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Chapter Nine

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What would you do in six months?

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“CAL!!!!” Carson screamed, hugging her youngest brother tight. “I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited you’re here.” She started bouncing up and down ecstatically.

“Okay, how many frappachinos have you had?” He joked, pulling back to look at her face. He noticed immediately how pale she’d gotten, and the dark bags under her eyes. “Are you feeling okay?”

Her eyes flashed with sadness for a moment, “You’re not the only one with surprising news.” He pulled away puzzled, but brushed it off temporarily to hug his older brother. He saw Pete and stuck out his hand, “Caleb Rose. You better be taking good care of my sister.”

Pete’s eyebrows shot up giving Gabby a look that clearly said “More easy-going?”

Caleb smiled and rolled his eyes, “I was just kidding. If you weren’t taking care of her, our sisters would be here too. We always send Caden in to scope out.” Pete laughed, seeing how these people obviously grew up with Carson. “Ready for lunch?”

“It’s nine in the morning,” Carson rolled her eyes. “I guess we can have brunch, if you insist.”

Pete grinned, glancing at his watch, “I’m sorry, but I have to go.” He kissed her forehead. “I’m sure I’ll see you three later.”

“Where’s he going?” Cal asked immediately.

“Producing some new band,” Carson waved the question off. “People have to work you know.” She smiled goofily as he walked away.

“Girl, we need to talk,” Cal grabbed her arm, dragging her with Caden to his car. “You are so head over heels you almost have to walk on your hands.” Carson hit him playfully. He ducked and pulled her closer. “I have missed you Car.”
“So what is up with you anyways?” Carson asked, shoving a few French fries into her mouth. “From what I’ve gathered there’s two parts, something to do with your job and something to do with your love life.”

Cal swallowed a few times, nervously and exitedly. The nervous was taking over violently. “SoI’msortakindagayandthatgirlfriendItoldyouaboutwasactuallyaboyfriend.I’malsoaweddingplanner.”

“Okay,” Carson’s eyebrows were furrowed down directly above her eyes. “I think from that I got that you’re now a wedding planner, and that girl Alex you told me about is a guy. Who you’re dating.” He nodded and she processed it for a moment. She stood up, holding out her arms. “Did you really think I’d have a problem. You know I love you. And you have to meet Brendon and Ryan.”

Cal’s eyebrows shot up in the opposite direction of Carsons, “From Panic?”

“Yeah,” Carson grinned. “You’ll love them. They are so adorable.” Carson thought for a moment, “I better check up on that situation. They were being stubborn asses but now… well let’s just say they better be planning their honeymoon.” She stood up, grabbing her purse, “I’ll see you guys later.”

“Wait!” Carson froze, spinning to see Caden threatening her with his eyes. “You have some news too.”

The blood drained from her face, “Oh.” Her hand tightened on the chair and her purse fell to the floor. “I-I’m sorry. I really did forget. I was just so happy for you Cal. A-and I didn’t want to ruin your day.” She sank into the chair and took a few deep breaths. Caden rubbed her back for support. She took the other’s hand in her own. “Caleb. I have cancer. No, there’s no hope for treatment. From the last estiment, I have about five months left.”

Caleb’s eyes filled with tears and they overflowed in seconds. “Car. Why didn’t you tell me before?”

Tears came to her eyes, “I didn’t tell anyone. Gabby found out when I collapsed last month. She told Caden. I told Pete yesterday. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay Carson,” Caleb forced a smile. “It’s okay.” He wiped her tears, “Now go see those boys. I’m sure they’ll cheer you right up.”

“You know what? I want you to come,” Carson beamed at the idea. “And you can show them pictures of you and Alex- don’t give me that look, I know you brought some.”

Cal blushed, “You know me too well. But I don’t want to intrude.”

Carson rolled her eyes, “Oh please. The weekend after I met Brendon, he dragged me to his cousin’s wedding because he needed a date.” She grabbed his hand, “See ya Caden. Aren’t you having dinner with Gabby or somebody? Caleb will be at my apartment by four. You can come get him, you know he gets lost.”

She shouted the last sentence, while pulling Caleb out the door. She looked at her watch and smiled, “They’ll be here in three… two… one.” A car stopped in the street.

“Car! Who’s the hottie?” Brendon grinned, while Ryan hit him playfully. “I’m just kidding. You know you’re the only one for me.” Carson rolled her eyes as they kissed.

“You two are way too adorable,” She smiled. “This is my brother Caleb. And I’m glad you worked out your issues!”

“Well…” Ryan blushed. “We figured you might kill us if we didn’t get over ourselves.”

“And we weren’t having any… fun when we weren’t together,” Brendon implied, waggling his eyebrows.

“So what are we doing today?” Carson asked.

“SHOPPING!” Brendon screamed. “And look what we got from Pete!” He waved some sort of credit card in her face. “It’s his MasterCard! He’s got it wired so it’s swipe and go! He said you get whatever you want, and whatever we want for you. So don’t even bother to argue.”

“That’s going a bit far…” Carson looked slightly panicked.

“Limit’s $10,000,” Ryan sang.

“This is going to be ah-mazing!” Caleb agreed.

She shook her head, “What was Pete thinking? Leaving me with three gay guys and a credit card?”
Six Hours Later
“What do you want us here for?” Caleb yawned, looking at Pete. He glanced at Caden, who was glaring.

“I just wanted to tell you that I’m planning on proposing to Carson,” Pete said slowly.

“YOU’RE WHAT?!?!?!?” Caden roared. He jumped out of his seat and stood threateningly over Pete.

Caleb yanked him back down; “Stop this, right now. We are going to listen to Pete says, and if you still want to kill him, you take it outside so I can enjoy this nice meal.” He turned to Pete solemnly, “Now, do you want to marry our sister because you love her or because she has cancer?”

Pete met their eyes honestly, “I want to marry your sister because I love her. I bought the ring four days ago. I found out about the cancer yesterday. I’ll show you the receipt. The thing the cancer might affect is that we might not have a very long engagement.”

Caden cooled, “I’m sorry. I’m just a little protective.” He stood up, holding out his hand, “Welcome to the family, you certainly have my permission and blessing.”

Caleb smiled, “You had mine from the start.”

Pete laughed, “Thanks guys. Don’t spill the beans either. I want it to be a surprise.”
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