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I stood there with a note for my head asking what my heart said

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OH MY GOD! I am actually updating my older stories! And the sad part is it has been so long since I've updated them that I totally forgot about the stories! So I had to read this whole one to get back into the feel of it.

My goal is to complete my unfinished stories. I have said this before, so maybe this time it will work? Who knows with me right?

So will Hayden and Pete work out for the best since he dumped Ashlee for lying about her pregnancy or will Pete run back to Ashlee? Will Patrick continue to burry his feelings for Hayden to let his best friend be happy?

There is only a month left on the tour and Pete and I have been inseparable. Our relationship has moved pretty fast and it makes me somewhat nervous. Things that start up so fast usually end pretty fast too, especially with celebrities. Not that I have dated one before, but from what you see in the media.

I am laying on the couch in Joe's room watching Joe play some video game, not realy sure what it is, but he's doing really well at it.

"So where's Pete?" Joe asked as he murdered something.

"I don't know, somewhere with Patrick I think. They had some interview thingy or something." I said honestly. I didn't have a clue where they went together, but they were together and that's all I knew.

"Cool, glad I didn't have to go. I don't feel like doing anything today since it's our day off." He shook his fro a little bit to get a better view of the screen.

"Seriously trim your fro buddy before it burries you alive," I teased and Joe laughed.

"I know, I almost can't see." Joe said. We continued this for about another hour before I got bored and retreated back to my room. Still no Pete or Patrick and nothing on my phone. I sent a text to both asking when they'd be back.

Patrick: soon

I never received a response from Pete and I just figured he'd be back with Patrick. I decided to wait in Pete's room. I walked to the room and was about to put the cardkey in the slot when I heard voices. I pressed my ear to the door and I heard Pete arguing with a woman.

"I don't believe you. You lied to me last time and how do I know it is even mine?" He barked at the unknown woman.

"I will pee on a fucking stick right now and why would it be anyone else? I've been calling you incessantly because I am still in love with you!" The woman yelled back.

Was Ashlee in his room with him? Was she pregnant with his baby? I couldn't help but continue to listen. I had to know what was happening.

"It's been one fucking month Ashlee, you could have gotten knocked up by someone else. It's totally possible."

"Unlike you, I haven't been fucking around with someone else." She spat back. Oh, I guess she knew about us.

"I'm not 'fucking around' because it's an actual relationship."

"Well you rushed right into that one, as always Pete. You're still in love with me and I know it, so what you two have can't be that deep. She's just rebound, admit it."

"So maybe she's rebound, whatever. Doesn't mean that I actually want to be with you again. I have feelings for her so it's not like she some random chick."

"Oh, so how is she different from the last girl that was on tour?" Ashlee asked Pete and there was silence for a minute. What the fuck was going on? I was just his rebound? And what happened with the last girl that came on tour? Did he do the same thing? No wonder Patrick got so upset. I couldn't bear to hear anymore, the tears were streaming down my cheeks and it almost burned. I ran from Pete's room and back to mine, locking the latch from the inside to ensure no one could enter. The only person I wanted to see right now was Patrick and I had to wait for him to get back. I needed to know when he'd be back.

Hayden: stumpy i need you now

Patrick: whats going on?

Hayden: i hate pete

Patrick: i'll be there in 10 min

I cried into my pillow until Patrick got there. I made sure it was him before opening the door. I didn't want to see Pete right now. Patrick shut and locked the door behind him and pulled me into a hug. I spilled everything I'd heard to him and he just held me the entire time. After I finished, he was silent for a long time. He probably didn't want to tell me that he felt any of it was true as well. I was purely Pete Wentz's rebound fling. Eventually Patrick got me to lay on the couch and I laid my head in his lap and we watched TV. He ran his fingers through my hair until I finally fell asleep.

I was woken up by hushed talking right outside my door, the door was cracked slightly and I could make out Pete and Patrick's voices. I covered my face with a pillow because I didn't want to see Pete right now.
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