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Birthday Girl

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We ran through the traffic as to get to the other side of the boulevard. I leaded the way with Macon in the middle and Dawn last.
“Hurry up you guys!” I yelled over the roaring traffic. It was in my opinion a beautiful day to go shopping and lose the tension of the past few days. We finally made it on the other side of the street, Macon at my side and Dawn only a few inches behind. I looked at Macon through the corner of my eye. Things haven’t been good since our last argument but they weren’t bad either. Macon made it a point to show me how wrong I was about assuming where he would go by taking me to a restaurant that he apparently had been going to. He calmed to have been trying to find a nice place for us to have dinner for my birthday and yet I still couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right. It was probably because the waitress knew him by name. Not only that but the little subtle flirting she was doing. But Macon didn’t pay her any mind so I guess I shouldn’t have either.
Macon looked down at me and caught me staring at him through the corner of my eye. He reached down and grabbed my hand without a word. I heard Dawn mumble something behind us but, really, why should I bother with him. I smiled as I held my baby’s hand and we walked into another store.
“Oh, my God!” I said when I saw the most utterly most beautiful dress in the world. It was pink, not my favorite color but it’ll do, with criss-cross straps the came all the way down do the lower back where a train of small ruffles made up where the zipper was.
“Try it on.” Macon said and I rushed to the dressing room in a heap of excitement. I swear this dress was made for me. It fit perfectly; too bad it was more money than we all had combined. As we left the store Dawn decided on us getting something to eat. There was a small place not far from the store that we went in.
“I’m going to the bathroom you guys can just get me some Chai I’m not really hungry.” I took my purse and went to the bathroom. I sat my purse on the side of the sink and ran the water. I looked at the reflection of the girl in the mirror. I was turning eighteen in a few more weeks and yet I still looked like that fifteen year-old girl Macon saw on the sidewalk. I wasn’t exactly like her; little things had changed but not much. I splashed the water in my face to refresh myself and my mind. I cut off the water and reached for the paper towels when the phone in my purse rang. I looked at the purse contemplating on whether or not I wanted to reach in it. Against my better judgment I reached and answered the phone.
“I hope you’re day is going as good as mine.” Naraku said on the other in of the phone.
“It was until you called me. What do you want?”
“I believe the real question is what it is that you really want Elleon?”I didn’t answer him.
“Don’t so modest with your response for my sake. I know all about you so please don’t spare me your answer.”
“What the hell are you talking about?”I demanded and he chuckled and for some reason it made me angry.
“I know that you went to see a certain business person and, well, it appeared to me like the two of you where have quit a day. Macon I’m sure would not approve of this. That is, if he knew that this business person is the same man you danced with. But wait that’s right, you haven’t told him. Some one’s been a bad little kitty.”
“Go fuck yourself.” I said coldly and he only laughed.
“If you won’t tell him I might just. But somehow I think he already knows.”
“Look you sick fuck,”
“Oh, such foul language and from someone who hasn’t even turned eighteen yet.”
“Either you tell me what the hell it’s you want from me or I’m hanging up. And trust me when I say I will find and Jose and when I do, you’ll regret all of these stupid jock calls! Now tell me.”
“All things in time my dear,” his grew serious “And I can guarantee you that these calls of mine are no jock. You my dear Elleon have no idea what I have in store for you. Oh and please tell Macon and Dawn that I said hello.” I slammed the phone down on the counter and looked in the mirror. I looked angry, which I was, but I knew if Macon saw me like this he would something was wrong. This Naraku person knew too much about. He had too much on me and I wasn’t making it better for myself. What could he and Jose be up too to just harass me like this? He said that he had something in stored for me. Could it just me he wants? Or is it all of us? I shook my head to shack my thoughts. I was thinking too hard now and knew it would show. I splashed more water on my face and forced myself to think of nothing while I walked out.
Dawn and Macon had already order like I expected and all of our drinks were on the table.
“Did you get lost or something?” Dawn asked me when I sat down.
