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Chapter Six

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Gerard talks to Frank's best friend on the phone XD

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I watched as Gerard walked to the table where Graham’s body was still laying.
“What happened?” he asked, moving the towel to get a better look at the cat.
“It was a car.” I stated simply. I felt Gerard’s arms wrap round me from behind.
“Aren’t you glad you have someone to make you feel better?”
“Of course I am.” I said smiling.
“Phone-” said Gerard at the first ring. He picked it up and said “Hello”
“Gerard! Give it to me!” I whispered. He grinned and carried on talking.
“No this isn’t Frank, sorry.”
“GERARD!” I said, still in a hushed voice.
“Yes, Frank is here, but he can’t really come to the phone at the minute.”
“Yes I can!” I shouted, hopefully loud enough for the person on the phone to hear.
“No. That wasn’t Frank. It was… someone outside”
“No it wasn’t!” I shouted, trying to take the phone off Gerard.
“Who am I talking to by the way… I’m Gerard.” Gerard stopped talking long enough for me to start tickling him. “Oh, Kat? Hi.”
“Kat?! Gerard! Give me that phone!”
“Alright. Gerard wants to talk to you know.” Gerard grinned and passed me the phone.
“Hi. Kat?”
“Hey Frank. Who’s Gerard?”
“My friend.”
“Where did you meet him?”
“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”
“Try me.” I sighed and said…
“It would be easier if you come round.”
“Okay, I’ll be there in about ten minutes”
“See you soon.” I answered hanging up. I looked at Gerard. “You’re so gunna get it now!”
“I did nothing!” he laughed. “Is Kat coming round? She sounds nice… on the phone anyway!”
“Yes, she is coming round.”
“Good. She can stop you from murdering me!”
“I’m not going to kill you.”
“Okay. I will kill you.”
“I’ll be nice?” he smiled angelically. “Sit.” he ordered. I sat in on the chair and watched Gerard walk towards me and sat on my lap. “You do know, Kat won’t be able to see me?”
“But she talked to you on the phone…”
“Yes, but she needs to draw a part of me to be able to see me.”
“Oh. That’s easy… she can just draw your…”
“Typical man, aren’t you? Always thinking about you stomach.”
“Obviously!” Gerard said as there was a knock at the door. “I think I’ll let you get that!”

“Thanks.” I smiled. I opened the door and Kat stood grinning at me.
“Hey, Frank!”
“Hey! Long time no see, huh?”
“Yeah. Some best friend you are.” she winked.
“I’m the best, best friend ever.”
“Ha, if you say so. Where’s Gerard?”
“You see… there’s something about Gerard…” Kat walked past me and into the living room. “Sit down.” I told her before sitting next to her. Gerard walked into the room and sat in between Kat and I. He looked at me.
“Something about Gerard…”
“You can’t see him.”
“What? Why not?”
“Because… he’s a drawing.” Gerard grinned at me and put his hand on my knee. I gave him a look that said. “Stop”
“He’s a drawing?”
“So… show me the drawing?”
“Well, here’s the thing… he alive.”
“You mean like… a human.”
“Also human. Once I draw the rest of his body parts.” Kat put her hand on my fore-head.
“Are you okay? Not ill or anything?”
“Yes and no.”
“Oh. ‘cause you’re talking like a mentally ill man.” she grinned.
“Haha. No. Do you want to see Gerard?”
“Well… yeah…”
“Can you draw?”
“Not really. But carry on.”
“The only way you can see him is to draw part of hi-” Gerard poked me in the side and I jumped.
“Frank? What the hell?”
“Gerard poked me!”
“He’s in the room?”
“Yeah. He’s right here.” I said, putting my hand on Gerard’s shoulder.
“So, do you want to draw part of him?”
“What’s easiest to draw?”
“I don’t know… we were planning to draw his stomach but that’s a big harder to draw… I guess, his bladder or intestines would be easiest.”
“What? You mean, you have to draw every single body part?”
“I choose his intestine… that easy enough. Just a long tube right?”
“Pretty much.” I smiled. Kat and I stood, followed by Gerard.
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