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Chapter One

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Her parents couldn't handle her anymore so they sent her away. Maybe it was just what Anna Walker needed... or maybe not.

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I glanced at my reflection in the mirror and frowned. My long black hair was greasy and I could barely run a brush through my thick curls. The brown eyes behind my glasses had dark circles underneath them and my clothes were wrinkled and smelled funny, kind of like coffee and sweaty gym shorts, for wearing them for two days straight.

I guess that's what an unexpected bus ride will do to you.

Maryland here I come.

I shoved my toothbrush back into my purse and gathered up the two other bags I had with me. My parents barely gave me time to pack. They surprised me just three days ago by telling me that they were sending me to Maryland to live with my cousin, Kelly.

They havent been too happy with me lately.

I walked out of the bathroom and into the lobby of the bus station in Indianapolis, Indiana. The walls were an ugly yellow color and there were numerous people sleeping on the scattered hard plastic chairs. I shook my head at one grungy looking couple making out in the corner and walked outside. The air was so thick and humid that it made it hard to breathe. So much different from Utah.


That's where I'd much rather be. Back home with my best friends. Back home with my boyfriend.

Two days and I already missed them like crazy.

I pulled out my cellphone and dialed the only number I have ever memorized in my sixteen years. It rang several times before a girl finally picked up.

"Hello?!" I laughed at the somewhat excited squeal my best friend had managed to emitt.

"Joe! Agh. I have missed you so much."

"Oh my god Anna where are you?" I laughed at the numerous shouts in the background from the guys. "Shut up, I'm talking to her... No Quinn!" I heard a clunk and Joey scream before a male voice sounded through the phone.

"Baby I miss you so much. You need to come back." I smiled at the sound of his voice and sat down on the sidewalk.

"I wish I could Quinn. I miss you too."

"Why the fuck did they have to send you to Maryland? Where are you now? Zimbabwe?"

"Far from Zimbabwe actually. I'm in Indiana. I'll be in Maryland sometime tomorrow."

"You're so far away. I want you here." I smiled at the whine in Quinn's voice, but my smile turned into a frown as I noticed a large Greyhound buss pulling into the parking lot.

"I want to be there too. But I've got to go. My bus is here. I'll call you when I get to my cousin's alright?" Quinn sighed and I could just hear his frown. "Give everyone hugs and kisses for me."

"Alright I love you Anne."

"I love you too Quinny. Bye." I sighed as I shut my phone and got to my feet. I dragged my feet onto the buss and sat somewhere toward the middle.

I've said it before... I'll say it again.

Maryland. Here I come.
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