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Chapter 9

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Frankie's B-day Party Time: Past

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It’s been over two weeks since she found that he fiancé was actually gay and that he was using her as a pawn. She was pissed about the whole situation, but she was happy that she found out before they were married. She was able to sale the ring to a guy for $2,000. Hopeful the ring will serve his purpose better than it did hers.

It was in the Afternoon on Halloween day and she just lay on her back in her bed just staring at the ceiling fan as it slowly rotated and that was all she did for the net couple of hours.

Monica woke with a start when she heard the banging on her door. Groaning she got up and walked to her apartment door. Looking through the peephole she saw that it was Brooke, Danna, Cassie, and Chloe. She let out a sign, but she opened the down anyway.

“Hey Monica!” Cassie said.

“Hey”, she mumbled and made her way back to her room and falling face first into her bed.

She wasn’t going to get any peace she noticed as she heard them come into her room and dump bags on her floor.

Chloe looked down at Monica. She was a mess since the breakup. Even though she didn’t show it at work always smiling she let herself go at home. It was like she went a shell when ever she was around people, but at home she showed how she really felt.

“Come on and get up Monica we have to get ready,” Chloe said.

Not bothering to lift her head Monica replied, “I’m not going.”

Chloe just crossed her arms and said, “Yes you are.”

Monica rolled over and sat up, “I don’t have a custom. So, I am not going.”

Cassie always being one to voice her ideas piped in, “We can look into it and see what we can put together.” As she said this she was opening her closet and Monica paniced. She couldn’t let them see her secret.

Hopping off her bed she went to block the closet, “I don’t think that is a good idea.”

The girls eyed each other than her.

“What’s in the closet Monica?” Brooke demanded.

Monica let out a nervous laugh, “Nothing.”

“I think there is.” Danna said walking up to her.

“No there isn’t,” Monica said while shaking her head.

Danna looked to Brooke and Chloe, “You two help me hold Monica while Cassie you go through her closet.’

“NO!” Monica yelled as she held out her arms as if to bloke the women, but Danna and Brooke just grabbed her hands and bought her away from the closet. As she started to struggle Chloe jumped in to help hold her down.

AT first when Cassie was going through her closet she could see anything until she got to the back where she gasped, “Oh my! These are beautiful.” Taking out five hangers she bought Monica’s belly dancing customs out.

Everyone stopped struggling as Cassie laid each one of the five customs over the room so that the rest on the girls could see.

“you’re a belly dancer?” Chloe asked dazed.

“Yeah.” She answered feeling embarrassed.

“For how long?” Danna asked?

“My whole life.”

“Cool.” Brooke piped in, “who taught you?”

“My mom. She’s half English and Afghan and my father’s African-American. When they moved here they wanted my to keep my culture so I learn how to dance. My family would get mad when people committed on how natural tan I was for a white girl and my parents got tired of correcting them. So, they pushed me to do things that dealt with who I really was.

“Oh man.” Cassie murmured, “That’s cool and I did think you were a white girl like us. I mean…”

“It’s okay. I figured some of you may have thought that. Look at me I have gray eyes for fuck’s sake.”

“Well lucky know of us is racist because we still love you!”

“Thanks guys I feel special now.”

“So now you have to go to dear Frankie’s party and make him swoon.” Danna said.

Monica looked at her like she was crazy, “Um, he has a girlfriend.”

“So, did that ever stop him form sleeping with other girls?” Chloe asked, “I mean everyone knows they have an open relationship. All I am saying is that you just need to open your legs and get laid.”

Monica just looked at them. At twenty one she was younger than the girls by a year or two. She didn’t want to tell them that she never really had sex. She had oral sex before in high school, but she never went all the way. Plus, Jason said he wanted to wait until they were married, ha look how that turned out.

“C’mon! It’s Frankie’s 23rd birthday bash and you need to be there. He would love it.” Said Brooke.

Monica looked at all her friends and she knew that they just wanted to see her over this, “Fin I’ll go.”

“Yes.” All four of them cheered at once.

“Which one should I wear?” Monica asked.

Cassie the shy one of the group reached for the pretties and most revealing of the five, “This one”, she whispered in awe.

The other girls took in the custom. It was a maroon in color, but is was adorned copper with blue, red, black, gold, and green beads. The custom was in three parts all which were velvet a bra and belt that were decorated and a plain maroon velvet skirt that had a thinner black skirt underneath it. The skirt also had high splits on the sides that reached the hem so when she walked or dance you would be able to see her legs. They all nodded in agreement. It looks like she was going after all.

