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Dangeruous Thinking

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I could feel my heart beating deep in my chest as we danced again. Partly because I was angry at Macon but the other part was Sesshomaru had yet to let me go. I don’t know why but I feel so comfortable in his arms. This is dangerous thinking I know but I can’t really help it. But in
all fairness Macon did run off with that…that thing so technically I’m not really in the wrong
here. And to plead my case even more Sesshomaru was taking my mind of that miscreant that was my boyfriend.

“Excuse me,” I heard a woman say and I swear she cut in just at this moment to get back at me

“Could I have this next dance with Mr. Tashio?” She smiled at me and I saw her laugh lines. God this woman must be really old. I could see the loss skin under her neck when she tilted her head. It took everything in me but I let Sesshomaru go with a smile. At least this will give me time to track down at least one of the people I came here with.

I walked around a few seconds before spotting Dawn chatting up some old cougar. He has no shame. I walked up behind them and apparently came in on the wrong part of this conversation. If you want to be disturbed at a bouquet try listing to an old woman talk about how she can put it down better and any ‘pretty young thing in here.’

“Hey,” I managed to say “I hate to stop your conversation but can I borrow him a minute. I
promise I will give him back.” She just smiled at me and gave Dawn a wink before taking her martini (as if I would drink it!) and leaving. I sat down in her seat.

“Man Dawn, her eggs are probably powder.”

“Good for me,” He leaned closer to me and said “That why she can’t get pregnant.”

“Ehew, god you’re sick!” I looked around the room and my eyes fell on Sesshomaru. He was looking at me too and I smiled before turning my attention back to Dawn.
“Have you seen your other half?” I asked him. He cocked an eyebrow at me because he was drinking.

“Your brother, you know tall white hair in some serious ass trouble?”

“He isn’t with you?”

“That’s the problem. He’s never with me. Not lately anyways.”

“Trouble in paradise?” I chuckled before answering.

“Trouble? More like a natural disaster at this point. God I don’t know, you know? I’m trying to find the point when… we stopped seeing, eye to eye. It seems like a life time ago that he said I love you. I don’t why I’m telling you this. I’m sure you don’t want to hear it.” I looked over at Dawn and he was just staring at me.

"What? Are you getting an epiphany or something?"

“Elle you’re right, I don’t want to hear all your mushy crap. But, believe it or not, you are my friend and you should be happy.” I looked at him. I mean I really looked at him. Who was this guy and what did he do with my Dawn. Even though that is still a mystery unsolved I thanked him anyway. He of course would not accept my hug and I was okay with that. I went outside on the little veranda they had. It was one of those good nights. Where the wind blows at just the right moments and the air is so crisp and clean. The sky is almost completely blank except for the moon that shines. I love nights like this, where the moon sits up there all alone but never lonely. I let my hair down and let the breeze take it. Dawn was right; I did deserve to be happy. But who’s to say that my happiness wasn’t with Macon and that we were just in a rough patch right? Or my happiness could be with…no, it couldn’t. My mind was raging; I didn’t know what I wanted. I was so wrapped up in me that I didn’t even here him come outside. I glanced at him but said nothing. He didn’t say anything either. What was there to be said? What could we possible say to each other? The wind blew again and I could smell his cologne. It hasn’t worn off all night. I turned to him finally and said something.

“What are we doing?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” he countered his voice even. I couldn’t tell him what I really meant because true is, I don’t know what I really mean.

“About Naraku? Are you helping me or not? I want us to be partners, if that’s possible?”

“I don’t have partners nor do I need them.” I was disappointed yes but, really, I wasn’t giving up that easily.

"Okay so you don’t need a partner but I do.”

“You have two partners. To what use I could be?”

“I need an inside man. Someone who knows him better that we do. This possibly is my last mission and I want this to go right. And in order for that to happen, I’m going to need your help. Please do this for me and not you, if that helps at all.” He didn’t answer right away he was think about it, I could tell. I didn’t realize it then but I was holding my breath. He looked at me with, his face never wavering and answered me.


“No? What the hell do you mean no?!” he didn’t say anything but looked at me like I was the stupid one. I sighed and rubbed my temple. “Why did you say no?”


“Okay, that makes sense. Why, because?”

“Because I said so.”

“This isn’t about you and you’re say! You know what forget it I just should have even asked.” I started towards the door but stopped and turned back around.

