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CHAPTER 2: Fun with Grandma

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Ellen has fun with her dear grandmother....

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After Ellen settled in for about a few hours,Margaret went to see Ellen in her room.
"Hey,grandma." Ellen said,as Margaret knocked on her door and went in.
"Hey,Elle.You settled in well?" Margaret asked.
"Yes,very well,grandma.Thanks." Ellen replied.
"You know it will be great fun if we spend some time together. My friends are bringing over their grandchildren and nieces along to here,you are going to join us,alright?" Margaret asked.
"Sure.That's absolutely fine!It will be real fun."Ellen replied.
Ellen spent time,lots of time with grandma;reading,drawing,playing musics,gardening,horse riding,anything to do in the company for the sake of her grandma. Ellen really loves spending time with her grandmother, matter how boring the activities are.
A couple of weeks later,like grandma said,Margaret invited her friends along with their grandchildren and nieces.
"Hello! Come on in." Ellen greeted,as she opened the door to let Margaret's friends in.
"Grandma! They are here!"Ellen called.
Margaret came,and welcomed all of them heartily. Ellen smiled and grinned as she saw their grandkids wearing Green Day and My Chemical Romance bands tops,thinking that it's funny to have a bunch of little fans of her boyfriend right there.
They all sat around in the lounge,cakes and cookies and drinks were passed around. Margaret chatted to her friends,while Ellen played games with the little grandkids,while the television was on. Coincidentally,MTV was on,and there was Gerard Way and his co. members on it,on a Q&A session.When the little grandkids saw them on the screen,they yelled excitedly,causing the elders to look over.
"What's up?" Margaret asked curiously.
"Oh,My Chemical Romance is on TV,the little kids' idols." Ellen replied smiling,loving to see her boyfriend right on screen.
"Oh." Margaret said,then she and her friends stopped talking,and gazed at the television screen,absorbing Gerard's features.
"Well...he's kind of cute."Margaret said casually.
"Grandma! Gerard...he's adorable! And he's a pretty nice guy!" Ellen stated.
Margaret narrowed her eyes. She had never known her granddaughter to be into rock musics.
"Really?! How do you know then,Elle?"Margaret asked.
"Because I met him before." Ellen replied casually,not saying anything about her special relationship with him,and let along the fact that he was the only guy she had done it several times with.
Now all eyes are on her,wide with shock and surprise.
"Oh...come on! There's no need to be surprised. He's a friend." Ellen stated.
"Really?" one of the little boys asked.
"Yeah! He's a really close friend of mine." Ellen replied,not mentioning how close they are.
From the telly,everyone listened to the host asking Gerard several questions:
Host: So...are you a bachelor?
GW:Nope. I'm very taken,very taken for life. I'm in love with this girl. In fact,she's my long-term serious girlfriend.
H: Who is she?
GW: I'm sorry,guys. But I can't and I won't say who she is,but she's very special to me and I know I'm going to spend the rest of my life with her.
H: Where is she now? Is she backstage?
GW: No,she's in Virginia right now,visiting her grandmother. And soon enough I will be popping the question,and hopefully we should be engaged in a few months time."
At that answer,the crowd in the studio echoed "Aww",and Gerard was smiling extremely happily. Ellen's ears pricked up at the words he said,and she instantly melted inside,she truly loves Gerard a lot indeed.
GW: Actually,I'm very worried about whether she's going to say Yes or not.
"Hell yeah!! She's definitely going to say yes!" Ellen thought to herself,and giggled.
Margaret,sitting behind Ellen,moved her gaze on Ellen,she's now thinking about whether Gerard was talking about her very own darling granddaughter. And something in her guts tell her that Gerard was talking about Ellen,but she couldn't be sure.
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