The girls only had about four to get ready and they all panicked except Cassie and Monica. They just shook their heads at how the others girls ran around like chickens with their heads cut off. They each took turns showering and Monica was the last. She was glad that her apartment building never ran out of hot water which was good because the girls always used her place as the get ready spot.

Since she was last to get in the shower she could hear Brooke and Chloe arguing over the bathroom mirror, “There’s another one in the bedroom guys.” But they seemed to ignore her so she stepped out and went into her room.

Walking into the room she was went to her dresser and grabbed the lotion that was on top. She sat on the bed and put some on. She was having her minute of peace when she heard Brooke yell that they only had a hour left. Taking a deep breath she rushed and got ready.

As she allowed her think hair to air dry so that it could curl some before she blow dried it she got dressed. She put on the beaded bra and then the velvet skirt followed by the beaded belt. She then added shin length copper anklets and multiple copper armbands and bangles. When the girls came out of the bathroom she went in and locked the door behind.

Taking the blow drier she finished drying her curls. Next she did her makeup. Using a black eyeliner and kohl she did she did cat eyes and up on a little lip-gloss. Once she was finished she put on her last piece of jewelry which was a copper and maroon gemmed headdress. Placing into her hair it laid on the part that was at the center of her head and came down on her forehead.

Coming out she heard the girls gasp, “What?” she asked defensively.

“You’re beautiful”, Cassie said.

Blushing Monica said, “Thanks, so do you guys.”

Looking at the other girls she took in their customs. Cassie was an innocent Tink which meant she didn’t dress in the slutty Tink customs and the other three were the sluttier versions of Charlie’s Angels all in black and with fake guns, but when you as how they dressed you would wonder if they were strippers.

After admiring each other they left the apartment and hoped into Brooke’s SUV. Going to the club where frank’s party was at Monica came up with a plan with Cassie to give Frank his present. She was nervous, but she knew she could do it. She has danced in front of lots of people before, but fuck these were her friends people she worked with. She hoped that she was able to do it.

When they got to the club they left their belongings and coats in the car and ran for the door in the club. Soon after they were in the warmth of the inside and they could already feel the party pumping and it wasn’t even ten yet. Making their way to the bar the girls ordered shots. Once they were gone the Angels went to dance while Cassie watched Monica take another shot.

“Nervous?” she asked.

Looking at her Monica nodded her head. After a while they both got up to dance. Some of her co-workers seem not to have recognized her because they all said hi to Cassie and not her. When they asked who her friend was they were shocked to find out that it was Monica. Most of the guys leered at her suggestively, but she ignored them.

The night went by fast and Monica was starting to get tipsy. It was a little past Midnight when they had the gift giving. Monica started to pace back and forth as Cassie set everything up. She hadn’t seen Frankie up close all night. She’d seen him at a distance with his girlfriend and others, but never once to say Happy Birthday.

She was about to walk away when the DJ made an announcement, “Now people I need you to quiet down and gather in a circle and the birthday boy grab a seat at the head of the circle for you have a very special surprise that a certain young, fine, and sexy as hell lady is going to give you. As he was saying this he was looking at Monica because the lights were turned on.

Gathering her nerves and from the help of the alcohol she was able to make her to the opposite end of the circle from Frankie and took her place. Taking a deep breath she nodded towards the DJ and he started the song.

As Whenever Wherever by Shakira came flooding the speakers she came out from her place. She did the routine that she came up with for the weddings that she did. She had her eyes closed at first, but when she opened them she caught the look that was on Frank’s face as he watched her shake her ass to the music.

It was priceless at she moved closer to him. Rotating her hips and ribcage to make the roll movements he just looked at her with awe.

He went to touch her, but she backed away and soon the song was over. A loud applause and cheer from the people could be heard in every part of the club.

The girls rushed Monica and gave her hugs and asked, “Did you see his face? How come you didn’t tell us you were going to dance?”

Looking around the room she caught Frank’s eye. They just stared at each for the longest until a thought popped into Monica’s head and she jerked her head towards a door to the side.

Frank followed her head movement and a grin spread across his face looking back towards her he nodded his head once.

Excusing herself from the girls and made her way towards the door. Just behind her Frank followed.
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