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The Fool's Heart

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War has broken out. Will Karie fight for onoha or is this all part of her plan

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Disclaimer: Why do I have to keep telling you that I own none of the Naruto characters

“Firefly Jutsu” the wolf demon yelled as he spat ten fireballs out of his mouth. They all spun into different direction, only to spin back at the target. “Too Easy.”

“Behind you!” Shinikiba yelled at him.

“Damn, why did you tell him.” Oliver said with a smile as he used Fire Demon Jutsu to get behind the rain ninja and broke his neck. Another tried to use a senbon, but Oliver grabbed it. He ran at the ninja and ripped the rain ninja’s heart out.

“Did you find Naruto yet?” Sakura yelled at the wolf.

“No, what about you Sasuke?”

“No!” Sasuke yelled. Not two seconds later there were fifty Narutos running by

“Found him.” The demon yelled.

“Where is Karei?” Naruto yelled.

“I’ll find her!” Oliver yelled. He ran off trying to find her scent. What if she sides with the Rain village? What do I do if that is true? He loved the kunoichi but he would not put her though the Ookami curse. “Firefly Jutsu” he yelled as three rain ninjas came at him. ”Where is Karei?” he yelled at Shinikiba who had run off earlier.

“I can’t Find her” the wolf yelled back.

Damn, where are you? Oliver thought as he ran past an alley where Shikamaru was holding five ninjas in place “Let them go!” Oliver yelled as he jumped over Shikamaru slicing all five of the ninja’s throats. “Have you seen Karei?”

“No. Do you think she started this?” Shikamaru asked.

Oliver did not answer at first. It seemed the most logical path. “No.” he said without looking at Shikamaru’s eyes.

The ninja just Sighed and said “Women. You love them and you love to hate them. What a drag.”

“Right.” He said as he ran towards the scent. It lead him to a street he would have wanted to forget; the street that his father lived on. He saw Karei talking to someone in a black cloak with the hood covering his face. “Karei!”

She turned with a shocked look on her face and the person behind her looked up. At that time, a gust of wind blew by, and the hood fell down. The man wore a Rain headband but the face was horrifyingly familiar. It was Oliver’s father, the man that ran from Oliver and his mother, the man that cursed the Ookami name. “Sanzo”

“Oliver, run!” Karei yelled at him. He didn’t hear her. He was going through too much rage to.

“Fire Demon Jutsu!” Oliver yelled as he ran at the traitor only to see him disappear. “Are you with them?” He asked Karei.

“No, I was stopped by him trying to find you and he tried to get me to fight along side of him.”

“Why didn’t you say yes?’’

“Because I love you!” She yelled at him.

“I know, but now you can’t go back,” Oliver said without looking her in the face.

“I don’t want to,” she said grabbing Oliver’s face to make him look at her. “Let’s find Naruto.’

“Only if you can keep up,” Oliver said. Karei laughed and they took off running together.

The attack was over as soon as it started. Oliver found Naruto fighting three rain ninjas. He thought of helping but he knew that Naruto would not shut up about it later. Oliver informed Naruto that Karei was staying and not helping the rain ninjas.

“Good but what would you have done if she did?” Naruto asked with one eyebrow raised.

“I honestly don’t know.” Oliver said looking down with a small smile on his face.

“I called them.” Naruto said.


“The Kinougi ANBU ninjas!” Naruto yelled. Oliver knew who he was talking about. The three ninjas that he seemed to run into all the time

“About time. I have not seen them in ages,” Oliver said remembering all of their names, Jinobu Hindani (a.k.a Hayabusa), Takeda Nagano (Tora), and the annoying little kunoichi Yuzu Hiroshi (Yamainu). All three were promoted at the same time, all in the same team, and most of them were on good terms with Oliver. Only Yuzu had a dislike for Oliver. He knew why; he loved to annoy the heck out of her. “When will they be here?”

“Soon. Don’t do anything to be seen with them in public!” Naruto informed him with a very distinct note of demanding.

“I know, I know. I’ll be at your office when they get here.” Oliver said as he heard Karei’s familiar footsteps. He turned to her as soon as she was right behind him. “I have some people you have to meet.”


“You’ll see.”

About three hours later, the three ninja arrived at the village gates. Oliver went running with Karei trying to keep up with the over eccentric demon wolf. They got to Naruto’s office door and this time Karei knock with a smug and stern look on her face. Damn, she found out about my style of knocking. Naruto opened the door only to stare at the wolf as if he was performing miracles for a dime a dozen.


“You knocked.” Naruto said.

“No, I knocked.” Karei said.

“Oh crap, it’s him,” Oliver heard Yuzu say from behind the door.

“Oh shut up,” Oliver yelled. “At lest I’m not a total idiot!”

