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We're still so young, desperate for attention

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The band argue over who gets to go into the shower first, only to realise all the hot water has gone.

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Ryan sighed and brought down his magazine, discarding it onto the sofa as the arguing noises got louder. Wondering what on Earth they - for he didn`t know who were arguing yet- could find to argue about for the band seemed to have exhausted every topic they could possibly argue about, he stood up and went to investigate. As he got near, he could distinguish al three of his band mate1s voices, coming from somewhere inside the tiny bathroom there was on the bus, which had an even smaller shower and toilet stuffed in there. How they all could fit in there was beyond him.

He poked his head around the door, which was slightly ajar, and saw the most amusing sight. Brendon was crammed up right onto the toilet, hugging his knees and glaring at Spencer as the latter spoke, or rather yelled. Jon looked like he was about to topple into the shower as he was pressed back so far against it, and Spencer took up the rest of the room, spreading his arms wide and nearly poking Jon's eye out. None of them seemed to notice his inquiring stare, so Ryan settled with just watching it what could only be described as curious humour.

'Why shouldn`t I have a shower first Brendon? It's not as if you've never got into the shower first! And I mean, we were all here before you Jon! So why should you get to go into the shower first?' Spencer finally demanded, glaring at both band mates mentioned as though they were invading his private territory which, knowing Spencer, he had probably come to think of the bathroom as.

'Well.' Brendon began as patiently as he could possibly muster, about to explain why he should go into the shower first, but Jon cut in.

'I should go into the shower first because I`m nearly in it already!' He nodded his head triumphantly as Brendon rolled his eyes and sighed.

'Honestly Jon - is that your only comeback? That is lame man.' He smirked 'and anyway guys, I'm the front man. Should be my job to smell nicer than all of you lot anyway. And 'cos I`m so much better looking than you guys. Seems a shame for all this good looks to go to waste on... on ... on... that.' He nodded at Spencer and Jon and Ryan couldn`t help but snicker slightly, drawing everyone's attention from each other to him.

'Were you watching the whole time Ry?' Spencer asked in horror and his expression grew as Ryan nodded.

'And anyway, I should go in first.' Ran finally managed to say without snickering 'Because I haven`t been arguing about it like a bunch of preschoolers.' All three of his fellow band mates shook their heads quickly at that.

'Look.' Brendon finally sighed 'Let me go into the shower ... and ... I'll let you have all of my cereal.' he said to Spencer ‘ Uhmm ... I'll shag you. Oh c'mon you know you want It.' he added to Ryan, who looked rather disturbed 'No ... uhmm ... I'll let you play my new video game. ’ he whined. 'And uhmm ... well Jon you'll just let me go into the shower because I'm such a good front man. Right?'

'Bribery Mister Urie?' Spencer snorted 'that`ll get you no-wh- wait did you say I could have all of your cereal? J-just for a shower??' Brendon nodded importantly.

'All of it.' he said with a grin. Spencer nodded, pushing Ryan and Jon out as he stumbled out. Brendon snickered and locked the door, just as he heard Spencer yell.

'YOU MOTHERFXCKER URIE THERE ISN'T ANY LEFT!' He could hear both Ryan and Jon yelling at him as well, most probably because Spencer had made them give up for nothing. Oh well. Undressing he stepped into the shower and put it onto full.

It was cold.

Very cold.

Freezing in fact.

So freezing he yelled in surprise, tripped over the side of the shower on his way to get away from the cold water, and landed in a shivering heap on the floor, in the very small bathroom where his face was jammed up right next to the toilet and his legs were bent to fit into the bathroom.

'Uhmm... Brendon?' It was Ryan, who sounded rather alarmed at the big crash that had come from the bathroom ‘ You ...Uhmm... Alive?'

'Just about.' he managed to mumble back 'but whoever wasted all of the hot water better make a run for it now, because I am going to kill them.' There was the sound of stifled giggles, before the sounds of footsteps running, possibly to hide. Brendon pushed himself up into a sitting position, shaking his head at the shower.


'This cupboard is far too small.' Jon grumbled to himself, shifting slightly and trying to breathe as quietly as he could, hoping Brendon wouldn`t hear him and also hoping Brendon hadn't died yet, because they really needed someone to sing and Ryan didn`t want to sing much now they had Brendon. He shifted again, ending up in an even more uncomfortable position, but hearing footsteps coming up towards him, he sunk back and stayed quiet. The cupboard doors, which were rather old and needing a new coat of paint, were thrust open, and Jon let out a small squeak, before realising it was Ryan.

'He's not looking for you anymore' Ryan aid quietly, seemingly through gritted teeth. Jon let out as thankful sigh, and manoeuvred his body out of the small cupboard, only to be rugby tackled by a still wet and equally angry Brendon.

'You traitor!' Jon wailed as Brendon pinned him to the floor. Ryan snickered slightly.

'Hell he was going to make me watch Aladdin again if I didn't...'

'Fair enough.' Jon grunted, struggling to push Brendon off of him. He seemed to have a vice-like grip and though Brendon wasn`t exactly the biggest of people, Jon found it hard to push him off of him. Finally he managed to succeed and just laid there, breathing heavily, before jumping up, placing his foot on Brendon's stomach and pressing down a bit, causing Brendon to burst out laughing because he was very ticklish.

'Say sorry.' Jon said with a smirk.

'Never you mother fxcker!' Brendon said stubbornly, laughing even harder as Jon wiggled his foot round a bit 'O-okay get off me ... and I-I will!' he finally spluttered. Jon waited until Brendon got up before saying with another smirk.

'Say sorry!'

'Sucker!' Brendon giggled before dashing off towards the other end of the bus. Jon darted after him before finally Brendon tripped over one of his discarded movie boxes and fell in a heap beside the sofa. Seeing Jon coming towards him in alarm, he finally wailed.

'I'm sorrrrrry!'

'Better.' Jon said, satisfied, and went off to look for a snack.

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