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Great! It Got Worse!

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Jazz explains Herself.

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"What You couldn't tell when You met Me? They said You were young but I didn't think that young"

"What's going on Becky?" Frankie asked.

"Why does everyone expect Me to have all the answers" I growled.

"Easy Girl, this time I have the answers, so let's just sit down and talk" Jazz replied.

Instead I decided to walk, Frankie right besdie Me.

"Hey! don't You want answers?" Jazz called out as She was left further and further behind.

I turned around and smirked.

"You might be a free vampire, but I have a mother from hell, and She doesn't know what I am. Call it My double identity" I whispered, turned around and resumed walking.


By the time lunch rolled around the guys knew Jazz was a vampire like Frankie and I.

We were all sitting by the tree when She walked up.

"You can sit down Jazz, here at the mortal table everyone knows what We are" I smiled.

Jazz nodded and sat down next to Gerard, who would not stop staring at Her.

"So start talking- how did You know I was here?" I asked.

"You thought You were the only girl Eric turned? please. I was a student at the same school You went to before I left after being turned. I was lost but I eventually found others like Us- other girls He had turned. We all wanted revenge but when We tried He nearly killed Us all. Only 4 of Us including Myself got away. I followed Him to where He was living and found out He was with an older human. Older than He normally likes anyway. The girls and I followed Him around Europe- faithful lover by day and vampire by night, which only angered Us more. And then He came here, to a home He had wrecked by turning You. By then Our plan had changed, We had decided to enlist Your help and take Him out once and for all. But before We could even approach You, You had done it Yourself, as well as turn another. So Our plan changed a third time into this- let Us be a clan" She beseeched.

I stared at Her blankly.

"Gerard?" I asked.

"Clan as in a group of vampires- You know, live together, eat together that kind of thing" Gerard filled in.

"Are You always this insightful about vampires?" Jazz asked.

"He's actually the one who helped Frankie and I figure out what We were" I added as I saw a connection between Jazz and Gerard form.

I smiled. But then I panicked.

"Relax, I won't turn Gerard unless He wants to be turned" Jazz replied to My thoughts.

"So where are the other survivors?" I asked.

"At the address I live at. You can meet Them tonight when We go hunting. Are You guys coming?" She asked.

"No mortals on hunts" I growled.

"Why? if We are going to be a clan We need to know everything about each other- a true sisterhood shares everything-"

"-Except mortals" I snapped.

"Is this an alpha female vampire thing going on?" asked Bobby.

"Becky relax, We would love to come along" Gerard replied, only directly to Jazz's smiling face.


"You ready to go?" Frankie asked as He finished transforming.

"Yeah although I have to ask- why do You keep changing in My room?"

"Because I love watching You shift" Frankie replied smirking.

I smiled and walked downstairs with Him and into the living room.

"Okay guys a few ground rules, since Frankie and I are going to be..feeding...You are under no circumstances allowed to go off alone with Your own personal female vampire understand?" I asked.

Everyone nodded.

"Okay, let's get this over with" I added as We all walked out the door, down the street and around the corner to a big house that looked like a perfect hideout for vampires.

I pushed the door open and walked in, Frankie and the others following Me.

I walked into what would have been the living room if there was anything in it except for 4 girls.

"Hey, glad You made it!" Jazz giggled as She walked over to Us.

"This is Choke, Lust and Berry" Jazz introdueced as She pointed to each girl- Choke a black haired girl, Lust a blone like Me, and Berry a red head.

"Unusual names" I whispered.

"We named Ourselves after what We like most out of being who We used to be" Jazz replied.

"Oh! like music, sex, food and violence? now I get it, almost poetic really" I smiled.

"I like Her!" Berry giggled.

"Can We go hunting, I'm dying for a guy" Lust begged.

"What about the ones here? Jazz I thought You said-"

"I said They were off limits" Jazz added growling.

I nodded as if that finalised things, and before We knew it, We were off hunting, the mortal guys suddenly wanting to go back to My house.


Frankie and I liked eating alone, and somehow the others knew that, so Frankie and I were left alone over a football player from school.

After We finished We started to head back when I realised something.

"Frankie, do You hear that?" I asked.

We stopped and listened.

All of a sudden I could hear the guys screaming in agony.

"The vampires!" I cried and raced home, Frankie racing beside Me.

I got home to witness a horrible scene.

Aside from Gerard who was already discarded- turned but not ripped to pieces- the others were being turned by the bitches that wanted to be a clan with Me, except for Choke, just sitting in the corner smiling at the carnage.

Frankie attempted to walk forward but I held an arm out and shook My head at Him.

Even if We did pull the vampires off Them, They would still suffer the same fate as Us.

And then I smelt it.


I walked up the stairs and into the room where the scent was coming from...and gagged.

There, on the bed was Mum..Or what was left of Her.

I could see the outline of Her body, but everything else was dripping in blood, limbs torn off and discarded across the room like chicken legs.

I walked back down the stairs, growling and pissed off.

Walking back into the lounge room I watched the vampires wipe the blood off their faces and turn to Me, suddenly realising I was back.

"Who killed My Mother" I snarled.

"I did, Jazz said She was holding You back so I took care of Her for You" Choke uncaringly replied.

"Well I really must thank You" I snarled and charged at Her.

Choke was shocked and so merely stood there as I grabbed Her and shoved Her hard against the wall.

"Bye Bye sister" I snarled as I took My right hand and shoved it deep into Her chest, past Her ribcage until I reached Her heart.

In all My enthusiasm to rip Her heart out I ripped Her lungs out as well, through the hole that My hand had created.

She stood shocked and staring at Me.

"Stop staring at Me You had this coming" I growled before I realised She was dead.

"Why don't You shut Her eyes then" Frankie whispered as He walked over to stand behind Me.

I grinned menacingly and placed a hand on either side of Her head and pushed until all that was left of Choke's head was in My hands- The rest just exploded on impact.

Frankie took My hands and licked the blood off of them.

Watching Frankie likc My fingers made Me wonder what else He could be licking, but I had more important things to take care of.

Turning away from Frankie I walked over to Jazz and pinned Her against the wall.

"Why didn't You listen to what I said?" I asked.

"w-We wanted m-mates and You had Them. These were the guys We had been waiting for all Our lives-"

"WE ARE NOT ALIVE! how dare You talk about Your life when You have taken there's away- regardless of what They wanted. I should kill You 3 right now! But I won't. You wanted mates, You got Them. Desert Them, and You will have Me to deal With" I snarled into Her face.

Jazz nodded. So did Lust and Berry.

"Good. Now go home, I'll see You 3 for school tomorrow. And one other thing. If I have a problem with someone, I'll handle it Myself" I growled, let go of Jazz and walked over to Bobby, noticing the girls fleeing for the safety of Their home.

After looking at all of the guys and making sure They would live, I sat down on the hard floor and wept.

Frankie came over and pulled Me into a hug, and didn't move from My side until We had changed back.
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