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You don't need to buy me.

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Lainey McAdams is torn from her home in Indiana and thrown into a new "family" including her soon-to-be step-father and brother... and all of his friends.

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I groaned and stepped through the door my mother was holding open.
"So?" She asked expectantly. I looked over at her and forced a smile.
"Well its bigger than I expected." I told her.
"Isn't it fantastic?" It was indeed.
I was now standing in the middle of my new living room. My new living room that was bigger than the three bedroom apartment I had always called my home in Indiana. It was completely furnished with black leather furniture and a huge entertainment system. The plush white carpet looked like you could sleep on it for days.
"Yeah mom. It's great." I spun around and my jaw dropped as I noticed the beautiful wooden staircase leading to the next level.
"It's something else isnt it Clarissa?" I looked over at my moms fiance, John Paul. He had his arm wrapped around my mom's waist and was looking down at her with what I could only explain as love in his eyes. She looked up and her eyes sparkled.
"It is." My mom said in awe.
The only reason I was letting her put me through all of this, all of this being, moved half way across the country, was that I knew that this was not just a fling that would be over within a week. Hell, they'd already been together for five months.
"What do you think Lainey?" I scanned the room once more and finally settled my eyes on my mom and John Paul.
"It's big." I stated honestly. John Paul chuckled.
"Just wait until you see your room. You won't believe your eyes." And he was right. I couldn't believe my eyes.
My room was over twice the size of my old one. The walls were painted burgundy. A huge queen size bed sat off to one side. In one corner was a large armoire full of my clothes and in another, a computer desk. Along one wall was every electronic gadget that you could imagine, all neatly packed into a huge entertainment center. I gasped and turned to look at John Paul.
"You outdid yourself JP." I told him. And he really had. I had already told him that I accepted his being with my mom. He didn't need to try to buy me.
"You deserve it Lainey." I shook my head and walked over to my bed running a hand over the black velvet bedding before sitting on it. I sighed and lay back. It was like sitting on a cloud.
"We'll let you to it." My mom said pointing to the few boxes sitting on the ground. All of the big stuff had already been unpacked. I only had to put my personal touches on this room.
Two hours later, my room was complete. Posters of my favorite bands and actors adorned the walls. Pictures of my friends were scattered everywhere in their assigned frames. I gave a small smile as I picked up a picture of my best friend Kinzie and me at the fair in Indiana taken a few months ago.
I smiled at the memory and picked up my phone. I scrolled down my contacts until I got to her number and then pushed send. It rang four times until her groggy voice met my ears.
"Are you serious Kinz? Youre sleeping at this time?" I asked her laughing. She groaned into the phone and I heard sheets rustling.
"Yes. Simon came over and one thing led to another and then I fell asleep."
"Oh." Simon was Kinzie's 'sometimes boyfriend'. They slept together, showed a whole bunch of public displays of affection but didn't really talk. For many reasons, I didn't approve.
"Don't start on me now Lain." I sighed. "So how's NJ treating you?"
"I've been here around five hours and so far it's no biggie. Well except for this mansion I'm living in." I told her.
"You're living in a fucking mansion?" She sounded much more awake now.
"It feels like it. This house is huge. Well compared to our old apartment." She laughed.
"Anything could feel huge compared to your old apartment."
"Yeah but this is seriously large. You should see it." I sat at my computer and turned it on.
"I will next weekend. Remember? I'm flying over for your birthday."
"Haha oh yeah." I groaned as I heard my mom calling my name from downstairs. "I got to go Kinz. I'll talk to you later." We said our goodbyes and I flipped my phone shut. I got up from my desk and followed the sound of my mothers voice into the kitchen.
"Landon I can't wait for you to meet Lainey. I think you guys will get along marvelously." She told the person sitting across from her.
"Now Rissa don't force it, they'll end up hating each other just to spite us." The person, who I realized now, was a boy around my age, laughed. I entered the kitchen and leaned against the wall folding my arms across my chest in a self-conscious sort of way.
"There you are Lain." John Paul and who I assumed was Landon, turned to look at me. "We've been waiting. This is Landon, John Paul's son." My mother introduced us. I smiled and nodded. I was never very good at meeting new people.
"Oh stop being shy and come sit with us Lain." John Paul chuckled and gestured to the chair next to my mom. I sighed and pulled my back away from the wall. Landon smiled and mumbled something under his breath.
"Excuse me?" I confronted him. I was only shy when I wasn't suspicious of being talked about. He laughed and his blue eyes met my green.
"I was just saying how you remind me of my friend Mikey. He's one of the shyest kids I know until you get to know him. Then you can't get him to shut up." I smiled and relaxed a little in my chair. Landon brushed his burgundy hair out of his eyes and looked at me as if he expected me to say something.
"Oh." Was all I could come up with. Everyone at the table laughed. I felt blood rushing to my face and attempted covering up my blush with my short blond hair.
"You made her blush Lan." JP laughed.
"Yeah I do that when I get embarrassed." I chuckled.
"Why don't you kids go into the living room and get acquainted. I'm sure you have so much in common." My mom suggested. Landon and I shrugged and got out of our chairs and headed towards the living room.
"How can you stand living here?" I asked him. "It's so clean." He laughed and sat down on the sofa.
"It takes some getting used to. It sucks because I can't exactly have a party and cover it up." He gestured towards the furniture and carpet.
"Makes sense." I smiled and him and sat in the chair.
"So my dad tells me that we have a lot in common." He told me, shaking his auburn hair out of his eyes.
"My mom tells me the same thing. I see you have good music taste." I said indicating the AFI shirt he was wearing.
"Yeah they're pretty kick ass. You're going to be a junior right?" I groaned and nodded. Starting a new school was something I was looking forward to much less than simply moving and having a new dad and brother. "Not looking forward to it?" He asked me.
"Nope. As you probably could already tell, I'm absolutely horrible at meeting new people." He nodded in understanding. Good thing somebody understood. My mom and JP just kept telling me that I'd be fine.
"Well I'll show you the ropes and introduce you to my peeps. You seem cool enough." He joked. And that's how we spent the next three hours. Joking and simply getting to know each other. We had so much in common.
We were both huge music junkies and we both knew of bands that the other didn't that they would totally be into. We also had the same taste in clothes. He told me about his best friends Frank, who was a junior like me, and Mikey, who was a year behind like Landon. I told him all about life back in Indiana and he listened with honest interest.
Our conversation was finally cut short by both of our parents laughing and telling us to shut up and go to bed. We both groaned and reluctantly got off the couch and made our way into our bedrooms. His was right across the hall from me. Unluckily for me, our shared bathroom was right next to my room.
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