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Mum Is A Traitor

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Mum comes home..But She's got an unwanted surprise.

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It was the day that Mum was coming home.

Frankie was still in hospital and Bobby made sure to give Me updates- somehow I felt that I couldn't see Frankie after...well...attempting to kill Him with whatever was inside Me.

That was the worst news ever. To have this living thing inside Me that was pure predator.

So far Bobby and I hadn't figured out what I had become, but whatever it was was getting worse.

For some reason I was changing. And fast.

I was somehow attracting alot of attention from guys, which was odd because to most of the student body I was a freak.

And My diet was changing- I was eating alot of meat, and unfortunatley, it didn't matter if it was cooked or not which led to many embarrassing moments in front of Bobby, who explained My changes as hormones.

I was just finishing the last decoration for the house while the guys were finishing up in the kitchen when I heard a familiar cough from behind Me.

I turned on My ladder to see Mum standing there.

"MUM!" I yelled, jumped off the ladder and engulfed Her in a hug.

"Sweetie? I didn't know You'd be here I thought We were picking You up from the airport tonight"

"Yeah well I got here early- how was Europe?"

"Well it was fantastic and there's something else I wanted to tell You and Bobby"

Bobby and the guys just entered the room and were smiling at Mum.

"I met someone on My trip to Europe- He's just getting the bags now- ah here He is" She added as He walked through the door.

If I had been holding anything I would have thrown it at Him- the male teacher who had attacked Me that night in England.

"Meet Eric Fielding, My new boyfriend" Mum added to My shocked look.

"Darling You didn't say You had a daughter" Eric said as He wrapped one slimy disgusting hand around Mum's waist.

"Of course I did, this is Becky and Bobby" Mum replied as Bobby took a step so that He was right beside Me.

"Mum, We need to have a talk" I snapped.

"Well whatever You want to say You can say in front of Eric" Mum replied confused.

"Actually I have to go and book into a hotel" Eric stated.

"Oh no You're not staying in a hotel, You are staying right here" Mum announced as She wrapped Her arms around Him.

"NO!" I yelled angrily.

There was silence as everyone stared at Me.

"Sweetheart why don't You take the boys into the kitchen while I have a chat with Your Daughter"

"Um alright, come on Boys" Mum said as She lead the boys into the kitchen, except for Bobby who remained standing next to Me.

"It's not nice to listen in to other people's conversations son, so go into the kitchen" Eric grinned.

For a moment I thought I saw something in His eyes, but was distracted by Bobby suddenly turning around and walking into the kitchen.

"Did You really think I wouldn't find You?" Eric smirked evilly.

"Not really. Running just seemed like a good idea after You get kicked out of school"

"Well You can be sure that You won't be able to run away from Me again" He whispered as He crept up close to Me.

"Stay away from Me or You'll be sorry" I growled.

"I'm so scared" He whispered as He walked into the kitchen.

I stood there, frozen yet shaking and I knew.

Tonight I was going to get My revenge.
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