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Chapter 10

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Frank's B-day Time: Past

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Monica found herself in a dark room once she opened and closed it behind her. Not soon after she watched as the door did the same thing, but it was Frank that walked through that time.

“Monica,” he whispered her name with lust laced in his voice.

“Frank,” she whispered back. She didn’t know why she was doing this. Maybe it was because she just want to feel wanted she didn’t know. Or maybe it was the fact that she secretly wanted Frank all this time, but she couldn’t admit it. Now she could she told herself.

She felt his hands around her waist and she felt a shiver of delight run up her spine.

“I waited for this for so long,” he whispered in her ear.

Biting his neck she replied, “Well you don’t have to wait any long. Do you think we can leave?”

Finding his way to her lips her kissed her hungrily. The kiss was filled with passion and barely controlled lust, “Yeah, fellow me.”

Going back out the door first Frank led Monica cross the club to a back exit door. Once there they both left without anyone noticing. Hauling a cab they got in and Monica gave the driver her address.

Once there they walked the stairs hurriedly to her apartment, “Shit, I forgot my purse.” Bending down she reached under her welcome rug and pulled out the spare key, “But thank goodness I keep this.”

Opening the door she barely had time to step in before frank rushed and pinned her to the door. Picking her up until her legs wrapped around his waist. Holding her up he walked to her bedroom where he laid her on the bed. Stepping back from her he stood there looking at her. The glow from a single burning small light cast a soft glow on her and he just stared at her perfection.

Slowly he started to pull of the all black custom that he was wearing and she just watched. He reached for her and she grabbed his hand. He pulled her to a standing position and he kissed her. The kiss was demanding and she opened her mouth oh so willing as she felt his tongue run across her lips begging for entrance.

Once inside her mouth his kiss became more intense. Reaching behind her he unhooked the bra that she was wearing and pulled it off. Breaking the kiss they both were breathless and all he could do was lick his lips as he watched the rise and fall of her breasts.

He kissed a trail from the corner of her mouth to her neck to the space between her breasts. He could feel the racing of her heartbeat through his lips and he smiled to himself. He was finally going to have her; the one thing that he wanted in life with his soul was finally going to be his.

He slowly took the tip of her right breast into his mouth and sucked on it. She let out a low moan from the pleasure she was feeling. He increased the pressure of his mouth on her nipple and her heard her cry out in delight. He then moved to her other breast and repeated what he just did.

Turning her around so that they switched positions. Setting down on the bed her kissed a line to her belly button and once there he swirled his tongue around it before dipping into it. With her help he was able to take the belt off and slide her skirt along with her panties down her legs.

Stepping out of the skirt at her feet she stood in front of Frank as he just stared t her.

“You’re so beautiful Monica.” He said as her grabbed her by the waist and pulled her down onto the bed next to him.

She laid down on her back and she watched as he moved to kneel at the foot of the bed on the fool. Grabbing her by the back of her legs he pulled her to the edge of the bed with each of her legs on either of him and until her rump was at the edge of the bed.

Monica closed her eyes as he looked at her she waited for him to make the next move and when he did she thought that was going to die. His mouth worked magic on her as he licked and nibble don her clit. She went to clamp her heads around his head, but his arms wrapped around her legs to keep them still.

She to moan and thrash around from the sheer pleasure he was giving her. Her hips bucked up to meet his mouth and she screamed in delight when he inserted first one then two fingers into her moving them in and out as his tongue worked havoc on her clit.

“Fr-Frank.” she called out his name, “I-I’m c-c-cuming!”

Pushing her up into the bed more with her help he settled himself in-between her legs. Leaning down he kissed her and she could taste herself on his lips, but she didn’t care. All she cared about was this moment.

She wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing until she felt the pain slice through her, “Fuck!” she cried out.

He was shocked that she was a virgin, but he couldn’t stop now even with her bucking beneath him.

“Get off. You’re killing me.”

He wrapped his arms around her, “I promise I won’t move, but you have to relax. You have to let your body get use to me.”

She whimpered, “But you’re so fucking big I don’t think I can.”

He kissed to stop her cries and just like he promised he didn’t move. He ran his hands up and down her body which still had all her customs jewelry on, but he didn’t mind it made it more erotic that way.

After a while her body loosened and relaxed around him and he started to ride her slowly at first. She didn’t feel the pain as much this time, but he r body was starting to feel something. A building that was just under the pain that was raising to the surface.

He picked up his pace as she started to moan and thrust her hips to meet his. Their breathing became shallower and rapid. Sweat clung and dripped from their bodies has they each tried to leave their own mark on the other.

His thrusting became faster as he bought them closer to the edge. She tried to say something, but her body was beyond talking as she dropped over the edge that was her orgasm. Frank gave a few more thrusts and he was over the edge as well.

He collapsed on top of her and she wrapped her arms around him kissing his neck, “Can we do this again soon?”

He lifted up from her and then looked down at himself. She looked at him too and noticed that he was coming alive again, “Yeah I think we can.”

Who knew that in a few years to come that she would hate herself for the one mistake that she made.
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