“No, I want and answer, why won’t you help me! Why is it so hard for to just say yes Elle I’ll help you?” he didn’t say anything. He didn’t even attempt to answer me and I was tempted to smack him right in that smug face of his. I felt so betrayed by him. After all he’s told me and helped me with. I was angry at him. More angry that I really should have been.

“So, you’re just going to stand there and ignore me? You’re not even going to try to even attempt to give me an explanation?”

“I owe you no explanation.”

“Why would you do all those things for me then, huh? Why help me when you did and give me information and invite me here just too suddenly stop now?” I wasn’t talking about Naraku anymore and I knew it and I’m sure he wasn’t either. “Was it all just for fun. Oh poor little American girl needs my help. I’ll help her a little then just drop her like a toy.” He still said nothing and I was out of words. I had taken this further then where it was suppose to be. I started to walk away but he grabbed my arm. I felt something inside me spark. Something I have never felt before. Like a little an energy surge or something. I jerked my arm away from him after I felt that.

“I told you not to get in this to start with.” He finally said.

“So what now you’re my protector.” He didn’t answer me then. I titled my head at him; my voice came out softer now “Are you trying to protect me?” before he could answer Macon had come outside.

“Elle, I’ve been looking all for you.” He said coming to my side he reached for my hand and then looked at Sesshomaru.

“Is everything okay?” Macon asked, trying to establish some kind of dominance over me. I hardly payed him any attention though. Sesshomaru and I had yet to look away from each other. Finally I turned away and looked at Macon with a forced smiled.

“No, nothing’s wrong. Everything’s find, uhm, I be in in a sec could you go and get me a drink please?”

Macon looked at me then at Sesshomaru before he kissed my cheek and walked inside. I watched him go then looked back at Sesshomaru. He had turned away from me and was looking out into the nothingness. I walked up behind him and stop just about a foot away.

“You didn’t answer me.” I stated although it didn’t really need to be said. I looked down at my hands, felt really awkward for some reason. I looked back at the crowd, trying to locate Macon. I could see him anymore. I looked back at Sesshomaru. I wish he would just look at me. Just this once.


“You should go inside, Macon is waiting for you.” He cut me off and I felt myself flinch. He wants me to go inside? He doesn’t want to answer my question? I didn’t argue for once and did as I was told. I went inside and never looked back.


It was all too real that Sesshomaru and I may never speak again. I hate the fact that I did this to myself. I should never have got so attached to him. After all in about a month I am getting ready to go home anyway so why get so close.

Our search for Joes continued, miserably because we had lost our lead. We had him almost cornered but found out that it wasn’t what we though. What a complete waste of my precious time. The phone calls from Naraku where off and on, honest I just stopped listening to him. Things where starting to look hopeless and I was ready to go. This was the first mission I have ever done that, one, I didn’t complete and two, that I really could care less about. Let Joes have his fun; I was getting ready for collage anyway so I wouldn’t have time for this job anyway. I’d done my civil duty of protecting my little town from demons don’t I deserve a break? I wish I had that break because things were about to get a little bit more exciting.

I had come home, tired and disgusted from another hopeless day. To add some emphasis to my mood it was raining and guess what, I had to walk home. Such a great day, wouldn’t you agree? Anyways I went to the guess house to avoid everyone. For some dumb reason it was freezing in there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for central air bit not today. I slammed my purse down on the floor and walked to my room. Low and behold there was Macon just sitting there. That is never good. The N phone (naraku phone) was lying on the bed. I rolled my eyes at no one in particular because I was agitated. I ignored Macon just sitting there, I gave him time to say something but he didn’t so screw it. I reached down and took off my shoes, when I looked back up he was looking at me. I gave him a looked to tell him know that I wasn’t in the mood and walked to my closet.

‘Elle.” He called to me. And, dare I say it, he sounded angry. Not that I really cared. I have been quit bitchy these last few days so nothing really bothered me anymore.
I didn’t say anything but turned around and started picking up the rest of my shoes and throwing them into the closet.

“Elle.” He said again and I know that Macon hates to repeat himself so this must be serious, but really I was in serious bitch mood. I didn’t even bother to look up when I answered him.

“Look Macon. I’m cold, wet, irritated and ready to just go to sleep so please can you hold whatever it is you have to fuss about now for another day.” I didn’t see him get up I only felt him grab a hold of my arm and not so gently might I add. He jerked me up and forced me to look at the phone.

“Macon let me go goddamn it that hurts!”

