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Chapter Seven.

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More body parts:]

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“So, what you’re saying is… if I draw a part of Gerard, I’ll be able to see him.” asked Kat, as she sat down at the table with the sketch pad.
“Yeah, well, you can see him if he was on the paper. But he’s not at the moment, he is standing next to me…”
“Next to you?” asked a surprised looking Kat. “Can he say something.”
“Yes.” laughed Gerard.
“He says, Yes.”
“Ah, okay.”
“Ready to draw?”
“I guess…” I handed Kat a pencil along with three colours: pink, purple and red. “So, how do I draw this.”
“It’s an intestine…”
“Yeah, I personally haven’t seen one…” I laughed.
“Good point. I’ll find a picture on the internet. I left the room and went to my bedroom where my laptop was. I opened it and turned it on.
“Kat’s nice.” said Gerard from behind me.
“Yeah, she’s my best friend.” I smiled.
“Y’know, when Kat’s drawn part of me, she’ll be able to see me. But it will only be you and Kat.” I quickly typed in my password and looked at Gerard.
“Isn’t there anyway for everyone to see you?”
“I guess there is one way…”
“What’s that?”
“You have to want other people to see me.”
“I do want other people to see me.”
“But do you really believe that I’m real?”
“Yes, I think so. I believe it as far as live drawings go.”
“See, that’s the problem…”
“I don’t follow.”
“You don’t believe I am real.”
“I do. I want to.”
“That’s the only way everyone will be able to see me. If you really believe that I am here. If you really love me.”
“I do believe you are here. And I do love you. A lot.”
“Not enough. At the moment.”
“Sorry Gerard. I really am trying to believe you are real. It just, nothing exciting ever happens to me, and when it does I don’t want to believe it’s happening. I try. I’m sorry, I’m trying, Gerard.”
“It’s okay Frank. I can wait.” he smiled warmly at me.
“Thank you.” I said and hugged him.
I picked up the laptop and followed Gerard out the room.
“Here.” I said to Kat, putting the laptop in front of her.
“Right. I can draw that.” she smiled, picking up a pencil and brushing it over the paper.
“While you’re doing that, I think I’ll draw his stomach.”
I sat next to Kat and Gerard stood behind me.
“Hurry up! “ complained Gerard impatiently.
“We’re hurrying!”
“Gerard?” asked Kat.
“Yes. He’s very impatient.
“No I’m not.”
“He also likes to argue.”
“No I don’t.”
“Yes you do.”
“Shhh, or I’m not drawing your stomach.”
“Okay.” he grinned.
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