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Us and Them

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8th Track.

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Chapter eight: Us and Them:

The night was perfectly clear. Relief came to me instantly. I could see clearly again. The voices were fading away. I was almost back to normal. I still felt weak all over. But everything else was just fine.

I looked around my surroundings. I was outside of the Tiger Building Greenhouse. It was all like outer space on the roof out here. I was silently amazed.

Then, something caught my sweet brown eye. Someone was standing near me. I slowly turned to look. My nushi, Naoko, stood before me. He looked concerned. Usually, I would get excited by the mere sight of him. But tonight, I was too tired to feel anything.

Instead, I just managed a weak smile and asked, "How did you know?" He stepped closer to me. "John came and got me after Lus told him you looked ill. So I texted you up here." Naoko replied. I kept smiling. "Thanks." I said. "Any time." Naoko said.

We ended up lying on the roof looking at the stars. Actually, Naoko was looking at the stars; I was asleep. As I lie there in some much-needed sleep, I began thinking about relationships. Not just mine, everyone's in the academy. How do we all come to lean on each other? Why do we even bother to care?

How do we even become the way we are? Like those Clover whores. Were they all snotty to begin with? Or did they just turn out that way? Mind you, a small hand-full survives here. Lus, Jackie, and I managed to be gracious to those around us. Deserving or not. I admire Jackie's strength. No sane woman would tolerate it! I pity Lus so much. I want to shoot Dodge in the head for being an ass with her. Then there's Donna. She puts family life first. I'm glad that living in Clover House hasn't changed her at all. Almost gives me hope for Clover House. Almost.

Then, there's Laliha. She is the most confusing broad I have ever met. One minute, she's a bitch. The next, she's a saint. Laliha Phillip is a crafty serpent. She's always asking me about Naoko and my relationship. Those always stray into the personal zone. Why is she so interested in Naoko and me so much? Who cares? I just brush her off and change the subject.

Next is Hazel Robinson. I thought she hated me at first. But then, she showed me in subtle ways that I was her friend. But only a business friend. Fine with me. Fine with me!

Next, there's Heather Lawson. She's not a bitch but her voice is like nails scraping down the black board. The sounds that I hear in my head are a picnic compared to her high-pitched squeaky voice. Our first meeting didn't go well. I was writing in my red notebook when I felt someone standing over me. I slowly looked up and saw her. Instantly, there was some animosity. She was standing too close. How do you nicely shout at someone to back up? You just can't.

"Hey!!!" Heather called out in a cheery tone. I tried my hardest not to scream out loud in pain. I was trying to endure what felt like hours of mindless chitchat. I thought my head would explode in evil pain. I finally snapped and screamed at her to leave. Heather ran off in terror. Okay, I admit it. Scaring her was a bit much. But at least I would suffer no more.

Finally, there was Tanya Tulloch, aka Bitch Goddess. She is the most awful person on the face of the planet. She tries to shoot me down every chance she gets. Tanya is one of the main reasons why I am miserable in Clover House. Plots of killing her dance in bliss in my head as Tanya mocks me for my writing style, love for Japan and England, taste in music, friends, and staff. If I showed any of these "universal mind" episodes in public, she'd have me put away in the nut house and take over the whole academy herself. Now do you see why I live in hell?

But what of Naoko and the guys at Animal House? They are saints. Dense, but saints. So why do they live in nearly shabby conditions while the evil cows at Clover House live in paradise? It's not fair. It should be the other way around. The Animal Housees should live in comfort and the Clover House cows should live in tough conditions. And me? I should be with my staff. At least they actually care about me. Sure, they are bitches at times. But there are good bitches and bad bitches. My staff girls drive me insane. But they still pick me up when I am down.
I had other thoughts, but my mind went blank into a deep and black sleep.

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