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Chapter Eight.

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Kat can seeeeeeeee. ;]

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I had finished my drawing but Kat was still adding colour.
“Almost finished?”
“Almost.” I looked at her, her tongue was peeping out her mouth in concentration.
“Here.” I said, passing a stomach to Gerard. “Take it! It feels horrible!” I shrieked.
“Now who’s impatient?”
“You.” he took the organ slowly from my hand and forced it into his body.
“If you don’t have bones… who can you stand up?” I asked.
“I don’t know… you want me to stand and I stand…”
“Finished!” interrupted Kat.
“Finally.” said Gerard. I elbowed him.
“Be nice.” I whispered. Kat handed me and piece of paper with the intestines on. I held it towards Gerard and he picked it up.
“See him?”
“Not yet.”
“Okay…” I waited for Gerard to put his intestine in place. “Now?”
“Slightly… a little more…” she pulled a strange face and said… “Wow!”
“He’s nice isn’t he?” I grinned, looking from Kat to Gerard.
“He is very nice.”
“So now i can see him. Who else can?”
“Just me.”
“No one else at all can see him.”
“Nope. Well, not at the moment.”
“How do they get to see him?”
“I have to believe.”
“I thought you already did.”
“So did I, but apparently I have to believe more.” I smiled. “Let’s introduce you both properly. “Kat, Gerard, Gerard, Kat.” I introduced.
“Hi.” said Gerard, taking Kat’s hand and kissing it. She grinned shyly.
“Right you two. How about we check what else needs drawing…”
“Kidneys and liver.” said Gerard.
“Kat? Would you like to help me with the liver?”
“I’m on it.” said Kat, already looking on the internet for a picture. I sat down at the table again and began sketching the kidneys quickly. They didn’t take long and about twenty minutes later I was handing the paper to Gerard. I watched Kat as she finished adding colour to Gerard’s soon-to-be liver. When she had finished Gerard reached over and took the organ from the paper.
“What’s the time?” questioned Kat.
“Almost eight o’clock.”
“I think it’s time for me to go then.”
“I guess so. We’ll see you tomorrow though?”
“Definitely.” she smiled. I gave her a hug followed by Gerard kissing her hand again.
We waved good-bye and shut the door. Gerard gripped my arm and made me turn to face him.
“Pretty impressive grip you have now.” I managed o say before he crashed his lips into mine and brushed his tongue over my lips which I responded to with opening my mouth a little. His tongue darted in and explored my mouth.
He stepped back for air and smiled at me.
“I’ve been wanting to do that all day. There’s something else I want to do as well… come to your room?” I grinned and gave my hand to Gerard, letting him lead me to the bedroom.
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