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Chapter Eight

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What would you do in six months?

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The color drained from Pete’s face, his eyes widening in shock. His jaw was slack, and his hands fell limp to his sides. “W-w-what?” He stuttered out. Carson looked at him sadly, and he realized she was serious. He didn’t know what to say. He heard another sob from Carson, and snapped out of his reverie.

He pulled her close, wrapping strong arms around her shaking body, “I’m sorry. It’s okay; you’ll be fine. I’m here for you.”

Carson clung desperately to him, “Y-y-you don’t h-h-have to s-stay with m-m-me.”

Pete sighed, “I love you. You having cancer and might not being here in a year do not change that.” He pulled her gently back to the bed. “Come, sleep. I have things to do later so if I’m not here when you wake up, I didn’t leave you.”

Carson nodded, still slightly panicky. Pete hugged her closer and breathed in her scent, thinking of putting his plan into action about four months faster than previously thought.

Pete slept fitfully for an hour, before detangling himself from Carson and making his way into the kitchen. He searched his coat and sighed in relief, finding what he was looking for. He scribbled out a note, putting several reassurances into it before heading upstairs to see Gabby.

She eyed him warily when she opened the door, “Where’s Carson?”

“Sleeping,” Pete answered automatically. “I need to talk to you about something.”

“Really? I thought you just wanted to stand in my doorway,” Gabby rolled her eyes. Pete gave her a slightly annoyed look. “Sarcasm, it’s my thing. Get used to it.”

“Gabby, stop it, this is important,” Pete said.

Gabby smirked and turned to face him, “What?”

“This,” Pete said. Showing her the item in his hand.

“She told you,” Gabby said flatly.

“Yes, but just about half an hour ago. I bought this three days ago. I was going to wait awhile but…” Pete communicated his point with his eyes.

“Well…” Gabby stared at him for a few moments, taking in his nervousness. “Whatever, good luck and whatnot. But you should probably talk to her brothers. Caden said that Caleb is flying in tomorrow.” She pushed him out the door, “Now go back to her, she’ll already be panicking.”

Pete nodded, and unexpectedly hugged her. “Thanks Gabby.”

“Anytime Pete,” She smiled. “And don’t worry, Caleb’s the more easy-going of the two.” She pushed him out the door and sighed, picking up the phone. “Hey Caleb, I think your new occupation will go over better with Carson than we ever imagined.”

Sure enough, when Pete got back to Carson’s apartment, she was frantically playing Mary Had a Little Lamb.

“Oh my god Pete,” She hugged him, burying her face in his chest. “I thought you were never coming back.”

“I left you a note,” He pointed out gently.

She met his eyes, “It’s easy to lie in a note.” He sighed, wrapping his arms tighter around her small frame, trying desperately to cure her insecurity. “What time is it?” Carson grabbed his wrist. “Shit, I have to go meet Caden.”

She wiped the tears hastily, pulling up her hair in to a messy bun. “I’m sorry,” She said again. “It’s just… I should’ve told you sooner. Before you got attached.”

“Car, I was attached the moment you asked who we were on the street that night,” Pete smiled.

“So there was no chance I could have gotten rid of you?” She mocked disappointment.

“Nope,” Pete grinned as her good mood returned.

“Ok, well, I’ll see you later.” She leaned up and kissed him quickly.

“I love you.” He said seriously.

“Love you too.” She beamed. She squeezed him hand before walking out the door.

Pete sat down, burying his face in his hands. What was he going to do?
Caden knew something was wrong. From the frantic call from Gabby to Carson’s disheveled appearance. It all said one thing: Pete knew.

Then Carson smiled, and Caden felt relieved. At least on the Carson front. He still had no idea what was going on with Gabby. Then again, it was Gabby; no one never really knew what was going on with her.

“Hey,” She said, sitting across from him. “I’m starving.”

“You’re actually going to eat? Whoa! Call the news!” She swatted at him playfully. “So, Caleb’s flying in tomorrow.”

“Oh, yeah, he said something about that in his last email,” Carson nodded. “What’s this big secret he’s going to tell me?”

“If I told you, it wouldn’t be his secret to tell now would it?” Caden smirked.

“You’re just so smart aren’t you?” She scrunched up her nose. “My little overachiever.” She pinched his cheek like a doting grandmother. “Are you still dating that nurse?”

“Nope, I’m single and loving it,” Caden said, leaning back in his chair.

“She cheated on you?” Carson asked quietly. He met her eyes sadly, nodding. “You know she wasn’t worth it then. You know one of my friends…”

“Car, you don’t have to set me up…”

“I was just kidding, I know you hate it when I meddle,” She rolled her eyes. “When is Cal’s flight coming in?”

“Around five in the morning,” Caden admitted, sheepishly looking at her.

“Fuck that, you can go get him,” She said. “You really think I love him that much?”

He smirked, “Yeah, you do. And you know that you will be there an hour early too.”

“You’re right, but I’m totally dragging Pete with me,” Carson smiled.

“He is whipped,” He said. “You know he’d do anything for you.”

Carson sighed, “I know. I don’t deserve it.”

Caden shook his head, “Everyone deserves it. You’re just one of the lucky few who have it.”

She looked up at him and nodded. “I know. But I just feel so guilty knowing that it’s all going to be pulled out from under him in a matter of months. No one deserves that.”

Caden stared sadly at his sister, who turned to her food. He had an idea forming to what Gabby was freaking out about.

And he really didn’t know if he liked it.
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