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I Don't See How Thise Could Get Worse

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Gerard teaches Becky and Frankie about their gifts.

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After the initial shock of Me turning Frankie because I wanted Him (which I totally deny) We all sat under the tree to discuss what was going on when Frankie walked up casually.

"Hey come and join the chat on the modern vampire- Our guest speaker Gerard Way will discuss what the hell is wrong with Us!" I smiled.

"...Okay" Frankie replied and sat down.

"Okay here's what I know. Basically You guys are only just baby vampires, so You won't get Your full powers like levitation, mind control, shapeshifitng or Your mist form until You turn 100. But about when You reach 50 You won't be able to go out during daylight hours or so the books say, so You won't have to worry about that until later. Going on what Bob has witnessed about You Becky, You only attack when Your threatened. However going on what Frankie and You did You are easily swayed into killing people by Your Ma-"

"-Say mate and I will rip off Your face" I growled.

Everyone stared terrified at Me.

"...What? I can't say things like that anymore?"

"Uh NO! not when You can actually do that!" Ray exclaimed.

"Anyway, continue Gerard" Bob sighed.

"..Uh right. What I'm trying to say is that the vampire in You plays on who You are. For example, Becky isn't violent unless You corner Her, while Frankie is a crazy cracker who does what He wants when He wants and to the vampire in Becky, theres nothing more cool then that. Now can I be turned?" Gerard asked.

I shook My head no and at that same moment Mikey got up and walked away angrily.

"What's up with Mikey? and what aren't You guys telling Me" I asked as the guys all looked away at something different at the same time.

"Haven't You noticed? Mikey is fully into You- even after He watched You eat people" Ray stated.

"It's eating HIM up that He isn't the one You are attracted to" Gerard added.

I stood up angrily and walked away to try and find a space to Myself- for some reason I felt really crowded.

I wasn't watching where I was going and bumped into something that gave a shriek and fell over with a thud.

I looked down in front of Me to find a girl with light purple hair and brown eyes.

"I'm sorry I wasn't watching where I was going" I said as I lifted Her off the floor.

"It's okay, I'm just trying to get My head around being at a new school. I'm Jasmine, But everyone calls Me Jazz" She replied.

"Becky and I can help, where's Your locker?" I asked as I looked at Her class shedule.

"Um I have no idea, it's on My sheddie but I have no idea" She giggled.

"Ah it's the one next to Me so let's go!" I exclaimed, grabbed Her arm and walked to the direction of My locker.

When I got there I had finished checking out what classes Jazz had- and She had every one of them with Me.

"Go figure huh?" She giggled again.

"Come on, let's get to class" I replied, grabbed My books and herded Her to the room We were in.


After school Jazz and I walked home wirh the guys and, since They were practising at My house, She came along too.

While the guys were practising Jazz and I went up to My room and talked.

"So where are You from Jazz?"

"Here and there. I was born in Detroit but moved here a few days ago. You?"

"Born and raised here until I went to England for high school" I nodded.

"Why the change?"

"Well England was alright, but You can't beat knowing the familiar right?" I asked.

Jazz nodded.

After a while it started to get dusky, and by then I was panicking- how to get Jazz out of here before Frankie and I turned.

Frankie suddenly burst through the door panicked.

"What's wrong Frankie?" asked Jazz.

"Uh nothing. Nothing. It's just, You know, getting dark and You should get home, there have been alot of animal attacks in the neighbourhood" Frankie replied.

"Oh. Okay. See You tommorow Becky" said a confused Jazz, who picked up Her bag and headed out the door.

"Animal attacks! why didn't I think of that!" I exclaimed as soon as Jazz was out of the house.

"Maybe because it's Us not animals" He grinned.

I laughed, and then realised who I was laughing with and stopped abruptly.

Night came down, and I watched as Frankie changed in front of Me, fully aware that I was changing too.

"Time for some fun" Frankie grinned.

"God I'm starving" I growled as We walked out of the house and into the night.

"Does that mean We are having more than one meal tonight?" Frankie asked suggestively.

"As long as at least one of those meals is furry I don't mind" I replied.


A while later after feeding on two rabbits and one of the obscure teachers from school, Frankie and I sat down where We had killed the businessman to talk.

As We were laughing I heard a twig snap and looked up to see Jazz.

"Jazz! w-what are You doing here?" I asked panicking- both Frankie and I had blood on Our clothes.

"Looking for some help finding a meal but You guys have already eaten" She replied smirking.

I looked closer at Jazz and then shot up out of My seat.

"You're...A vampire too?" I asked.
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