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Jelly Beans and Fashion Shows

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Lainey and Landon have some fun. (and the MCR boys make their debut!)

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I had a whole week free of school. And I wasn't going to waste a moment of my precious time. Christmas, aka my birthday, was sneaking up on me, and Landon and I had both realized that our Christmas shopping still had to be done.
So, that is exactly what we did. We shopped until we dropped. Literally. On Wednesday, while we were shopping for a nice tie for John Paul, Landon tripped and fell into a rack of men's dress shirts at Macy's. I couldn't stop laughing for the rest of the day. Every time I saw a button up shirt, I burst out into fits of laughter. Landon didn't exactly see the humor, so on Friday when I collapsed in the middle of the street from the weight of my shopping bags, Landon just kept walking, laughing to himself and forcing me to help myself up. Which, believe you me, was not an easy task.
"You're something else Lainey Bean." Landon told me Saturday night, having already endured about twenty-six minutes of the 'Lainey Fashion Show Extraordinaire!'
We had just finished wrapping all of our gifts with the Jelly Bean wrapping paper I had picked out. My obsession got the best of me, thus forcing Landon to start calling me the aforementioned nickname. We were bored out of our minds and I had decided it would be fun to put on a 'fashion show' while we waited for our parents to get back from the airport with Kinzie.
My fashion show consisted of me picking out the dorkiest things in my wardrobe and doing silly walks down the 'runway' which was a few towels from our bathroom.
I stopped 'strutting my stuff' and looked at the clock on my nightstand.
"Her plane landed half an hour ago, they should be back soon don't you think?" As if on cue, the doorbell rang. Landon and I looked at each other with confused expressions.
"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" He asked me.
"That can't be them. They'd just walk right in without ringing the bell." I pondered before following Landon out of my room and downstairs to the front door.
He peered out of the peep whole a mere second before yanking the door open and squealing like a girl. I jumped back and covered my ears as five guys ran and launched themselves onto Landon making a 'boy pile' on the floor. An obviously pregnant girl stood behind them shaking her head and making tsking sounds.
"Boys will be boys." She said turning to me and stepping over the jumble of guys who were now struggling to get off of each other. "I'm Jeanca." She held her hand out to me.
"I'm Lainey." I introduced myself, shaking her hand.
"You must be Lan's soon to be step-sister." I nodded, briefly remembering Landon mention 'the rest of the guys' and one of their girlfriends who the guy had gotten 'knocked up'.
"Yeah, I just flew in a week ago. My mom wanted me to finish the semester before Winter Break started."
"You seem pretty comfortable in your surroundings." She gestured at my clothes. A pleasant smile on her face.
"Uh well I..." Her laugh cut me off and I looked down remembering the ensemble I was wearing. A pink tutu with black knee length leggings and my old Back Street Boys t-shirt. I felt my face warming and looked at my baby blue converse.
"We were just having a fashion show before you guys showed up." I felt Landon wrap his arm around my shoulders. "Guys, this is Lainey, my new sis." I laughed at his introduction of me as his 'new sis' and looked up just in time to see all of 'the guys' sit down.
"You've met Jeanca. That doofus next to her is Ray." He gestured to a guy with what looked to be an abnormal afro.
"I'm her baby's daddy." Ray smiled patting her stomach. "And this is my other lover, Bob." He pointed to the blond boy sitting next to him. At the same time both Jeanca and Bob punched Ray in the stomach. I laughed aloud and sat on the floor with Landon.
"You know Mikey and Gerard." Landon said referring to the time we met the two brothers at the mall during our week of escapades. Mikey gave a shy wave and Gerard winked at me.
"And that's Frank."
I looked over to what I now considered JP's man chair, and saw the most beautiful creature that I had ever seen in my almost seventeen years. His hazel eyes shone through a mop of black hair sitting on the top of his head. He was sitting in a way that showed of his gorgeous body which was clothed in ripped jeans and a skin tight Black Flag t-shirt. His mouth formed into a smirk as he raised an eyebrow at me.
"I like your outfit. It really shows off your legs. What time do they open?" His smirk grew even bigger as my jaw dropped and my cheeks burned red for the second time in a matter of only a few minutes.
Everyone started laughing. Everyone that is, except for Frank and I. His smirk only grew bigger as I sat there staring at him. My expression still one of shock.
"You going to answer my question?"
I opened my mouth to reply but was cut off when the front door was thrown open and a shrill scream filled the room.
"LAINEY!" I jumped up from my spot on the floor and threw myself into my best friend's awaiting arms. I pulled away as I heard my mom laughing behind Kinzie.
"You guys act like you haven't seen each other in years when it's only been a week." We looked at my mom as if she was the stupidest woman on earth and then looked back at each other. Kinzie looked down at my clothes and started laughing so hard that I thought she was going to pee her pants.
"Who have you been putting on 'Lainey Fashion Show Extraordinaire' for?" I started laughing and walked further into the living room.
"My bro there. He's chill yo." I told her pointing at Landon. Landon laughed, as did everyone else, and stood up.
"I'm Landon. Lainey's soon to be brother." He told Kinzie with a wink. Kinzie stopped laughing and gave Landon the 'glance over'. She looked over at me with wide eyes that told me she thought he was 'fuckworthy'.
"No." I stated simply. Kinzie pouted and sat on the sofa next to Bob. I introduced everyone and Kinzie simply started up a conversation with Bob, Ray, and Jeanca. She was never a shy one.
"So Lainey, Landon tells us it's your birthday tomorrow. How old are you going to be?" Gerard asked, taking my attention away from my best friend.
"Ah. So you're the same age as Frankie over here." I glanced over at Frank who was still smirking.
"You know, my birthday's on a holiday too." Frank told me with a wink. I tried to force back yet another blush. I really wished I could just stop the blood from rushing to my face.
"Oh yeah?" I gulped out. Why was it so hard to talk to this guy?
"Halloween." Mikey practically whispered. I took my eyes off Frank and glanced at Mikey. He looked so uncomfortable sitting there. I wondered if he was always like this or if it was just because I was there.
"Yup," said Frank. "We have so much in common already. Practically the same age, birthdays are on holidays. We both like wearing tutus. We're meant for each other Lainey."
I gulped and looked at Frank. The way he said my name made me feel as if we were in bed and he was on top of me. No wait, I cannot think like that. Not after I've only known this guy for a few minutes.
I shook my head of the thoughts and decided to try my best to ignore Frank for the rest of the night. If he had this affect on me already then it would be best if I just didn't talk to him at all.
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