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Chapter Nine.

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*ahem* You'll see ;) And there's only one more chapter after this one :'[

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We sat down on the bed and Gerard kissed me. The kiss was unlike any we had shared, it was special. I ran my hand through Gerard’s hair and his hand roamed around my upper half. His hand slid under my shirt and stroked my chest. He pushed me back onto the bed and had soon undone my jeans pulling at them, trying to get them off me. I lifted my hips so Gerard could easily slid them off.
“No underwear?”
“As usual.” I grinned. Gerard smiled with taking his own trousers off. He straddled my hips and looked down at me.
“I love you.” I said, breaking the silence.
“I love you more.” me smiled, kissing me.
Gerard pushed my shirt up over my head and placed kisses from my neck, over my chest to my hips. Stopping at my member.
“Don’t tease me…” I complained. He laughed slightly and carried on.
He kissed the tip of my member before taking me in his mouth. I lifted one of my arms over my head and pulled at Gerard’s hair with the other making him suck harder. Gerard continued
sucking and occasionally ground his teeth along my shaft, making me buck my hips in delight. I enjoyed the warm, tingling sensation that ran through my body. Gerard’s head bopped up and down, his tongue licking my whole length. It wasn’t long before I came in his mouth. Gerard managed to swallow most of it but ended up spitting the rest into the bin before joining me back on the bed. He got under the covers and I held him close.
“Thank you.” I whispered.
“Any time babe.” he whispered back, kissing my on the lips.

I woke up facing Gerard. I rubbed my eyes sleepily and smiled.
“Good morning.”
“Good morning indeed.” I kissed his cheek and turned onto my back.
“Are we seeing Kat today?”
“If you want to?”
“I want to. Are we going out to see her?”
“Can people see you yet?”
“I don’t know, there’s only one way to find out though.”
“Shall we go to the café for coffee then?”
“Sounds good to me.” he grinned.
“I’ll call Kat. Do you need a shower?”
“A shower? Can I have one… I mean, what if I smudge.”
“Oh yeah, damn. Let’s try though?”
“Yeah, come in the shower with me.” he winked. I got my phone out my pocket and quickly sent a text to Kat telling her to meet us at the café.
“Right. Shower…” I said. “to the bathroom.”
“Yes Sir!” mocked Gerard.
We went to the bathroom and turned the water on. We stripped of our clothes, I got in first and held my hand towards Gerard to make sure he didn’t slip. He stepped in and looked up at the water, blinking as the water droplets fell towards his face. I picked up the bottle of shampoo and rubbed it into my hair.
“Do you want me to wash your hair?” I asked. He nodded. I started to lather the shampoo and noticed it was turning a grey-ish colour.
“You’re smudging. Quick, get out the shower.” I turned off the water and got out the shower, grabbing two towels and handing one to Gerard while putting the other round my waist.
“Fuck.” I said looking at him. His hair had smudged, it did look slightly funny though. He only had half a head.
“Is it bad.”
“Quite. Look in the mirror.” he turned round and studied his reflection.
“I can see myself in the mirror now!”
“Well, that’s a step forward from before.” I smiled.
“Can you fix it?”
“Of course I can.”
We got dressed and I told Gerard to sit down in the kitchen while I collected my pencils. I entered the kitchen where Gerard was sitting and said…
“How would you like your hair?”
“I want a fringe.” he grinned.
“Like, an emo fringe?”
“I think I can do that.” I quickly drew the messy hair, it only took short strokes to complete his fringe. I finished and my phone ran.
“One minute.” I said to Gerard. I took the phone out my pocket and saw it was Kat.
“Hi Kat.”
“Hey, when are you going to get here?”
“You’re already there?”
“Okay, we’ll be there really soon…”
“How soon?”
“Five minutes?”
“Okay, I’ll see you both soon then.”
I hung up the phone and held my hand out to Gerard leading him out the house.
As we were walking down the street I got the feeling that people were looking at me weirdly. I was holding hands with Gerard, I know there are a lot of homophobes but did this mean they could see him?
We entered the café and Kat stood up, coming to greet us.
“Wanna get a coffee?” she asked us.
“Yeah, sure. Gerard?”
“Yes please.” he said politely.
“Okay dokay…” we waited in the short line until it was time for us to be served.
“Three coffees?” guessed the man on the other side of the counter.
“Three?” I questioned.
“You, your boyfriend, and Kat.”
“You know him?” I asked Kat.
“Yeah, it’s Josh…”
“Right. So you can see my ‘boyfriend’” I grinned.
“Well… duh…”
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