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I let go, there's just no one that gets me like you do

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I was sitting in Patrick's hotel room on Wednesday night. We were watching movies to cheer me up. Ashlee was here and Pete hadn't broken up with her yet. There's no way she was actually pregnant, unless she wants to purposely kill their baby for publicity, that stupid bitch. Patrick could tell I was upset and kept trying to cheer me up. Finally he just shoved a bunch of food in front of me on the bed. That gave me instant gratification. After hours of watching TV I must have fallen asleep. I woke up to some hushed voices in the TV lit room. Pete was in the room and he was talking to Patrick. What did the fucking liar want? I felt the covers lift and someone's weight on the bed. I recognized the scent that cozied up to me. Pete kissed my shoulder and put an arm around me before going to sleep. I wanted to just enjoy the moment and I slept myself.

I woke up way too early for how late I was up. I could't sleep at all. I began to move and realized that Pete's arm was still around me. I tried to scoot away and he pulled me closer.

"Where do you think you're going Hayden?" He said playfully and kissed my neck.

"The bathroom. Or I could just pee on you," and with that he let go.

"You're sick, you know that?" He said laughing.

I laughed and glanced at the other bed. It was empty.

"Where's Patrick?"

"He thought we should be alone, so he took your room key to sleep there."

I nodded and then asked the much needed question. "Did you leave her," and I was nervous for the answer.

"Of course Hayden. And she was lying. I gave her my proof and she caved and then I dumped her."

I smiled and went into the bathroom. Holy shit, Pete Wentz just left Ashlee Simpson for me. I decided to take a shower since I felt all gross. I turned on the water and climbed it. It was already piping hot, just the way I loved it. I was startled when the curtain flew open and Pete climbed in.

"What the? PETE!" I said and covered myself. He laughed and began kissing me, his erection pressing into my thigh. God I had wanted this for so long. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he lift my body and pressed me against the tile before pushing into me. I gasped at the unexpected sensation. Pete moaned loudly in my ear as he continued to thrust into me. This moment for us had been long overdue. Pete's lips trailed down my neck and to my breats, sucking and licking each one before returning to my lips. He tasted so good and I couldn't help but grind into his thrusts. My returns caused Pete to tremble and cum, me finishing right after. We stood breathless in the shower and rinsed the sex off of us.

"I love you Hayden," Pete said and kissed me tenderly before turning off the water. We dried ourselves and got ready for the day. Fall Out Boy had a show and meet and greet to do. I had to film all the action.
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