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Tonight's the Night

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Becky becomes the beast.

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It was just turning into night when I raced upstairs and locked My door.

This time Bobby wouldn't be here to hold Me back.

Darkness descended and I could feel the change coming on.

Looking in the mirror I saw My eyes turn red, My canines elongate, the nails on My fingers becomming sharp as daggers.

Sighing I looked at My reflection.

"You really should have accepted Me by now, after all, I am the real You. All in good time I guess. Now for My hunt" I grinned and raced to the door, unlocked it and stood shocked.

Eric was standing in My way- only He had changed.

"Don't You remember what happened? I MADE You this way"

"Why? why couldn't You have just left Me alone?"

"For the same reason You turned Your friend in the hospital- a kindred mate"

"You changed Me to be Your GIRLFRIEND" I shrieked angrily.

"Well You are quite beautiful- even without Your new gifts. How could I resist"

"Allow Me to show You Why You should have" I growled as I grabbed Him by the shirt and wrenched Him into My room.

At least that's what I had intended to do, instead I threw Him out of My window.

I growled and jumped out of My window and onto His non moving body.

His eyes snapped open and grinned.

"If You wanted another ride all You had to do was ask"

I screamed and attempted to slash His head off, but before I could He had pushed Me off and started running down the end of My street.

I snarled and raced after Him, and when I was within range I tackled Him.

"Wait! don't You want to know about Your powers?" Eric frantically cried, trying to buy Himself sometime.

"As far as I'm concerned, I'll learn about Them in My own time. I'll accept whatever fate has for Me now that it's cursed Me" I whispered as I slashed at Eric's neck, ripping His head off and digesting on His body.

It felt damn good to finally get revenge.

When I had finished eating I stood up, licked My lips and hads and paused.

Someone was watching Me.

I turned in the direction of the stare and found Frankie, decked out in red eyes, standing a foot away from Me.

"I thought You were still in hospital" I replied to His stare, suddenly aware of how far away from Me He was.

"So did I, but I had an urge to come and see You. That and I was hungry" He smirked.

"Want to grab a burger?" I asked.

"What about a person?" He replied suggestively.

"Sure" I whispered, as We walked down the street and into the night.

Hunting with Frankie was alot of fun, and I realised shortly after We had found an area filled with walking meals that Frankie and I had the same taste in food.

After I finished devouring a business man I sat down and watched Frankie finish Him off.

After Frankie had finished He sat down next to Me.

"So do You know what We are?" Frankie finally asked.

"I'm guessing vampire. Or some kind of creature that devours humans to live. Whatever We are We can still hang out during the day so that's a good thing"

"Who was that Guy You hacked to bits?"

"He was the one who created Me. It was just a few weeks ago when He turned Me" I replied softly.

"Wow. I would have thought longer considering Your ass kicking abilities" Frankie grinned.

"How come Your not freaked out by this?" I asked.

"I've always been a little bit weird, and now I have the abilities to prove it"

"Why are You so calm talking to Me after You strangled Me? and after I attempted to kill You?" I asked.

"When I first saw You I liked You. Alot. but then You had such an attitude of hate towards Me I felt like I should hate You too. The strangling was Me frustrated that I liked You so much but could never be in Your world, and now, I'm in a world that only You inhabit after trying to kill Me, so not only are We even, but We could give each other a chance- a fresh start- and see where it takes Us"

I thought for a moment.

"Alright" I replied, looking into His red eyes.

I paused, and realised just how much raw emotion can be seen in someone's red eyes.

Frankie was the first to look away and stood up.

"We better go home- but what are We going to do about the bodies?" Frankie asked.

"Please! people look at the bodies and think of animal attacks, just leave Them where They are" I replied as We walked back to My street, feeling glad that I wasn't a freak on My own anymore.
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