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Chapter Five

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Xenoth starts to learn a few tricks from the old man, and possibly earns himself a date with Death by the hands of Ruri. HAZAA!

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Chapter Five

Xenoth and his blue-haired companion made their way up the long stair-case to the top of the tower once more. "You know, not that it's tiring or anything..but have you guys ever heard of elevators?" Xenoth said with a laugh. It was tedious climbing up and down these steps. At least thy worked out their legs. Ruri giggled at him. "Hm, well then it wouldn't seem much like an ancient library now would it?" she joked. They reached the top to find an interesting sight. The old man was sitting in the corner, drooling over some busty beauty on the pages of the magazine in his hands. And a small, black and red rabbit-cat creature was lying in the middle of the floor. Bottles of alcohol and naughty magazines surrounded the small passed-out form of Tetsu. Xenoth and Ruri laughed hysterically. Xenoth turned to Raiku, who looked up at their laughter as though he just noticed they arrived. "Where did he find all that alcohol? And how did that little body take so much?" he asked, still chuckling uncontrollably. Raiku merely shrugged. "Honestly, I have no clue. But the little bugger wouldn't share. And I'll admit, he's quite quick as a wee bunny" the old man responded, chuckling as well. He stood and dusted his robe off, grinning widely. "So, are you ready to start learning?" he asked happily. Xenoth nodded fervently, grinning as well. "Well then, first we'll have to learn what your affinity is" the old man started. "Er..affinity?" Xenoth questioned. He had some idea of what that meant, but pertaining to this he wasn't sure. The old man nodded. "Yes..which of the six elements holds the most power over you. Some have a stronger affinity for one over the other, while others are relatively equal. Take Ruri for instance, she is a well-rounded type. She has a fairly strong affinity for all the elements. Where as another might have an affinity for fire. He would ultimately have much more power over fire than she would, but everything else, she would best him in. You understand?" Raiku explained cheerfully, glad to have a student who asked questions for once. Xenoth nodded once more. "I understand...but how will we find out what mine is?" he asked. Raiku grinned once more. "Simple, we'll teach you the basics of each element, as you'll want to know them all anyway. Being stronger in one doesn't mean you can't still use another. As you learn each, we'll see which is stronger with you" he explained, as though it were fairly obvious.

Xenoth nodded once more, and the instruction began. Raiku told Xenoth to stand in the middle of the room, and follow his directions. "Ok...first we'll start with one of the crowd At first, you'll learn no spells...just simple manipulation and conjuration. I want you to picture in your mind very clearly a burning flame. Focus that flame to a part of you, hands are easiest. Imagine the flame dancing from your fingertips or palm. The rest should come naturally. Don't worry, unless it's some sort of physical think like a shard of earth or ice, your own elements cannot harm you unless you expend TOO much which case you could actually kill yourself if you're not careful" he explained slowly. Xenoth took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He pictured a flame, holding his hand with the palm upward in front of him. He pictured that flame rising and suspending itself above his palm. He focused hard. He could feel magick channeling through him and he opened his eyes. A flame the size of a small candle danced lightly around his palm. He smiled and tried to move it, making it circle around his skin. He succeeded in causing the little flame to move a little before it sizzled out. Raiku smiled. "Ok so fire is a moderate with you. Next we'll start with water. This is usually used more as ice than anything, since ice is much more useful in a fight. So next, i would like you to focus your mind on the air around you. This is easier than the fire, because you can just pull the moisture from the air. Make the water around you turn to ice...make it snow in here basically" he said. Xenoth, catching on to the methods of manipulation quickly, nodded and began doing as instructed. It wasn't long before a miniature blizzard formed around him. Ruri started shivering and he stopped quickly. "Oops..sorry...i didn't mean for it to get that cold" he apologized to her. She merely grinned, as did the old man. "Well...I wouldn't say it's your strongest quite yet, but water is definately strong with you" Raiku admitted.

