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Chapter Two

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Meeting the neighbors and unpacking.

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"Uhh Kelly where exactly do I sleep?" My cousin poked her head in my room and frowned.

"Stupid boys. They were supposed to bring the futon over today." Right before she could say anything else the doorbell rang. Kelly sighed and set the book she was holding on my dresser. I smiled as I read the cover. The Perks of Being A Wallflower. Kelly definitely knew me better than most people.

"Ouch! Watch what you're doing!" I laughed at the profanities my cousin was throwing at whoever was with her. I walked out into the hall to find two boys who looked almost identical carrying a black futon.

"Anna move! If you want somewhere to sleep tonight you better get out of the way." I rolled my eyes and walked back into my room, sitting in the closet just to be safe.

I heard a loud thud as the two boys set the futon along the wall. They both looked to where I was sitting with amused expressions on their faces.

"Why are you sitting in the closet?" I opened my mouth to answer but instead got up to answer my cell phone that was now ringing on my desk.


"Bert just ate a bug! I cannot believe he ate a bug! Tell me why Bert ate a bug Anna." I laughed and looked to the twins still standing in the middle of my room. They must have heard what Joey had been saying because their amused expressions had become slightly confused. I held up a finger signaling for them to wait a second and comforted my dear friend who was freaking out.

"Why did he eat a bug? You know he could die right? Oh! I'm so scared. You know he did it because of me right? I said 'Hey Bert. I dare you to eat that bug' and he did! He's.."

"He's not going to die Joey. It's just a bug. Remember when we were five and Branden ate that spider? He's still alive isnt he?" Joey gave a sigh of relief and mumbled a bye before giving the phone to Quinn who I had heard yelling in the background.

"Bert ate a bug Annie. Joe dared him to and he did!" I laughed and sat on my new bed. I looked around and noticed the twins had left the room.

"I heard. He's okay isnt he?"

"Yeah. He's just laughing at Joey because she was freaking out. I think those two need to fuck already." I rolled my eyes at the typical male idea. Yes, I agreed that Joey and Bert should get together but I didnt think they needed to have sex just yet.

"Yeah, yeah. So what have you guys been doing all day?"

"Just hanging around my house eating bugs. Aren't you tired babe?"

"No. I got some sleep on the bus. But I've got to go. I need to help my cousin get everything situated. I'll talk to you later. I love you Quinn."

"I love you too Anne." I reluctantly hung up my phone and laid back on my bed. Just as I got comfortable, my cousin entered my room with some boxes and the twins.

"Your parents sent the rest of your stuff. It's in the front room." She said pointing towards the living room. "This is Benji and Joel. They live across the street." I smiled at the boys and finally sat up.

"I'm Anna. It's nice to meet you guys." I held out my hand for the both of them to shake and gave them my "million-dollar" smile as Jepha called it.

"I'm Benji." The more punky looking boy said. I was totally diggin' his blue hair. "And this is my brother Joel." He stated pointing to his twin.

"Sorry for the phone call earlier. My friend ate a bug and Joey was freaking out about it." The three of them laughed.

"Anna why dont we get the rest of your stuff in here so you can unpack?" Kelly asked in more of a demanding tone.

Although my cousin was only 20 she sure liked to take control. I rolled my eyes at her likeness of a mother and followed her out of the room.

I sure do love unpacking.
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