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My Grandmother is a Spy

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Ellen O'Hara never suspected a thing about her grandma...until her rock star boyfriend turned up to surprise her. Her grandma gets paranoid and overprotective of Ellen,and as her secretive ways co...

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Ellen O'Hara had always loved to stay over at her grandmother's place in Virginia,away from the glamorous,sunny,busy suburbs of the Californian state. This time,Ellen's grandmother-Margaret Lloyd invited her over for the summer,and of course,she's excited about it. Ellen and Margaret loved each other very much.
Ellen finished packing her suitcase,zipped up her duffle bag and rucksack,all stacked up at the end of her double bed.
"Well...I'm packed and ready." Ellen said finally,as she turned round to face her mum-Alice,standing behind her. Whilst her dad stood and leaned against the door frame.
"Good,good. Well have fun at grandma's. Say hello to her for us,darling." Alice said.
"I will...mum. I will." Ellen said.
"Are you sure you will be alright?" Ellen's mum asked with slight concern.
"Mum,I'm 23,and it's not my first time traveling alone." Ellen replied,assuring her mum.
"OK,Elle. I trust you. Have fun."Alice stated.
"Hopefully,your rock star boyfriend will not turn up in Virginia to surprise you.You know how your grandma will react." Ellen's dad-William joked.
"And...oh...beware and watch out for her strange ways and behavior." her mum stated.
"Mum,grandma is not strange,she's lovely.She was just being funky,that's all."Ellen responded.
"I hope that's so,but seriously I don't understand why my mum acts this way.It's unbelievable for someone her age." Alice said.
Ellen smiled,then sighed.
"Night,mum. Night,dad." Ellen greeted,as she climbed into bed and turned the light off.
"Night,Elle." her parents said,as they left Ellen alone to sleep.
William and Alice both sighed,hoping that grandma Margaret would not continue with her secretive,strange behaviors when Ellen's there.
Early next morning,Ellen woke up,left with her parents to LAX to catch the early flight to Virginia. Ellen's parents saw her off.
The plane journey took a couple of hours,and Ellen arrived at the airport safe and sound. After she stepped off the plane,passed through the passport control and collected her luggage,she headed for the arrival. When she was outside,she was met with the busy crowds of people welcoming home their loved ones.Then she spotted it,the black Mercedes Benz owned by her grandma,and her chauffeur-Robert standing by the side.She waved cheerfully,walked over and hugged him.
"Hey,Elle.Missed me?"Robert asked.
"Yeah,of course! How are you and grandma?" Ellen replied and asked.
"Yes,fine...thanks! Margaret is home waiting excitedly for you to come home." Robert replied.
"Great!I can't wait to see her." Ellen stated.
"Well,let's get on with it and get you settled in." Robert said cheerfully,as he picked up her suitcase.
"Have you got a boyfriend so far?" Robert asked.
"Nope. I'm absolutely 100% single." Ellen replied,smiled mischeviously and smirked.
Robert rolled his eyes and got into the driver's seat.Ellen smiled to herself,not many people knew that the famous rock star-Gerard Way is her long-term serious boyfriend.Let alone her grandma,she'd freak out.Ellen then settled herself into the passenger seat.
After about an hour's drive,the car arrived at Granta Avenue,and she was home at last! The car drove through the front mansion gate of her grandma's estate-"LLOYDS HILL",and Ellen could see her grandma standing in the doorway.Ellen got out of the car,ran up to her,and was welcomed with her grandma's loving and welcoming embrace.
"Hello,darling! I've missed you so much! You're here at last!" Margaret said happily.
"I've missed you so much,too!"Ellen responded happily.
"Well,come on in. Let's get you settled in." Margaret stated.
Ellen went up to her room with her stuff,she was left alone to herself to stretch it out.She sat in her comfy double bed,she looked round her room and smiled.
"This is gonna be fun!" Ellen thought to herself.
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