"Ok, now wind. Wind is quite simple as well. It partains to many things though. With the right practice, a wind-user can generate lightning as well. You can use the air to cut things. Or you can just give yourself a much needed breeze" the ancient one continued. Xenoth breathed out, no longer feeling the need to close his eyes to focus. He smirked at the first though that popped into his mind. Don't do it Tetsu said suddenly in his mind. He turned to see the rabbit sit up slowly, a paw to his cranium. Shrugging, Xenoth ignored his advice. He turned towards Raiku and Ruri, suddenly a gust of wind kicked up and Ruri's skirt flew well above her waist. 'Well Not bad' he thought to himself, laughing. I have to agree...but you may wanna run now Tetsu responded to his unintentionally shared thought. Ruri was glowering at Xenoth while Raiku was laughing saying things like "Why didn't I think of that years ago?!". Xenoth laughed nervously. "Hey hey...hehe...I'm sorry. It was a joke, honestly!" he said quickly. "Ruri, hahahaha. Let him finish this. Then you can beat him" Raiku said, placing a hand on his granddaughter's shoulder. She murmered something, but Xenoth couldn't quite hear it. He thought she said "He's gonna die". He laughed again nervously. "Ok, so that was simple. Wind is relatively mediocre for you. Next is earth. Everything in here is made of something from the earth, so everything in here can be manipulated. Or you can conjure something from the earth. Wood, rock, dirt, metal...anything. Give it a shot" the bearded one asked of him. Xenoth thought he'd start easy, focusing on a wooden chair, trying to warp it or move it. After a while, nothing happens. He frowned in frustration and tried harder. "Ooook. So earth is a flat-out no go for you. No problem" Raiku chimed in after a while.

"Well, last two. One is light...or life...positive energy. We'll start with that. This is often used for healing purposes or other less-battle oriented tasks. It can be quite useful" he said, taking a few steps towards Xenoth. He brought out a knife and swiftly sliced open the boy's forearm. Xenoth winced, but understood what was being asked of him. "Ow..coulda warned me" he muttered. "Would you have held still? Anyway...focus on the thought of healing that wound.." Raiku responded. Xenoth did as he was told. A warm sensation took over the place on his arm and the pain drifted away. A soft glow emenated from the gash as the blood stopped flowing. The light dimmed, but the cut was only barely closed and not even close to being healed. "Well..i guess healing is out of the question. Now...for the final one. Darkness. Negative energy. Not to be confused with evil, it is by no means evil unless the one using it is evil. As destructive as fire if not more so, and as flexible as water. It has many uses...and many dangers. Given it's raw form's nature, you'll want to face away from us...focus the energy towards the chair you intended to manipulate earlier. Xenoth nodded, curious as to what sort of effect this might have, focusing raw dark energy onto a chair. He did as he was told, with no specific instruction for the energy in his mind. The air around him grew very still as a black orb appeared in the seat of the chair. It rapidly expanded greatly, to everyone's surprise, to consume not only the chair but a large area of the floor and the whole desk as well. A gravitational pull of sorts could be felt towards the deepest of black orb. Then, suddenly it vanished. Everything that was inside, including the section of floor, was no longer there. Completely destroyed. Whoever said that nothing could be truly created or destroyed obviously had no idea about this. In essence, the chair, desk, and boards of the floor no longer existed in this world or any other. Xenoth closed his hand slowly and lowered it.

Tetsu grinned a bunny-tooth grin. "Just like me...darkness is in your veins" he said quietly. Raiku smiled. "Well, I think it's safe to say what you are best at. Darkness has many more uses than just vaporizing things. That was merely raw power causing somewhat of a dimensional rift. Many creatures and intermediate magick users can either get out of the way or simply resist that. Focusing more specifically, and the use of some darkness spells can be used to cause explosions, solid pieces of darkness that can pierce or otherwise damage things...the possibilities with that form of energy are nearly endless" he explained at length. Ruri grinned, happy for her new friend. Tetsu hopped over to Xenoth and then up on his shoulder. "I'm liking this kid more and more.'s my turn for some lessons...I wanna teach him how to fight. Don't get me wrong kid, your kick wasn't bad and I noticed you have an eye for oppurtunities, but you need to learn a weapon" the little rabbit announced. Xenoth looked from each of the people in the room, before nodding. "Alright, fair are you gonna teach me that as a rabbit?" he asked. Tetsu smiled, bringing a small squee from the blue-haired girl besides them. "Isn't he just so CUTE when he does that?!" she cried out. Groaning, Tetsu leaned a small furry elbow against Xenoth's head and sighed. "You know, I really hate being called cute. But don't worry, i have an answer to that problem" he said, winking to them all. Only Raiku seemed to have a clue what was on the little creature's mind. The old man smiled and nodded. "Good idea" he said.

To be continued...

[Heh, so yeah...little character developement here. Some of you might say it's cliche or whatever...but writing a story about magick is cliche in itself...original ideas aren't very common these days. Anyway, Tetsu's training WILL be interesting...and there will be blood...oh yes. Hehe, next chapter coming soon! a few hours...]
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