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Chapter Ten.

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I laughed nervously and looked at Gerard. He was grinning hugely.
“Yeah, three coffees Josh.” interrupted Kat.
“Alrighty.” he said, smiling at Kat.
Gerard and I went and sat down on one of the sofas in the café. Gerard sat next to me and put his arm around my shoulder, Kat stayed talking to Josh at the counter.
“So, what made you believe?” asked Gerard.
“I’m not sure really… must have been last night.” I winked. “I just needed to feel you.” Gerard smiled and placed a kiss on my cheek. Some teenagers across the room shouted “get a room.”
Normally that would annoy me. But not now. I’d waited so long to share my creation with everyone and now I finally could. I smiled up at him.
Kat came to the table with our coffees and put them on the table before going back to talk to Josh.
“What’re we doing today?” I asked Gerard.
“I have an idea… if we go back home.”
“What is it?”
“I can’t tell you that!”
“Why not?” I asked, pouting.
“Because I want it to be a surprise!” he said, playing with my hair.

Once we had finished our coffee and arrived back home Gerard told me to watch television while he got my surprise ready. I flicked the channel onto Kerrang! I watch it for about five minutes before getting bored.
“It’s not ready yet!” he shouted back. I sighed and flicked through some more channels before stopping back on Kerrang! Playing was a song by “The Used.” I started blankly at the television for about ten minutes.
“I’m finished.” said Gerard, arriving in the room with a box. I raised an eyebrow at him. He put the box down on the floor in front of me.
“Open it.” he ordered, sitting next to me and grinning. I carefully lifted the lid and something in the box moved. I slid the lid of and looked down into the eyes of a cat. My mouth dropped.
“Graham!” I shrieked, picking him up and kissing the little kitten on the head. He meowed and hit me playfully with his paw.
“I drew him for you.” said Gerard. A tear rolled down my cheek. I looked at Gerard and kissed him passionately.
“I love you, so much!”
“I love you more though.” he laughed. “What’re we doing for the rest of the day?” he asked.
“I don’t really feel like going outside, I just want to stay with you and Graham… so how about we watch films?”
“Sounds good to me.” Gerard stood up and took a film of the shelf and put it in the DVD player before sitting back down next to me. He stroked Graham who was now curled up on my lap, purring. Neither of us really watched the film, we were too busy hugging and kissing.
I loved moments like this. It was moments like this that I would never forget. Gerard had his arm round me and would kiss my head occasionally. I grasped his other hand and linked our fingers together.

We watch at least three films, none of which I was concentrating on before Gerard said he was tired.
“Do you want to go to sleep then?” I asked him. He rubbing his eyes and nodded. “C’mon Graham.” I cooed the kitten awake and picked him up, holding him against my chest. I held Gerard’s hand and led him to our bedroom.
We climbed into bed and pulled the covers over both of us, Graham at the end of the bed. I traced random patterns over Gerard’s chest and sighed.
“What’s wrong?” he asked.
“Nothings wrong. Every things- perfect.” I smiled, kissing his chest.
“I love you. More then anything. I’m glad you drew me.” he whispered.


Thank you to all who have read this.
I hope you enjoyed it(:
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