“No, I had things to do.” I said and I looked at Macon who was looking out of the window. I taped Macon on the shoulder to get his attention and he almost jumped when he turned to face me. ‘Are you okay?’ I mouthed to his and he nodded and cupped my chin. I leaned up to meet his lips. This kiss was gentle which is so unlike him but continued to kiss him anyway.
“We are in public.” I heard Dawn say but it only made me kiss Macon harder. I wanted him or at least that’s what I was trying to tell myself while I slid my hands my his neck to the back of his hair line. Macon finally started kissing back with feeling and I hope he meant it. I wanted us back to the way we where before we came to Tokyo, before all of this craziness started to happen. I wanted that fire we had back but somehow, even though we were kissing, I could feel it slipping away. I heard dawn clear his throat but I wasn’t ready to let Macon go. Dawn did it again and along with his was also a woman’s. Macon pulled away from me and I felt myself sigh. I looked at our waitress and she clearly wasn’t happy about me and Macon’s show.
“Here’s your food.” She said handing me my plate. She gave Dawn his and then handed Macon his plate. I might be crazy but I know I saw her rub Macon’s hand and wink at him. I looked at Macon who probably didn’t notice this, and then I looked at the waitress. She wasn’t even paying attention to me. She did that stupid hair flip thing, probably got some in someone’s food, and crossed her arms over her chest.
“Is there anything else I can get for you Macon?” she asked in a light flirty voice and I felt my left eyebrow lift and start to twitch.
“No, thank you.” Macon answered her without looking up from his plate. I gave Macon a hard stare then looked at that wench on the side of me.
“You?” she asked Dawn, without saying his name mind you, and Dawn just shook his head. When she looked at me, that playful little grin of hers fell of her face and I had to force myself from getting up and smacking the shit out of her.
“No, thank I’m fine.” I said answering her unasked question. She didn’t bother to acknowledge me and walked away from our table. I looked back at Macon and he had already started eating. I looked at the food, that I told them not to order for me, and the back at Macon.
“Are you not hungry?” he asked finally noticing after pretty girl left.
“I’m slowly losing my appetite.” I said to him.
“You should eat.” He said and went back to his own food. I felt my brow twitch harder as I held back so many things I wanted to say. I picked up my fork and started moving things around on my plate. Macon and Dawn had started their own conversation and I could care less about that. That waitress managed to catch my eye once again but she wasn’t looking at me. She was looking at no one other than Macon. My Macon. Macon wasn’t looking at her then and I looked back at that thing that was now looking at me. She rolled her eyes and started to talk to another waitress. She whispered something to the other woman and the other woman turned and looked I our table. I felt my hand grip my fork harder. I would have still been staring at them if Dawn’s foot hadn’t accidently hit mine. I looked at him, he mumble and apology and finished his conversation. My food now looked like scattered nothings from me picking with it. Stop overreacting she is the one not him! I told myself. I looked my innocent Macon but he wasn’t looking me. I followed his line of sight and my eyebrow was officially on overdrive. He was looking at pretty girl and she just blew him a kiss and winked. I saw the corner of Macon’s lips curl and I had had it. I kindly put my fork down and grabbed my purse I walked my cute self out of there and I could hear Macon calling out after me. I did stop for him and turned the corner. He had started running after me but I didn’t run. I was too pissed to even do that. Macon had caught up to me and grabbed my arm.
“Let me go.” I threatened him.
“Why did you leave? Where are you going?” he asked that stupid inconsiderate but very handsome bastard.
“Come on Macon even you can’t be that stupid, because for the record, I’m not. What do you think, I’m blind and oblivious to everything you do?! That I didn’t see you and hair flip chick flirting? Wow Macon I have to say, you give me too little credit. I may only be seventeen but I’m not stupid, never have been. And I think I would know when my boyfriend, my boyfriend, was flirting with someone.”
“I think you’re overreacting.”
“I could give a rat’s ass what you’re thinking right now. As a matter of fact I could give a rat’s ass about you! You know,” I chuckled before finishing “you know I thought that I was crazy when we went to dinner and I know I saw that girl wink at you. But I let it go. When she called you by name and I know you haven’t been to Japan; I let that go too. But this, you doing it her in my face! No Macon, I’m not letting that go.”
“No, Macon.” He reached out and grabbed my face.
