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This is the end.

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Chapter eleven: Eclipse:

... a golden courtroom. I looked all around me. Gold was everywhere! It was like a palace. What was this place?

I entered in slowly. My footsteps echoed loudly. I noticed that it was dead silent in here. I felt nervous again. Was this part of the trap? Was anybody even here? I wanted to call out but decided that I better not. That was asking for trouble.

Then when I reached the middle of the room, I felt like I was floating on clouds. The floor was still there but I wasn't on it! I soon heard a rumbling earthquake-type sound. I quickly jerked my head up. The heavy golden gates before were opening wide. Cold wind greeted me. But this was a more gentle cold wind. I kept watching closely. Inside was a great nothing. Just like a black hole. But I kept waiting. I was expecting more. The great black hole was like a gift at Christmas waiting to be opened. Most of this whole "era" was. So what would this act bring?

A bright light jumped out at me and blinded me violently. I wanted to scream but couldn't. My voice was gone yet again. But this time, I gained something else. In that great flash, I figured it out! I finally accepted the truth! I heard everything! I saw everything! Every secret flowed in my sweet blood. I understood everything! Every secret flowed in my sweet blood. I understood everything! That was it. That was what a universal mind was. And I had it. I had a universal mind!

After that experience, everything went back to normal. Almost. I still hear things in my head. But not as intense as before. I'm not fully use to having a universal mind yet. But at least I know hot to control it. I still have to keep it a secret from the Clover House snobs. One hint of any mental case and they'll have me shipped off to the loony bin. And I can't have that, now can I?

I never saw Seb again. In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if he ever existed. But wait. If Hazel saw him that day in the Tiger Greenhouse.... Then that must mean...


Seb stood at the main gate. He looked at his watch and grinned. "So she's finally figured it out." he said to himself. "Now for the next saga." Then, Seb walked into the city.

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