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Chapter 30

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I got into my car, and drove off toward the hotel. This was going to be hard. I knew that Pete wasn’t going to like this, but I could tell him he could think of last night and the night before as freebies or something. I reached into my pocket to look at the check. I just wanted to see what I was giving up one last time. Only when I pulled back my hand it was empty. My mind raced where was the check.

I pulled a U-turn causing the cars behind me to slam their breaks and beep their horns. I pulled up to Gerard’s apartment building and noticed that Marcia’s car was parked in front. I sighed knowing she would want the full rundown of what went on with Frank and I. I quickly made my way up to Gerard’s apartment taking two steps at a time. I used the key I’d taken from Frank’s key ring to open the door and froze as I heard Marcia’s voice. She sounded scared.

“Frank I did what you wanted now promise me you won’t tell Gerard.” She said. I pushed the door up quietly so they wouldn’t know I was there.

“I guess you did a good job, I mean Non and I are together now.” He said.

“Frank you promised if I got her to let go of the house you wouldn’t tell him. I was drunk.”

“And yet you moaned my name.” My breath caught. There was no way he was saying what I thought he was saying.

“Stop Frank that’s not funny. You said…” her words were cut off, I peaked around the corner to see Frank kissing her. I felt sick to my stomach. He had planned all of this. How did I miss this?

“Now you are completely off the hook.” He said standing from his spot next to her on the couch.

“You will treat her good right Frank?” he smiled.

“I love her,”

“Yeah?” I said coming from my hiding space. He looked over to me in surprise and so did she. “Screw you both.” I rushed past him and into the room we had previously been in.

“Non…” Frank started.

“Shut up Frank,” I threw clothes and junk up into the air. I needed that check, cause now I could still save my house. Screw them all.

“Non…” This time it was Marcia.

“You too, don’t talk to me.” I grabbed the check off the nightstand. It had been there the whole time and turned to push my way out of the room.

“Non, I was so drunk…I didn’t know what I was doing…” Marcia kept trying to explain, I didn’t want to hear any of it. I had wasted a night with Pete, which meant he could call off the deal and ask for his money back if he wanted. Frank tried to block my way.

“Frank move,” I said as tears started to fall. I was pissed and I knew there wasn’t anything I could do about it. The two people I loved most in this world had betrayed me and then worked together to manipulate me.

“Non please, it was before…” I closed my eyes and shook my head.

“I don’t care, move.” I said, again this time it was more of a whimper. He opened his arms and moved toward me. “Don’t touch me. I have somewhere I have to be.” He didn’t move back or out of my way. We just starred at each other. “If I’m worth so much Frank why this?”


“No matter what way you look at it Frank. I know you don’t drink, you knew what you were doing even if she didn’t.” he knew I had him.

“But I wanted you…” my hand flew before I could stop it smacking him across the face. I must have hit him pretty hard cause he fell into the wall giving me the room I needed to get past him. “Non, please…” I didn’t even look back. I ran out to my car. Now I was really going to have trouble facing Pete.


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