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She wants him to notice her. But being the twin sister of the most popular guy in school makes that kind of difficult.

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My hands ran down his bare muscular chest as we made out on his red leather couch. His hands were running through my dark brown hair as he laid me on my back. As he ran kisses down my neck and on the tan flesh my collar bone, I heard a faint noise calling my name. But, being in the state I’m in, I just ignored it as he continued to kiss on me.
“You’re skin’s so soft Stephanie,” he purred against my skin when I heard the voice again.
“Stephanie wake up! We’ll be late if you don’t!” I heard my younger brother Will said shaking me out of my dream.
I bolted upright, looked at Will, and said, “I was having a good dream and you ruined it you bitch!”
“I know. You were moaning to yourself in your sleep,” Will replied. He was wearing a pair of regular blue jeans with random holes in the knees and a white polo shirt. You could say me and Will were total opposites. Even though we’re twins. And yet mommy dearest wants us to be similar. Like that’s ever going to happen.
I got out of bed and said, “When are we leaving?”
“Twenty minutes. I still have to finish getting ready and I know you have to get ready as well,” Will replied before leaving the room. I shook my head at him, walked over to my closet, and opened it to find my outfit for today. I ran my hand through my dark brown hair as I remembered my dream. I smiled to myself when I grabbed a pair of ripped-up faded black pants and a Smashing Pumpkins shirt. I took my clothes over to my bed and laid them down as I slid out of my black silky boxers and my white wife beater.
I grabbed my shirt and slid it on and slid my pants on as well. I walked over to the other side of my room and picked up my hot pink studded belt from the floor. I put it on and grabbed my Chuck Taylors and slipped them on before grabbing my messenger bag. I walked over to my nightstand, grabbed my LG Shine and iPod Nano, and left my room. I walked over to the bathroom as Will walked out. “All your’s sis,” he said as he walked downstairs.
I walked in when the smell of a dozen hair care products hit me like a ton of bricks. “Thanks Will for stinking up the bathroom!” I shouted downstairs as I left the door open. I pulled my eyeliner and electric lime green eye shadow out of my bag and applied them to my eyes to my specifications. I put them away, brushed my hair, and left the bathroom just as Will said, “We’re leaving mom!”
“Okay sweetheart,” my mom said as I reached the bottom of the stairs. I almost reached the front door when my mom said, “Now Stephanie, why do you have to dress like that? You’d look so much prettier wearing pink or something.”
I looked at her and said, “I’ll see you after school mom.”
“Alright Steph. I’ll see you two after school. Bye,” my mom said messing with her dyed blonde hair before walking back into the kitchen. I shook my head at her before following Will to his Corvette.

“Stephanie! Over here!” I heard my friend Sammy shout by the big oak tree as Will and I arrived at school.
He looked at me and said, “Don’t let any assholes treat you like shit. Or I’ll have to deal with them.”
Will always was so nice to me. Don’t know why though… “Okay Will. I’ll let them know not to mess with me or they’ll get their asses kicked,” I said smiling before I walked over to Sammy.
“See you later sis,” Will shouted before walking over to his group of friends.
“Hey ya Steph. Was the wicked witch a bitch today again?” she asked.
“What gives you that idea?” I asked.
“You look really pissed off,” she replied as we started walking into the school.
“Oh,” was all I said when I saw him. The very guy who haunted my dreams every night. Not that it was a bad thing…but still. And he was walking this way. Shit.
“Earth to Stephanie! Keeps your eyes on me, not Mr. Cute-guy-who’s-taken,” Sammy said.
I whipped my head towards her direction and said, “What?! What do you mean he’s taken?”
“Yeah, Jared’s got a girlfriend. Sorry girlie. I saw them two together yesterday,” Sammy replied as he passed us.
“Damn it. Well, what am I supposed to do about these dreams I keep having?” I asked her as we stopped at our lockers.
“Dreams? What dreams? You never told me about said dreams.”
I told her about the recent dreams I’ve been having as I put my stuff in my locker and grabbed my iPod, sketchbook, and Economics book. “Wow. Sounds like someone can’t help but dream sexy dreams about a certain guy in our class,” Sammy said.
“And I wish I could control them! This sucks,” I said closing my locker.
“What you need to do is find a guy who’s like Jared, but more reachable,” Sammy replied as she grabbed her Economics book and closed her locker.
“Good luck with that,” I said as we headed towards Economics.
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