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Chapter 12

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Monica's POV Time: Present

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I watched as Frank laid on the couch asleep with Anthony on his chest. I smiled down at the sleeping father and son. I laid the throw over them that was on the back of the couch and smiled even more when I heard my son murmur in content.

Walking away I turned off the lights, but left the TV on because I knew that if I turned it off they would wake up. Going into my room I changed out of my clothes and into a gown.

As I lay in bed I thought about what I was going to do tomorrow. Like calling into work and telling the boss that Anthony’s sick and seeing if I could get an extension on the project that I had to turn in. I knew that he would doing it, seeing who is Anthony’s father. He wouldn’t want to piss off a band that is hitting the top of the charts. A band like MCR who came out with their last album the Black Parade. Yeah he wouldn’t want to piss Frank off.

I looked over at the clock and noticed that it was only 10:30. That was good because That would mean I could get some extra sleep if Anthony slept all the way through the night. I was just about to close my eyes I heard my cell vibrate on the lamp table by my bed. Reaching over I flipped it over, “Hello Nonnie, what do you want?” knew it was my sister because she was the only one who would call me so late at night.

“Is that anyway to greet your older sister?”

“Sorry, but I am having a bad day.”

I heard her make a noise, “Is it HIM?”

When she said him like that I knew she was referring to Frank. When I didn’t say anything she said, “I know it’s him. You don’t even have to say anything. Anyway I was just calling to tell you that I am coming up to visit.”

I sat up when she said that, “What?” I kind of yelled, but quieted my voice down when I remembered that Frank and the baby were in the next room.

“I said I was coming down to see my baby sister.”

This made me mad, her always calling me a baby, “I’m not a baby. I am 24 years old.”

“Yeah and I’m 29 so in my eyes you will always be the baby. Oh, and mom and dad hi and so did the other sibs.”

I hated it. I know why she was coming down here. She wanted to check up on me and so did the family, “When are you coming down?”

“In two days and before you ask I will be there for two weeks.”

“Shit.” I said, but I didn’t mean for her to hear it.

“What? He doesn’t want me there?”

“No, I am just remembering the last time you were here and you two almost killed each other.”

I could just see her smiling at the memory, “Oh yeah I remember and I would do it again if I have too.”

I looked over at the clock and realized it was getting late, “look I have to go.”

“Okay.” She signed, “I will see you in two days.”

“Yeah see ya, bye.”


Hanging up my cell I led back in bed. The next two weeks were going to be hell. I just knew it.
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