the surely quite heavy boy thirty feet across the room.

Xenoth watched all this with simple fascination. 'No wonder everyone respects or fears her around here' he thought to himself. Hahaha, yeah she can be a real bitch when she's pissed Tetsu's voice rang in his head. 'Tetsu? Where are you?' he thought back. Still with the old bastard, but I can hear your thoughts and see what's in your mind remember? So don't think I didn't catch that quick glimpse of dirty thoughts about that Nina girl! Anyway, laterz he responded. Xenoth sighed to himself. That little prick could prove to be annoying sometimes, he could tell. The large boy slowly pushed himself to his feet after several moments and turned to run away. Xenoth turned to look at Ruri in awe. "Wow...that uh...yeah that makes alot of sense now haha. That was nicely executed" he told her with a laugh. She smiled shyly. "Oh..haha I had hoped you wouldn't have to see something like that already. That guy just pisses me off" he said, blushing a little. Xenoth shook his head. "No no, that was bad ass!" he exclaimed. Nina and Marcus looked up suddenly. "What's going on?" they asked in unison, having been too lost in their own little world during the whole event. Xenoth watched him for a moment, not believing he actually missed all that. He laughed and told them exactly what happened. Nina seemed unsurprised but Marcus looked to Ruri with new fear in his eyes. "Don't'll learn much more than that Xenoth...much more" Ruri told him with a smirk. Lunch carried on with little else interesting happening. After they were finished, Ruri and Xenoth parted ways from the other two, who apparently had plans to go for a walk. "I wonder if that's actually going anywhere" Xenoth thought aloud. Ruri watched Marcus and Nina as she and Xenoth walked away. "I dunno. Nina has always been kindof...flirtacious. Not that she goes around dating everyone, but it's hard to tell if she's really interested or not" she responded. Xenoth nodded, understanding what she meant. They headed back towards the tower, apparently to start training almost immediately. Xenoth couldn't wait.

To be continued...

[Whoo-hoo! Fourth chapter done! In case anyone was wondering, yes this story has mostly been pre-meditated and since I have no life, I'll post alot of chapters quite quickly! Well we introduced a few new characters in this chapter...well just one mostly and brought back another. Sorry, not much Tetsu or Raiku humor in this one. But don't worry! They shall be back next chapter!!]
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