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Monkeys and Cancer.

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Lainey gets to know Mikey and Frank.

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I had succeeded in avoiding Frank for the next two hours by holding a far from intelligent conversation with Mikey.
"No, seriously, you don't want a monkey for a pet." Mikey told me for what seemed like the hundredth time.
"And why not Michael?" Mikey threw his head back and laughed before looking at me with a serious expression. He'd opened up quite a bit since we'd started talking.
"Well for one, they crap in their hands and fling it at people. For anoth..." I cut him off immediately.
"That's exactly why I want a monkey! I mean what if I have someone I don't like over? Hmm? I can just say 'monkey, come fling your poo at so and so' and they'd do it!" I exclaimed. I heard someone try to stifle a laugh behind me and turned my head to see who it was. His hazel eyes met mine for a second before the same smirk from earlier graced his lips.
"You are so not like any girl I've ever met Lainey." Mikey told me, taking my attention off Frank. I smiled at him and stood up. "Where are you going?"
"Outside. Care to join me?" Mikey shrugged his shoulders and followed me out the front door. He sat on the swing while I took a pack of Marlboros out of my jacket. "You smoke?" I asked. Mikey glanced at the cigarette I was holding out to him and then down at his hands.
"No thanks. I'm good." I shrugged my shoulders and held the cigarette to my lips, lighting it and taking a deep drag. "I don't smoke. Just about everyone else does. Well except Jeanca." Mikey told me.
"Wow. You must be pretty strong not to give into that kind of pressure."
"Yeah, well it's pretty easy for me." He smiled and looked up at me. "I have horrid asthma."
"Oh wow. That sucks." I said sincerely.
"It does. And it doesn't exactly get me girls either." He laughed. "They seem to be all turned off by it."
"Aww poor Mikey. He can't get laid because he can't breathe." I joked. Mikey slapped my arm.
"It's so true too." Fuck. Couldn't he just stay inside? Mikey sent him a glare and got off the swing.
"Just because I'm not a whore like you Frank." He glared at Frank once more before sending me an apologetic look and going inside.
"What crawled up his ass?" I shrugged and occupied the seat Mikey had just left. Frank eyed my cigarette and sat close to me. A little too close for my comfort.
"Can I bum one?" He asked. His leg brushing against mine sending shivers down my spine. Luckily it was cold outside so my shudder could've been mistaken for the cold.
I nodded, grabbing the pack out of my jacket and handing him a cigarette. "Light?" I laughed.
"You might need that." I told him.
"I might need you." He winked at me. It was so stupid and cheesy but I still felt a blush coming on. I looked down at my hands sitting on my jean covered lap. Luckily I had changed since earlier.
"From what I've heard, you need anything that has two legs and a nice pair of tits." I scoffed.
Frank chuckled. "Yeah that's pretty much true." I took another drag of my cigarette, shaking my head and sucking the poison into my lungs.
"You're disgusting." Frank opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by my dearest Kinzie leaping onto the porch and doing some weird karate move. "What was that?" I asked her laughing.
"The newest move Bob just showed me. I'm a ninja!" She laughed and sat on my lap. "What are you two up to?"
"What does it look like?" I asked her.
"Like you're killing yourself. But besides that." She told us. Frank laughed.
"I was trying to get into Lainey's pants but it doesn't seem to be working too well." I felt my blush getting stronger from his comment. Kinzie laughed and jumped off of me.
"Yeah she's pretty much a prude, well except for that one time." Kinzie smirked and ran inside.
"Well at least I don't just let anyone stick it in." I yelled after her quoting our favorite song. I got up to follow her but sat back down as soon as I remembered the cancer stick I was holding.
"Not a virgin eh? So I'll just have to crack your shell won't I before I can find myself between those legs." I looked at Frank and almost shuddered when his eyes met mine. They were full of what I could only think of as passion and I was speechless. He smirked. "I'll take that as a yes."
"You are the most perverted boy I have ever met." I muttered before stomping out my cigarette and heading inside.


I soon found out that it was a sort of tradition for everyone to spend Christmas Eve at Landon's. Believe me, I wasn't excited when I found out. Frank had pestered me for over three hours until eleven o'clock hit, then my parents forced everyone to calm down and watch a movie or something. So here we all were sitting around the living room watching cartoons, above all things. Cartoons gave me headaches.
"Isn't there something else on?" I asked nobody in particular, shifting my head on Kinzie's shoulder. "These cartoons are really getting old." I looked up after two minutes of not getting an answer and noticed that everyone had fallen asleep. "Amateurs." I mumbled under my breath.
I stood up from my spot on the couch and stretched my arms, letting out a big yawn as I did so. I stumbled into the kitchen and set off to getting myself a glass of water and some tylenol. I was bent over the kitchen sink filling up my glass when I felt a pair of warm hands on my settle on my waist and someone's breath on my neck.
I let out a small squeal and spun around, dropping my cup in the sink as I did so.
"What the fu..." I was cut off when moist lips covered my own in what can only be described as the kiss that ended my life as I knew it.
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