“Look.” Was all he said in a tone I knew all too well. I forced my eyes to focus on the phone. It was a picture but I had to squint to really see what it was. It was me. Me and Sesshomaru to be exact; at the Blue Star with me giving him a very sexy lap dance. Our faces were only inches apart and if you didn’t look close enough you might think we where kissing.

“Okay, so, are you like going to let me go now I looked at your stupid picture.” I said finally. He didn’t say anything. Need I remind you that when Macon has nothing to say is normal but when he has nothing to say in a situation where something needs to be said that it is very very dangerous. I may have been bitchy but I am no idiot. I’ve seen Macon’s inner demon come out sometimes and I am almost certain that this situation has the potential to do that to him.

“I was working okay. It was when we first came down here and we all went searching on our own. There was potential for Joes to be there. I had to act like I really worked there in case he did show up.”

“Working? It’s a funny thing that I had no knowledge of this ‘work’.” He said in tone that would freeze the sun.

“Macon please it was nothing.”

“And yet this Naraku seems to know all about your night at this ‘Blue Star’.” He said ignoring what I had just said. “How, Elle is it that this is possible?’

“That’s a good question may be we should try to figure that out. In the mean time, you’re cutting of the circulation of my blood here.”

“You think this is funny? That it is all a game? My girlfriend is on the lap of a man who just recently invited her to a dinner. And who has been her main source of information. And let us not forget that he brought here that very expensive dress that she though I didn’t know about. And all she has to say about it was ‘she was working,’?”

“Well if you ask me I think it sounds a lot like this girls boyfriend who is always gone on ‘work.’.” I jerked my arm away from his grip.

“Don’t test me Elle.’ he threatened.

“I’m not testing Macon, please; my time can be better spent.” I said walking out of the room he followed me out.

“What else did you two do?’ Macon asked

“Oh I don’t know about the same thing you did with both of those waitresses. Yeah we did all of that!”

“You’re on some thin ice right now Elle.”

“You know Macon we’ve been on thin ice since we got here so there! What are you gonna do huh? I told you, I-was-work-ing what more do want from me!” he reached out and grabbed me hard.I lost my breath when he slammed me hard against the wall. I tried to fight back with no luck. He grabbed my neck and tiled my head up and it hit the wall. My hands where pinned behind me in a not so pleasant manor. I squirmed, not like it helped, but what else was I suppose to do. Macon and I had fights in the past but never like this. Never had we gotten this physical. I may have pushed him or he grabbed my arm but nothing to this extreme. Then again I had never been caught on another man’s lap before either

“Macon let me go no-.”

“Shut up and listen to me now. You will never see him again. You will not go anywhere without my say. And this will not happen again am I clear?”

“Clear? I’m not some puppet Macon I’m your girlfriend!” he laughed. He laughed! I Could feel the bones in my wrist grinding against each other as he gripped me tighter.

“And it shall stay that way so long as you do as I say.”

“And if I don’t?’ as said between breaths.

“Oh, you will.” He let me go and I slid down the wall. I grabbed my wrist. The bruises had already started to form. I could feel tears starting to form too. Macon turned to look at me and I wouldn't meet his eye. He walked back over to me and leaned down, forcing me to look at him. I didn’t know this person in front of me. He wasn’t the Macon I had fell in love with. No, he was I was just too blind to see it. He is half demon after all. He reached his hand up to my face but I jerked my head back but he just wiped my tear then he whispered to me.

“Know that I do this because I love you. You belong with me, to me, and no one else.” He kissed me softly on the lips. Then my cheek then the spots on my neck where I’m sure his hands had left a mark. I sat still not sure of what to do. My mind hadn’t wrapped around the fact that he nearly broke both my wrist and my neck. He kissed my lips again and I still did nothing.

“Kiss me.” he said between little kisses and I complied. He wrapped his hands around my waist and picked me up with ease wrapping my legs around his waist as he carried me back to the room. I stayed kissing him. Not that I wanted to but because I was afraid of what might happen if I stopped. Macon dropped me on the bed and shut the door. He quickly got on top of me as if I would try to get away. He kissed down my neck to my chest and took of my shirt. I didn’t feel any of it. I wasn’t even there. Now more than ever I wished that I was home. Without warning he thrust himself into me, and I did everything in my power not to scream. I didn’t enjoy this and I don’t think I was meant to.

I didn’t sleep that night. I just kind of lay there. Quite. Restless. And in Macon’s grip.
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