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Chapter 8

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Monica finds Jason with someone else. TIME: Past

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September was at an end and October was on a role. It was just over a year since Jason asked her to marry him and two weeks into October. She was going to be married on November 1, she couldn’t wait. She was happy and nothing could disrupt it.

Frankie had stopped his pursuit and his band was off doing some touring that she had helped in setting up for that year. Walking out of Reprise she was going to surprise her fiancé. She knew that he had the day off and her boss had given her a half day so she was free.

Driving to his place she parked her car and opened the door with her spare key. As she walked into the living room expecting to find him watching TV, but he wasn’t there.

Frowning she made her way upstairs to see if he decided to sleep in. Walking up the stairs she started to hear voices and as she got closer she heard moans coming from his room.

Her breathing started to get rapid. He couldn’t, he wouldn’t she thought. Going to his door she took the handle and opened the door slowly.

What she saw took her breath away and all she could do was scream, “Michael?! Jason?!” She couldn’t believe it. He was cheating on her with a male and his best friend at that.

“Monica!” Jason said as he jumped from under Michael who had just stopped fucking him in the ass. She couldn’t believe it, she couldn’t handle it.

He grabbed a sheet and wrapped it around running to her. He tried to reach for her, but she pulled back, “Don’t you fucking touch me!” she yelled.

“Monica…” he tried again, but she cut him off.

“Don’t you dare try to fucking explain. How long has this been going on?” She wanted to know before she left she, had to know.

“Three years.”

She took a deep steadying breath, “So, before we got together. What was I to you?”

“A dear friend. I needed someone with whom I could put up a front with. I can’t let people know that I am gay…”

She cut him off again, “Don’t make excuses because I don’t need them.” She said to him as she walked away. “Oh and Jason?”

“Yeah.” He responded as he watched her stop on the stairs.

“I’m keeping the ring and pawning it. It’s enough of a payment don’t you think?”

She didn’t wait for him to answer. Getting into her car she drove around aimlessly for hours until she got in front of Cassie apartment complex.

Walking up the two flights of stairs to Cassie’s place she knocked on the door.

Not knowing who could be Cassie walked to the door and opened to see a glazed eyed Monica standing in front of her, “Monica?” she asked her softly.

She couldn’t hold it in any longer and the tears came.

Taking Monica into her arms, Cassie led them to the couch where Monica told her everything. She just sat that in shock, “Oh my gosh!”

“Yeah I know.”

“He’s gay?”

Monica nodded her head, “Yep and that will explain too why we never had sex. ‘Let’s wait until we're married Mon. I don’t want to ruin what we have Mon.’ and I fucking bought it.”

“Well a least you found out before it was too late.”

Monica thought for a moment, “Yeah, you’re right. Plus, I get money out of this once I pawn this fucker.” She said as she wiggled her left ring finger in front of Cassie’s face.
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