“Elle, I was not flirting with her. Yes, she was flirting with me but I ignored all of her advances. She was flirting before you came from the restroom. And, she only knew my name because Dawn gave it to her. Not me.”
“Am I supposed to believe that?” I asked, ice all in my voice.
“I would hope you would. But if it is an apology you want than I’m sorry.” I swatted his hands off my face.
“I want! An apology I want! If you did nothing wring than what the hell are you apologizing for?! I’m the crazy one right? I’m the overacting one?” I sighed and covered my forehead with my hand. Macon came up to me and hugged me. I buried my face in his chest and tried to wish all of this away.
“You are not crazy, Elle.” Macon whispered in my ear and I laughed.
“But I’m overreacting, right?” I said to his chest.
“A little, but I love it when you get jealous.” I reached up and pulled him closer.
“I love you Macon. I really really do.” He did say anything and I didn’t mind. I looked towards the sky and something caught my eye. It was a billboard. And on that billboard was Sesshomaru. His golden eyes seem to hold that same expression he always has. I looked at those eyes hard as they started back at me. He wasn’t there but somehow I felt him close. ‘I love you.’ I heard and my heart skipped a beat, but it wasn’t him, it was Macon. Macon loved me and Macon was here now holding me close.
The sun shone through my window lighting up his features. He was sound asleep and I was wide awake. His lips were slightly parted and I couldn’t help but trace them. I kissed up his jaw line to the corner if his mouth. He hadn’t even stirred. I knew he was awake even if he didn’t move. I kissed his lips before going to the bathroom. After I freshened up I went outside. It was a pretty day and proved to be quit a calm one. I walked out and stood under the arch that covered the entrance to the house. I sat on the steps and looked out into the nothingness. The sun was warm on my back but the light breeze that followed cooled me down. I looked down the steps when I saw a man approaching. I stood thinking it was one of Ezell’s priest friends. The man walked up the hundred steps with ease and came up to me.
“Are you Rinjuan, Elleon?” he asked.
“Yes.” I said moving the excess hair from my face. He smiled and reached into the bag he had on his shoulder.
“These,” he said handing three envelopes to me “are for you. Have a good day, miss.” And with that he left. I looked at the three envelopes in my hand and wondered what the heck were they for?
“Who was that?” Macon asked from behind me. I turned to him and shrugged.
“He gave me these though.” I gave Macon the envelopes and we both went inside.
“Who is this Sesshomaru cat and how the hell does he know us?” Dawn asked as he plopped on the couch.
“Remember when I told you all that stuff about Naraku? Well Sesshomaru was the one how gave me all that information. I told you I had a guy who knew things.”
“This is a very generous offer that he has given you all,” Ezell said “He is one of the ‘who’s who’ of Japan. For him to welcome you all to his banquet party says a lot about all of you.”
“He has a thing against Naraku too.” I said looking at the invitation. This was very generous of him. And not only that this banquet/dinner is next week, the weekend of my birthday. I looked from Dawn to Macon to Ezell. I kind of felt bad that Ezell wasn’t invited but then again I didn’t tell Sesshomaru about him.
“So do you guys want to go?” I finally said “I mean he did go out of his way to send someone all the way up here. Not to mention they had to find where we live.”
“The guys rich Elle, nothings out of his way.” Dawn said and I rolled my eyes at him and turned my attention to Macon.
“I don’t know.” Macon said looking at the invite. He was thinking. And if I know him like I do, if he thinks too long on this he might suspect something’s going on between Sesshomaru and I.
“Oh please Macon. We never get to go to anything like this and… it would be the perfect thing to do for my birthday. I mean after all it is my birthday and I should choose what we do. And plus it would be a good way to find out more about Jose and Naraku because Sesshomaru knows so much about him. And you know who good we work with information and stuff and…please can we go?” I pleaded with all my might. Honestly I didn’t know why I wanted to go so badly. Okay maybe I did know why I but would never allow myself to admit that.
“Fine we can go. But you have nothing to wear.”
“Oh thank you thank you thank you!” I said grabbing him in a huge hug. I didn’t care that I had nothing to wear, yet, I was going to a banquet full of rich people. This is going to the best birthday of my life.