A kunai went flying through the door. Oliver caught it and threw it at the floor next to Yuzu.

“Real cute.” He said chuckling as he walked though the door. Yuzu was sitting by Jinobu on the couch and Takeda was standing by the window looking out at the leaf village. “Looking for women again Tora?”

“Oh shut up!” Takeda yelled.

“Can’t you take a joke?” Oliver said. “Oh yea, this is Karei.” The Kunoichi stepped in looking a little embarrassed. “Karei this is Yamainu, Hayabusa, and over there is Tora.” He had to use their codenames with Naruto standing there.

“I’m sorry for the way he acted just then.” Karei said looking at the floor.

“It’s ok, we’re use to this.” Jinobu said.

“Yeah, even I know he only means to make us laugh,” Takeda said

“Not me.” Said Yuzu

“You just hate me because I made fun of Gaara.” Oliver said with another chuckle. Yuzu was born in Sunagakure and moved to Konoha but she kept her link to Sunagakure. Oliver used this to his advantage in annoying her.

“What did you say now?”

“Nothing to bad.” Oliver said. The truth was that he never said anything but the Kazekage was the only person Yuzu hated to hear be mad fun of. Oliver didn’t hate Gaara. After all, they were in the same boat. Both were forced into the life of fear, anger, and loneliness. Only Oliver had Shinikiba and the three friends sitting in front of him.

“I called you here because I want all five of you to infiltrate the Rain Village and assassinate the kage.” Naruto said.

“I have to work with him?” Yuzu yelled.


“Let’s go now so we can get this done quickly.” Jinobu said. After everyone was ready, they all met at the village gate. The Kinougi ANBU all wore their respective masks, Jinobu with a falcon mask, Takada with a Bear mask, and Yuzu with a wolf mask. It took half a day to get to the rain village.

“Ok, so what’s the plan?” Oliver asked in his business tone.

“Karei will enter through the main gate saying that she has info for the kage and we will sneak in after her.” Jinobu said. “If all else fails I’ll use that jutsu.”

“If there is still a village left,” Oliver said with a smile. The plan work for about three minutes. Karei got in without a problem. After they were in, Karei, Oliver, and Shinikiba went to find the kage, but one person Oliver never though he would see walked right into him. Hunter Ookami, Oliver’s cousin and a pain in his side since the two where born. Hunter was two years younger the Oliver and never trained with the customary wolf because he thought that the pet would slow him down. He was the black sheep of the family.

“Oliver?” Hunter asked. “What are you doing here?”

“Shit, run Karei.” Oliver whispered as he went to greet his cousin. “Hello Hunter, how’s your mother?”

“Good, good; and yours? Oh wait, your mother is dead.” Oliver knew hunter’s game. He wanted the wolf ninja to come out of hiding. So Oliver gave him what he wanted. First, Oliver charged the fool but he feinted at the last second to scout his cousin’s reflex timing. It was slow enough, but it would not be a good idea to attack him head on. So Oliver used Wind Demon Jutsu, only to have it be defected by his cousin’s chakra knife.

“So you use chakra knives now?” Oliver asked. His cousin changed fighting styles on the whim.

“Yes, I’ve become very good with them.”

Shinikiba jumped at Hunter but Hunter caught him in midair and threw him at a wall, knocking the white wolf out cold. Oliver then used Shadow Shuriken Jutsu but Hunter copied him. “You never once used your own jutsu did you?” Oliver asked.

“Shut up, Ookami gatsuuga!” Hunter yelled in a fit of anger. Oliver used the same jutsu and pushed his cousin back into another wall.

“I was always stronger then you.” Oliver said with a smirk. He decided to charge at his cousin again but this time, to finish it up his chakra knife and pointed it at Oliver. Oliver stopped and felt a wave of chakra fly past him. He looked behind him to see Karei fall to her knees with a hole in her chest where her heart should be. ”No!”

“Stupid Bitch should never have left.” Said Hunter as he got to his feet. Oliver felt a wave of immense anger swell in him. Suddenly, pain shot through his stomach and back.

”do you want power?” A calm voice asked him.

“Yes.” he said through his teeth. Suddenly the pain stopped and he opened his left eye. It was black from corner to corner.

“Using Shinigamigan? Not that very createtive.” Hunter yelled. Shinigamigan was the mangekyo Sharingan of the Shiigan. Oliver then opened his right eye reveling a white eye. “What is this, a mix of kekkei genkai?”

“No, this is the power of the wolf of light and dark.” Oliver said in a calm voice as he formed a Rasengan but it was only the size of a nickel.

“Ha, what is that, the power of the pigeon of shit?” Hunter yelled. Oliver just stared at the fool and the Rasengan started to grow till it was ten yards in diameter.

