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A Quarter And A Kiss Is All I Should Be Worth To You

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I fell back asleep before Patrick returned to the room and I woke up to the sound of the TV early the next morning. Patrick was passed out on the other side of the couch from me. I think it's awfully sweet that he didn't try and take the bed. I pulled myself up from the couch and made my way into the bathroom. I needed a shower to wash the horrible day off of me.

Patrick was laying on the couch when I returned from my shower.

"Good morning Hayden," he said and sat up when he heard me looking through my bags.

"Morning," I said and pulled out some clothes for the day.

"You feeling okay today?" He looked over at me concerned. Why couldn't I have fallen for Patrick and not Pete? Pete was an asshole.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. What did Pete want last night."

"To see you, I told him that you heard everything and that you didn't want to talk to him, like you told me and he flipped."

"Well of course he did, we're over. No more free booty for Pete." I was pissed and just thinking about it was making me more and more angry. Patrick looked like he was unsure of what to say, so he just sat there. "When do we have to be on the buses?" I asked to cut the tension in the room.

"Um, in like 2 hours." He said after glancing at the clock on the nightstand. "I should probably go and get ready," he said and left within a few minutes.

Pete was at the bus just waiting for me. I of course decided that I was no longer staying on his bus, I was a permanent resident of Patrick and Andy's bus.

"Hayden, let me explain," he said as I rushed onto Patrick's bus.

"Explain what Pete? That I am just rebound? That you really don't see anything happening with us? That you're going back to Ashlee?" I glared at him and then stormed of onto the bus with him following.

"No, that's not it at all. You're not just rebound Hayden, you're..."

"I'm what? Just like the last girl, isn't that what Ashlee said? So you apparently do this a lot? You know, I actually thought I was falling for you, but I was just falling for your lie. Stop talking to me Pete and get off this bus."

"Hayden," he said and I cut him off.

"I am done with you Pete so fuck off!" I yelled and he finally got the hint and stormed off the bus, slamming the door. I have been treated like shit way too many times to do it again. Once you hurt me, it's over.


Sorry it's so short, but I wanted to update a little bit. More to come once I figure out a way to end it!
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