I was already late as I ran up those hundred steps. I had been out all day trying to find something to wear to that banquet that I had lost track of time and now we are going to be late because of me. I ran into my room and straight to the bathroom. I didn’t notice the white box on my bed until after I got out of the shower. As I wrung my hair out I walked towards it. I sat next to it and ran my hands over the box. I knew it was a dress a just didn’t expect that when I opened it, it would be that very pink dress that I wanted. I pulled it out of the box and pressed it p against my chest. There was a note in the box. It simply read: ‘A very atypical girl.’ And I smiled. Once I was fully dressed, I went downstairs where they all were waiting for me.
“Elleon you look splendid!” Ezell said. I smiled and looked at the one persons comment that I wanted; Macon. He looked especially handsome tonight and I could tell that he hadn’t accepted me to look so nice. His eyes seem to shine when he saw me and I smiled and turned away. He grabbed my hand and kissed it.
“You look beautiful Elle.”
“Thank you.” I said like a little girl as we walked out of the door. Once we got to the building my heart started to pound. I couldn’t understand why I was getting so nervous but the closer I got to the door the more my heart raced. The music of the room was loud in my ear and I could hardly hear anyone else. I tightened my grip on Macon’s hand as we walked in the door. I closed my eyes and took a sharp breath as the noise of people’s voices flooded my ears. As the sounded washed over me I relaxed enough to open my eyes and look. My nerves settled enough for me to enjoy myself. A couple of people talked to us but not many. I had yet to see Sesshomaru but I carried on.
“Macon, I’m going to get me something to drink.” I said and walked to the small bar. The bartender poured me some wine and I gladly took my glass.
“My, my I didn’t think he would invite you here.” A voice said from behind me. I knew who it was but God I didn’t want to turn around and look at her.
“Kagura it’s good to see you again.” I lied.
“Likewise. But I’m curious as to who it was you came with? You’re gentlemen are quit handsome.” I smiled at her and Macon came up beside me.
“Macon, this is Kagura. Kagura, Macon.” I introduced them. Kagura reached out her hand and Macon took it gladly. As they talked I looked around the room and my eyes feel on what or who I should say, I was looking for. Sesshomaru came up to us in and introduced himself to Macon. I smiled when Sesshomaru looked at me and hoped that Macon didn’t notice.
“I am glad you all could come.” Sesshomaru said “If all would excuse me.” He said with a small bow. I watched him go and I could feel Kagura’s eyes on me. I looked at her and smiled.
“Um, Macon, I’ll be right back okay?” I said and he nodded in agreement. I walked in the direction Sesshomaru went and caught up to him.
“How did you know I wanted this dress?” I asked him and he turned to face you.
“I saw you looking at it earlier. I had it delivered to your home.” He raised his brow slightly “Is that a problem?”
“No. Look, Sesshomaru thank you for inviting us here that was very nice of you to do. Not to mention my birthday was yesterday so this was a good gift.”
“It wasn’t intended to be.” I slightly frowned and looked back at Macon. He and Kagura seemed to be having a good conversation. Even though half of me was pulling towards stopping that conversation the other half kept me by Sesshomaru.
“Let’s dance.” I suggested.
“No.” he said simply. I grabbed his hand any way and pulled him into the crowd of dancing people.
“You, clearly do not understand the meaning of no.” Sesshomaru said as we danced. I smiled at him and my heart fluttered because we were so close. He was looking directly into my eyes and again I couldn’t hold his gaze.
“I rarely take no for an answer.” I said looking in the crowed. He leaned his head down so that his mouth was directly in my ear.
“I thought as much of you.” He whispered and my heart stopped. I stepped in closer to him and he wrapped his arm around my waist. I closed my eyes and took in his smell. It made my body warm. I happened to get a glimpse over his shoulder and saw Macon. He was walking through a different door with Kagura leading the way. I knew I shouldn’t have left him with that bitch.
“Elle.” Sesshomaru’s voice penetrated my thoughts.
“You are gripping me tighter, is something wrong?”
“No,” I whispered “Not thing. Nothing at all.”
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