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Cut Up Angels

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Surprises, surprises

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As Sammy and I walked into Economics class, I noticed something I’ve never noticed before. There were way more people in the room than I thought. Shows how much I pay attention.
“Steph? You okay? You’re zoning out again,” Sammy said as we sat down.
“Have you ever noticed that there are a lot of people in here?” I asked.
“Duh. Noticed the first day sweetheart. Geez, what’s gotten into you?”
I was about to reply when a group of my brother’s friends walked in. Ah man and they’re coming over here. Fuck.
“Hey little Stephanie,” Brian, Will’s closest friend, said sitting next to me.
“Last time I check Will was the younger one by five minute,” I said being a smartass.
“Whatever. Listen, Will’s going to go hang out with his girl tonight and I was wondering if you wanted to come over and screw around?” he asked me in total seriousness.
“Sorry Brian. I don’t fool around with my brother’s friends. It’s not very nice to my brother. Besides, you’re not that good looking to begin with,” I said bluntly back to him.
He ran his hands through his shaggy brown hair and said, “Come on babe. Why not?”
“She said no Brian,” Sammy said.
“Was I talking to you bitch? No, so shut your mouth,” he said.
“And there is another legitimate reason why I said no. You’re an ass to my friend,” I said before the bell rang.
He looked over his shoulder before looking back at me and said, “Think about it babe and call me. I’m sure my number’s in your brother’s phone.”
“No thanks Brian,” I said as he left.
“Prick,” Sammy said.
“You’re telling me,” I said when Mr. Stinson walked into the classroom. So for the next forty-five minutes we basically talked about how our economy is shit and it’s the president’s fault. (Well, I think it is anyway.)
“Wow Stephanie, that was the same as usual,” Sammy said after the bell rang and we left the room.
“I know, but I’m going to hate it when we graduate. Stinson’s pretty cool,” I said as we walked towards our lockers.
She nodded in agreement when she stopped me. “Look who’s at your locker,” she said pointing at my locker.
I looked over when I swear my stomach did a back flip. “What the…why is Jared at my locker?” I asked.
“Who knows,” Sammy said before we started walking towards our lockers.
“Probably waiting for someone else,” I said when I reached my locker.
She looked over at me when I noticed that he was standing right in front of my locker. “Excuse me, you’re in front of my locker,” I said.
“Oh sorry,” he said moving out of the way. “I was just waiting for someone.”
“It’s alright,” I said as I opened my locker, smiling as I faced my locker so he wouldn’t see.
“I’m Jared by the way,” he said.
“I’m Stephanie,” I said putting my Economics book in my locker and closing it since I has art next.
I turned around to see him smiling. “Stephanie? As in Will Marshall’s sister Stephanie?”
I nodded when Sammy said, “I’ve got to get to Anatomy. I’ll see you later Steph.”
“See ya,” I said as she walked off.
Jared and I were quiet for a moment when he said, “I know this is going to sound really dumb and that you’ll say no, but I’m having this party on Saturday and I was wondering if you wanted to come to it.”
I looked at him for a second when I asked, “Is my brother going to be there?”
“If you want him to. It’s not one of those huge ass parties with the drinking and shit. I know this is going to sound stupider, but my brother Shannon and I have his band and I just thought that you’d be into the music we play,” he said.
I looked at him when I looked at my phone and said, “Shit! I have to get to art. I’ll get back to you on that party thing.”
He nodded and said, “Let me walk you. My class is right next to yours.”
I nodded and said, “Okay.”
He smiled before the two of us walked on to class and I reached art just in time. I waked over to my usual table and sat next to my friend Gerard.
“Well hello Stephanie. Looks like someone’s happier than usual,” he said as Mrs. Brooks started talking.
“I guess I am,” I said.
“So? What are you so happy about?” he asked.
“Oh nothing. Just got invited to Jared Leto’s house for a party. He and his brother have a band and he wants me there to see them,” I replied bluntly.
“Nice Steph,” he said when we were told to draw a person from our table. Since it was just me and Gerard at the table, we drew each other while talking still. Yeah, we’re that good.
“So Gee, how was your’s and Frank’s weekend?” I asked.
“Not bad. We went to West Hudson Park and hung out for a bit. Saw some people drop a dead guy into the lake. They didn’t see us though. And it was probably a good thing too,” he replied grinning maniacally.
I shook my head at him and said, “What am I going to do about you and Frank? I mean, doing that shit in public is a little risky.”
“Oh well, it’s not the worst thing we’ve done.”
“Oh god I do not want to know Gee. What you and Frankie-poo do is your guys’ business.”
“But you know more about me and Frankie’s business than Mikey.”
“Frank’s the one that tells me that shit. Damn.”
“Not my fault.”
“Well, keep your boyfriend under control and hopefully he will stop giving me every single detail down to how load he moans when you--”
“Okay okay I’ll tell Frankie to keep some of the details to himself,” he said holding his hands up as if to surrender.
“Good. I still love you guys though,” I said as I finished up Gerard’s hair and began on his facial features. We sat there and drew for a while when I asked, “You busy Sunday?”
“Not really. Sunday night I am but not in the morning or afternoon. Why?”
“Well, I was wondering if you wanted to hang out and watch some movies like we normally do. Ya know, watch some really crappy horror movie and talk about how crappy the effects are.”
“Hey, the effects may be crappy, but the horror movies themselves aren’t, “Gerard said standing up for the movies.
I put my hands up as if to surrender and said, “Okay, they’re not crappy. Sorry man. Just don’t kill me.”
“I couldn’t kill you even if I wanted to. It’s like asking me to kill Mikey. That’s just not happening either. I love you guys too much,” Gerard said.
I was about to say something when the bell rang. Gerard and I stood up and he said, “Well, I’ve got to get to Pre-Cal. The faster I get there the faster the class will go and the sooner I’ll have Anatomy with Frankie.”
I noticed the maniacal grin on his face and said, “Don’t give Mrs. Williams hell again. She’s really cool.”
“Okay. We won’t,” Gerard said with his hands behind his back before picking up his things. I went and grabbed my things and walked out the door sometime after Gerard when I was stopped by a voice calling my name.
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