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Chapter 11

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Kaitlin's POV Time Persent

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I really wanted tell Frank how I felt about his relationship with that tramp Monica, but I never do. We had come to an agreement that our relationship was open, but I didn’t agree to him having another woman.

I watched from our bed as he packed a small bag, “Where are you going?” I already knew, but I needed to hear it.

“My son’s sick and I going to Monica’s to help take of him.”

“Oh.” Was all I said. He was going to take care of HIS son. HER son. He should have been OURS, but he chose a slut to be the mother of his child. I mean, I hated her so much. I wish that he would just forget her, but he won’t.

“I’ll be home in a couple of days, okay?” he says to me as he walks over and places his hand on my cheek, rubbing his thumb over it.

“Okay,” I agreed weakly. I didn’t want him to go, but I didn’t want him to know how I really felt about things. I watched as he walked out the room and out the house to go to HER.

We had agreed that LOVE wasn’t a part of the deal and it worked at first, but then I started to fall for him. I stopped sleeping with guys and now here I am in an “open” relationship that I no longer wanted. Or was it still open?

I stopped sleeping with guys and he is just sleeping with me and HER. So, since neither of us are doing what we agreed upon, does that make him a cheater? In my book is does. I mean we said some things in the beginning of the relationship, but they soon fell apart and here I am by myself thinking about US.

I mean he should be here with me and not with HER. We should have a child together and not them.

I wish there was a way to make him see how I was better for him. That she is nothing. That she could never love him the way that I do.

It’s only four in the evening and I just feel like shit. Locking the doors and shutting the blinds I crawled into OUR bed ALONE and just thought about how much I wished she was dead. How I wished that she never caught his eye. That she wasn’t EVERYTHING to him now.

My eyes started to droop and I knew what I was going to do. I was going to make her pay for what she has bought me to. I was going to make her lose everything she holds close and I will do it with pleasure. I smiled to myself as I fell asleep.
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