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Any Colour You Like

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9th track

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Chapter nine: Any Colour You Like:

When I slowly opened my eyes the next morning, I saw that Naoko was nowhere in sight. Probably for the best. The Clover bitches would've sank their claws in him and eaten him alive. Nobody deserves that. Not even people from the Kennel House.

Then, a drip of water landed on the tip of my nose and interrupted my thoughts. I jerked my eyes open and looked up. The ceiling was.... gone! I quickly rose up from my bed. I suddenly realized I was outside. Ha-ha. Very funny Tanya! Moving my bed outside while I sleep. You know I am a heavy sleeper so I wouldn't hear a thing and I'd be late for my lectures. Very cute. Very funny.

But when I really looked around, it hit me! I wasn't just outside, I was in the woods!!! I was in the woods!!! Okay. There is no way Tanya could have dragged me out here without waking me up! So, how did I get out here? Then it donned on me! My "universal mind" has started up again! Or is this a bizarre dream?

I softly climbed out of bed. When my feet touched the ground (or what I thought was the ground), my feet felt something wet and spongy. Delightful chills ran through my small body. Now, this was spring! I stood up to fully enjoy this forest complete beauty.

Everything was lush and green. Birds were singing in peace. Flowers were modeling off their charm. Trees were acting like support beams to nature's house. I was the only odd piece to this graceful painting of spring.

I took in a deep breath of springtime air. Ah! So sweet. I opened my eyes to the new beauty again. Oh where to start? This was all shocking to me. Okay, calm down. I took in deep breaths to do so.

At long last, I began my journey through these peaceful woods. Everything was crisp and clean. It was all like a sweet daydream. Much like my our-of-body experience. The sun played peek-a-boo with the trees. I felt like a little kid again. I even wanted to run around laughing and playing. Kami, it was great out here.

A few seconds later, I hear water. I slowly turned to my right. A small stream was flowing like wine. I suddenly became thirsty. So, I left my path and went to it. I got down on my knees and scooped up a hand-full of cool clean water. I drank it like life-giving fluid. It was so good. I helped myself to more. Once I was quenched, I rose to my feet and kept walking.

A butterfly rested light on my head. I pretended not to notice. Hm. A cute little bow for me. The small leaves fell on my shoulders. My imagination was in child mode. So I pretended to have a pretty cape. The only things that were missing were cherry blossoms. I felt like a queen. Yes! I was a queen and this was my kingdom.

I suddenly became hungry. I began looking around for food. So far, there was nothing. But then, I saw bushes of berries. I became happy. So I began picking the berries and popping them in my mouth. Oh. This was better than wine. Fruit of the gods. Once I was satiated, I continued on my walk.

The trees began to look like a royal hall. A warm glow filled my small body. I was a queen going to a special banquet. A banquet for spring. Yes, my friends. This is how spring should be. No profit making. No city parades. No sell-out fake spring parties. Just the simplicity and the beauty that nature has to offer. Yep. This is the real spring, baby!

I made it to the center of the woods. I found myself standing on a bed of soft sweet grasses. It actually felt like standing on a warm wet sponge. It actually felt great against my small feet. I closed my eyes tightly to enjoy the sensation even more. Oh, it was great! But I was in for more.

When I slowly opened my eyes and looked, little specks of light floated before me. I looked closer and saw... pixies. There must have been thousands of them. These were my honored guests at my banquet. I smiled as if I was high. Welcome my guests. So glad of you to come. Sit, eat, and enjoy yourselves. The pixies then began flying around in front of me. All I could do was stare at the festive colors. I really felt like a small child. The colors just excited me so.

Then, the pixies flew faster. My eyes grew big instantly. Their motion hypnotized me closely. I wanted to reach out and grabbed them. But I was too mesmerized to do so. They all looked like mini-pinwheels in the wind.

The pixies flew faster and faster. It was a fascinating light show. Made me slightly dizzy, but still great. I felt like a kid at Christmas. So many colors. It was all so pretty!

Then, the color wheels broke and burst like fireworks in the sky. I burst into joy like a shaken up soda. I began clapping in joy. Yay! I was clapping and laughing like a happy child. "Great show! Great show!" I cried out over and over again.
Then, an icy feeling came and seized me without mercy. I stopped clapping and froze. I slowly looked up. A boy sat on his bike staring at me. He had a cold look on his face. The boy looked dressed for winter. I began to feel paranoid by his mere presence. Just what on earth did he want and who the hell was this boy?

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