“Rasengan Bullet” Oliver yelled as his shot the Rasengan at his cousin. Hunter blocked it with his arm but the ball ripped his arms off at the elbows.

“My arms! my arm! you basterd you ripped them off, I’ll kill you for this!” Hunter yelled at Oliver. Oliver just stared at him with that same dark look. Hunter yelled “I hope you burn in hell you basterd, you and your little whore over there!”

”I hope you feel her pain.” Oliver finally said as he shot another Bullet the same size. It ripped Hunter to shreds. Oliver started to feel light headed and everything started to fade to black. The last thing he saw was the Shinigami standing over Karei.

“He’s over here!” Oliver heard who he though was Yuzu but wasn’t too sure.

“Idiot used up too much chakra and alerted the whole village. The Mission is being aborted.” Said a man Oliver though he should’ve known

“Hey, Karei is over here.” Said another man

“She’s not breathing and there is no pulse.” Said the first man

“Time of death?” This time Oliver was sure that it was Yuzu and the other two were Jinobu and Takeda. He zoned out the rest.

three days later

Oliver was laying on the sofa in his living room thinking of the cold irony of the name of the room. Karei was buried with the other Konoha shinobi. He never went back to Naruto’s office after the hospital released him. Shinikiba was with Hana who was healing the wolf after the wall he was through into fell on him. The whole manor was as empty as Oliver. Some tried to cheer the ninja up but all left with the same results. Why? Why God, oh Why? Oliver started to concentrate his chakra and use the forbidden summoning Jutsu.

“What is it?” the Shinigami yelled as it appeared. “I was busy.”

“Why did she have to die?” Oliver asked.


“Karei! Why did she have to die?” Oliver yelled.

“To unlock the seal and enable you to use the charka of you little Bijuu.” The Shinigami said in that old, raspy, and wise voice that reminded Oliver of Sarutobi.

“To unlock the power of your stupid creation!” Oliver yelled. “That’s the damn reason?”

“Also, to let you live!” the Shinigami yelled back. “If she lived, you died and if you died your Bijuu is set free. And if he is set free, the world ends. Got it?”

“Is that why I can’t die of any causes but old age?” Oliver asked lowering his voice by drastic amounts.

“Yes, I made sure of that. Listen I’m sorry but I just did my job.” That was the last thing the Shinigami said before disappearing into the smoke. Oliver, fed up with the Biiju inside him, went to the only place where he could think, the park. I still don’t get why she had to die. I could have beaten my cousin with ease if the blade was meant to kill me. She died to save me but why?

”To keep us alive.” The voice of one of the demon, Tomoshibi, was back.

“So what if we live? A world without love isn’t worth living.” Oliver thought.

”But without me, the world ends. That is what the Shinigami meant.”

“So when I die of old age, you die with me, and the world ends too. So what’s the point?

”Wrong. When you die of old age, I become part of the world and the world lives on, but if you die at the wrong time Myou is set free to wreak havoc.” Tomoshibi informed the shinobi.

So I’m just a tool to save the world. Damn, that’s just my luck.

”You’ll save countless lives.”

At what cost?

”Your life at the age of 80.”

Thanks for telling me when I die. Oliver said with a sour tone. He stopped talking to the wolf and went back to the Shinijin Manor to look through the things of his past.

There was the picture of his mother and two siblings. His sister and brother were only related through Oliver’s mother, but the three didn’t care. Their father was Kakashi’s uncle. They were always called the dead three because of the fact that all three were foreseen to die at the age of 30. Oliver was the only one to break that “prophecy”. His sister was Tsunade’s first apprentice, but that did not last long because Nicole died from being impaled by a rain of senbons. Ryan was Oliver’s squad captain and died on a mission.

The next Picture was of Oliver’s squad. Standing in the middle was Ryan, to his front was Karin, who went missing on another mission, only to come back with Sasuke. To her left was Sin Aburame whom was the black sheep of the Aburame clan. He used only fire ants and took a Taijutsu approach. He died in the same mission as Ryan did. There was a knock at the door. Who the hell is it this time?

“Can I come in?” Yuzu asked.

“Yea” Oliver said. What does she want?

“How are you?”

“Good, good and you?”

“Good. So I was walking through the market today and I saw this.” Yuzu said as she rummaged through her pocket. She pulled out a necklace that was a sliver shuriken within a ring. “When I saw it, I though of you.”

“Thank you.” Oliver said baffled. This was the first time Oliver saw Yuzu like this. She seemed shy and didn’t seem the same. Like someone stole her body.

“Listen, I’ll wait for you to be the same as before. Just keep that in mind.” Yuzu said before she disappeared, leaving Oliver with his jaw on the floor.

Author’s Note

This will be the last chapter for a while. I am starting another story.
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