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The Fallout

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Frankie wasn't the only one staring.

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I woke uoto find Myself in My bed and feeling particularly good.

Something about accepting My fate and giving into the beast just seemed to make life better somehow, as if I had finally become whole again after the attack.

I walked downstairs to find a police officer handing Mum a tissue, Bob sitting beside Her.

"Oh honey, it's awful, someone has murdered Eric" Mum wailed as She reached for the tissue and blew Her nose.

"Really?" I asked.

Mum just nodded.

"I'm afraid His head was ripped off, and He was eaten in some places. Did You see or hear anything strange outside last night?" The Officer asked Me.

"No nothing. I'm a heavy sleeper though so If I wouldn't really be able to hear anything" I replied, trying My best to look shocked.

The officer nodded and walked out of the house.

"Come on Becky, We will be late for school" Bobby suggested.


"How could You kill Him? in Our STREET!?!?" Bobby hissed as We reached school.

"I couldn't help it. Besides He's the one who turned Me I couldn't just do nothing" I whispered back, catching site of the guys.

"Hey guys what's up?" I asked, seeing the shocked look on everyone's faces.

"Well Mikey saw something funny outside His window last night and He was just trying to convince Us it was true, maybe You can help with that" Gerard replied harshly.

"See, Mikey thinks He saw You rip the head off Eric and then proceeded to chew at His corpse. And then Frankie who, is supposed to be in hospital walks casually along the street like He's seen this crap before and then proceeds to walk off with You to some unknown place. At this point Mikey decides to follow You and watches the two of You practically devour a grown man and just walk away. So is Mikey getting high off His enhaler or do We have 2 vampires on Our hands?" By now Gerard was angry- over what I didn't know.

"How the hell should I know. It's not like I have all the facts Myself" I replied.

"Well then tell Us what You do know" Ray stated.

"Fine. Eric bit Me back in England and after getting kicked out of My old school I came back here but obviously He wanted to be close to Me so He found a way to infiltrate home and so I killed Him" I stated without taking a breath.

"If You were turned a few weeks back how come there haven't been more deaths?" Ray asked.

"Because I only feed on people that threaten Me" I replied, getting angrier by the second.

"What about Me then?" Frankie asked.

"Eric said something about a mate or something I have no idea what He meant" I cried in frustration.

"Oh...I do" Ray whispered.

Everyone stared at Ray.

".....Oh right Um well animals, in the wild They mark their ideal mate. Since vampires are all about pure instinct it means that Becky marked Frankie because She's really into Him"

"WHAT!?!?!?" I screamed.
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