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Brain Damage

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10th Track

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Chapter ten: Brain Damage:

I made it to class moments later. I found Hazel standing by the doorway of my art appreciation class. She looked annoyed. "Where have you been all morning?" she snapped in annoyance. "Sleeping." I replied. "I felt sick last night." Hazel stepped closer to me. Oh, she rinks of liquor. Cigarettes too. The landlady studied me closely. "Why didn't you get a sub for your classes?" she barked. "I thought I would be able to sleep it off." I replied. Hazel paused for a moment. She seemed to be thinking over my answer.

But as I looked over her shoulder, I saw him again. That lunatic on his bike. Who is that kid and what does he want? He scares me. Okay. Just don't show Hazel that you are in distress or she'll suspect that something's wrong.

"Hey!" I heard someone call out to me. I looked up quickly. Hazel was staring at me coldly. "Hm?" I said. "Are you all right, babes?" she asked. I paused for a second. "Yeah," I said at last. "Yeah, I'm fine, I just thought I saw something, that's all." Hazel studied me closely. Please buy it!

"Just call a sub for next time." Hazel replied. Then she walked off and left me. I watched her in silence. I was in the clear, for now. I looked in front of me again. The lunatic was gone. I could breathe easy now.

I don't know what it is lately. But that little lunatic follows me everywhere. I saw him at every corner. He always looks the same. I try my hardest not to panic whenever I see him. I am the only one who sees him.

Grrr!!! Damnit! What the hell does this kid want? And why does he follow me around so much? As I walked down the hall for lunch, I saw him again. This time, the lunatic had multiplied. Now, there were two lunatics. They looked identical. I began backing away in fear. This is getting to be too much. He is creepier than a peeping tom. Just stay calm. Maybe they don't see you.

Then, I heard insane laughter in my head. That made me pulse race faster. I had to escape somewhere. But where could I go? I instantly had the answer. But how to escape the lunatics without running away?

I slowly began backing away to the girl's bathroom. I was careful not to make a sound. The lunatic was still staring at me. I noticed that the other one had just randomly vanished. How that happened, I don't want to know.

I was doing just fine when... crunch! I quickly looked down. I saw... paper. My ankles were in a sea of paper. Wrinkle with holes in them. I was completely lost. What is this? Where did all of this paper come from? Why is it here?

I looked back up again. The lunatic was still there. Damnit! Why won't he leave? Did he put this paper here? If so, why? To snare me? In he hunting me? Is that why the lunatic is following me around? And why is he hunting me down so much?

As I kept backing up, I kept walking into an ankle-deep sea of crumbled up paper. I felt like I was slowly sinking in it. And I was. The paper slowly rose to my knees. Retreat was everything now. One mis-step and I was done for. I wished I could grab onto something and escape that way. But that chance looks anorexic. The lunatic was still watching me! Let up on me already, would ya? I'm constantly swinging into your world already! So let me breathe for ten minutes at least? I could've sworn he was smiling at me. That little creep!

At long last, I made it to the girl's bathroom door. Just in time too. I was up to my waist in paper. I forced the door open and fell into the bathroom. Everything was spinning around me. I struggled to my feet and over to the sink. I cut the water on cold and high. I shoved my wrist under the running water. Oh that was so good! I felt better already. I took in deep slow breathes to keep my head level.

I opened my eyes once my head was in order. I suddenly had a strange feeling come over me. I felt like I was here but not really. There was someone in my head but it wasn't me. I'm here but I'm not. But if I'm here but not, then who's in my head?

Then that insane laughter started up again in my head. For the first time for weeks, I became annoyed. What in hell was a universal mind? Why do I have it? And how does that Seb-guy know I have it? Or... is he really the one behind all of this? And for what purpose?

Suddenly, all was silent. I froze as I cut the water off. An uneasy feeling kidnapped me. Did that lunatic find me at last? I slowly turned behind me. A little white rabbit stood silently in the bathroom. It was the cutest little thing I had ever seen in my life. But why was it here?

Curious, I slowly approached the creature gently. "Hi there little fella," I said as if I was talking to a little child. "What are you doing out here? Did one of the students absent-mindedly leave your cage open or something?" I started walking towards the little rabbit. It began to run away. "Come back little rabbit!" I called out. Then, I chased after it.
I made it to the bathroom door. My little rabbit had disappeared. Hm. Maybe it went back. That's probably what happened. I just shrugged and opened the door. But what I found on the other side was...

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