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Chapter 4: The Troll Incident

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No matter how you look at it, having a troll get into a school is never a good thing.

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A/N: For once, this one-shot isn't picking at fanfics, but at canon (gasps) Sorry, but I just couldn't pass this opportunity up. The first book is just filled with so many plot holes, unless you assume that Dumbledore is an incredibly manipulative bastard who cares for no one but himself, which the later books (the last one in particular) tend to dissuade. Hmm, because I like how this one turned out, I just might have to do another canon-based chapter...


Realism: Breaking Clichés

Chapter 4
The Troll Incident


When Professor Quirrell had come running into the Great Hall during the Halloween feast Albus Dumbledore had been shocked and perplexed, and rightfully so. This came, of course, from the fact that a mountain troll had managed to get into the school. The shock might not have been so great had he not known that there were wards surrounding that castle to prevent such an occurrence. Naturally he immediately suspected foul play, but he would be unable to look into it for several weeks due to the chaos that would follow during the next few days.

Following this Quirrell's fainting session, Dumbledore quickly instructed the students to head back to their dormitories. It showed just how flustered he was that he didn't realize until later that night that the Slytherin dorms were in the dungeons. Right where Quirrell had said the troll was.

The next ten minutes were spent desperately searching the school for the troll before he finally came to his senses enough to use a simple point-me spell. Instantly several teachers hurried off in the direction the spell had told them to go. As he struggled to keep up with his much younger staff members Dumbledore cursed both his old age and the Apparition wards covering the castle.

Due to his age, Dumbledore was unable to arrive at the location of the troll--a girl's bathroom, strangely enough--until the situation had already been dealt with. By two first years, much to his shock. Still, the shock wasn't enough to cover his relief that the three Gryffindor's involved with the incident were safe and that the troll had been taken care of.

It was too bad that that relief wouldn't last for very long.

Following the incident, students obviously owled their parents, telling them about what had happened. It wasn't even breakfast the next morning when the first reporter arrived and the following hour would only bring more until dozens from all over the country--and even some from out of the country!--were there. By that afternoon the entire world would know about the troll incident.

It was nightmare. Suddenly everyone was questioning just how safe the school was. After all, if a mountain troll--which was widely believed to be among the least intelligent creatures in existence--could get into the school, then what else could? Over the following weeks no less than two dozen students would get pulled from Hogwarts, including Hermione Granger, the girl who'd been involved in the incident. He'd had high hopes for her to become the brightest witch of her generation, but now it was doubtful that she'd ever finish her wizarding education in any country. Not that he could blame Mr. and Mrs. Granger; after all, what parents in their right mind would keep their child enrolled in a school where they'd nearly died due to lack of security.

Of course immediately following the troll incident Dumbledore had checked the wards surrounding the school. Once it became apparent that they'd been tampered with, the old Headmaster knew that someone had purposefully let the troll into the school.

There was only one suspect that he had in mind.

Professor Quirenius Quirrell had been on his teaching staff for several years. He'd always been a level-headed man, or at least he had been until he'd come back that summer a stuttering mess. He'd brushed it off at first, believing that some skirmish had happened and that the man would get over it soon enough. Following this incident however...Well, it was better to be safe than sorry.

Using the cover of a staff meeting, Dumbledore led Quirrell into a previously warded room. As soon as they stepped inside Dumbledore bound the man, took his wand, and then proceeded to use Legilimency to find out if the man had been behind the troll incident.

What he found was a hundred times worse. Fortunately any sort of a duel with Quirrell and the Dark Lord residing the back of his head was averted because the possessed man no longer had his wand. Unfortunately, Voldemort was able to escape by detaching his spirit from Quirrell. And because this detachment instantly killed Quirrell, Dumbledore found himself unable to question the professor.

Now Dumbledore was faces with two options, neither of which were desirable.

One, he could report to the Ministry of Magic about what had happened. And thus be declared barmy for saying that Voldemort was still alive and have his credibility completely destroyed.

Two, he could try to hide what happened. Only, if he did this an investigation would be launched into the disappearance of Professor Quirrell. This would be fine, if only he hadn't been seen leading Quirrell away only just a few minutes ago. Dumbledore had no doubt that Quirrell's body would be found and he'd be declared a murderer, or something along those lines.

There were, perhaps, a few ways to wriggle his way out of this situation, but in any case at least a part of his reputation would be destroyed. Dumbledore let out a sigh. So far this year had been a complete and utter disaster.

And it wasn't even Christmas yet.
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